#HalerBaler Day 1

February last year, we celebrate mama’s birthday in Baler. It was our first time in Baler so I’m really excited that time. Though I haven’t planned our itinerary because I thought we were going to surf and that’s it. Hahaha!

So yeah, we arrived at the Balete Tree around 10 am or so. My kuya didn’t understand why this tree was a tourist spot. I don’t understand it either but you see, we considered a place a heritage site when it reaches a specific age but we never considered a tree to be something when in fact we should right?

So yeah, we went to Balete to take a picture and all, I think this tree is 300 years old (or so)

After less than hour from the Balete tree we reached our destination; Costa Pacifica. It was nice actually. They have big swimming pool and a small swimming pool for kids. And a few feets away from the shore.


We waited for a bit since we were not allowed to check in yet since it was too early, we relaxed beside the swimming pool because lounges inside the lobby are all occupied. I can’t find the picture of their lobby but it was really nice.

When we were allowed to check in, we had to walk a little bit far (I think) because we rented two rooms in Casita de Bahia. It was nice and secluded but 250 meters away from the shore so if we want to go to the beach, we have to walk for like 5-10 minutes.



We had 2 bungalow type rooms with two beds. The only thing that is bothersome with the room was mosquitoes but other than that, it was nice.


We had to wait for my Tita to arrived before we enjoyed Baler, we ate lunch somewhere I forgot and ate dinner somewhere I forgot too. Hahaha!

We really like to dine here in Baler Surfer Grill, unfortunately, it was closed that time.


After dinner, we settled outside our room to relaxed and drink. Unfortunately, we couldn’t talk and laugh loud because it was an open area and there are guests in the other rooms but we enjoyed nevertheless.


I’m really sorry that I haven’t really tell what happened that time since it happened a year ago but, our first day in Baler wasn’t eventful at all. Wait for our Day 2 in Baler. Day 2 was when I learned how to surf so yeah, stay updated!

Til next time!



Hinulugang Taktak

Hi gals! This is just a short post, sorry again for being MIA for the past weeks, This month ( and the following months hopefully NOT) is a busy season for us, and whenever I tried to write and update this blog. I dozed off before I could open up my laptop. hahahhaha! please bear with me.

Anyways, this photos were taken last May 2015 when my father asked us if we want to go to Antipolo to attend mass and we’ll tour after, being the most gala family of all time, we agreed immediately, how can you pass an opportunity to go to somewhere for the first time. I can’t pass that opportunity. They say that the opportunity only knocks once.

It’s good that we agreed because we went to Hinulugang taktak after the mass. though it really saddens my heart that Hinulugang taktak is not that clean anymore. The odor is not nice, the water is not clear and you can see bubbles forming into the bottom of the falls as if someone’s doing the laundry.

It really a good thing that the government tried to save it today. Although it may take for a while, at least we’re preserving it for the future generations.







How can you not save something so beautiful. I can’t help but to pose and it feels like I’m a goddess of my own paradise.

I’m sure the future Hinulugang taktak will be more beautiful than the current one. I just hope that the future generation will preserve its beauty. Enough with the malls and high end condos, I want to see trees than buildings.

The Trio in Ilocos

This is my last post of our Ilocos Trip. I just want to share to you guys how we (lynsey, jas and I) are too much of camwhores 😛

From North expressway to Ilocos Sur to Ilocos Norte let me show you how we rock our Ilocos trip with these  pictures. How childish we are and how fabulous we are!

Before it’s just me and Lynsey but as of now, we have Jasmine as an addition. It really feels good that I can be an ate to someone special (my brother’s someone special :P) before, I can say that I am really spoiled, I can’t contain my temper and I really am a bitch! yeah, sorry for the word. but as we grew older, as we realized that it is not good to be bad at your own stories. I realized that I should change. I may not say that I am a saint nowadays. Of course I am not. I curse, I say bad remarks, I am still a bitch, but a well educated bitch I guess. I can also say that when growing up, we siblings are close, but not as close as we are today. I don’t know how but I think it is because we’re matured to handle things on our own way.

Today, I gain another sister. I gain another travel buddy and I gain another friend. How cool is that right?

Warning: lengthy post ahead (because of the pictures!)





















Do you have someone who worth being with you when you travel? Comments are love!