When Facebook reached the Philippines at 2009, it was really a hit. It was like 90’s kid with friendster but even better. Social Media became a thing. I’m not saying that social media wasn’t a thing before 2009 but it became trendy. Twitter became a new found platform to rant, facebook became a way to communicate to other people, instagram became a platform to brag. It was a good thing at first. It really was.

9 years after of the social media became something else, was it still good? Facebooking while eating with family. Chatting on messenger while with friends. They say that, social media made it easy for others to communicate with relatives and friends who are far from us. But it also made us less more social. We prefer to talk to those who are far from us rather than talk to the one beside us.

I missed those times that a mailman will go to our house because of a letter. (Hi Mommy Linda! I still got your letters!) I missed those visits at post office to send my letters off. I miss those days when playing outside was a thing. I miss the laughter, I miss the noise when family came together. Because nowadays, it is really a gem if you found a family who is loud in the dining room or in a restaurant (Yes! my family’s a gem!)

Social Media made us become a self-entitled human being. It wasn’t bad actually, knowing your worth, but when the self-entitlement is too much that it became arrogant, I don’t think it was okay. Social Media also became the way to define someone’s successes. I am one of those who are ashamed of what I become, like, why did he or she traveled a lot? Why am I still stuck here? Why am I such a loser? Those are my thoughts before. (Before I started this blog) Those are the other reasons of my depression.

Social media also became our platform to embarrassed others, to make them feel nothing when in fact we don’t know anything. We thought that some posts on the internet were real. When in fact it weren’t. We tend to judge someone else’s life easily when we really know nothing.

We call it freedom of speech, I called it something else. Freedom of speech has a responsibilities as well as consequences. Some says that “We have freedom of speech, so we will say what’s on our mind”. Really though? For me, freedom of speech has responsibilities and consequences, first is to think before you click. Think before you share. Think before you post something on the internet. Always think and balance everything else, Is it true? Will someone get hurt? Will this beneficial to others?

There’s nothing wrong in sharing news and all over the internet. It was fine but I think it shouldn’t be biased. It should be well thought and it shouldn’t be over a meme. It sadden me actually, when someone’s sharing something over facebook that I think it wasn’t well thought or a fake news.

So why I entitled this blog “Unplugging”? Because it was nice to unplug once in a while. It was nice to be over on something that is toxic. Yes social media is toxic. It wasn’t healthy. Social media became our basis of someone else’s life. It became the basis of someone’s wealth and someone’s achievement.

Sometimes it is good to unplug from the world and escape this toxic world. I really want to unplugged.

So while writing this blog and researching for the right terms to use, I encountered this website. Did you know that there this National Day of Unplugging? Well, now you know so am I.

National Day of Unplugging is on March 1-2, a 24 hour event. So yeah, I am joining. It was really good to unplug to reconnect right?

How about you?

Till next time!

All the love!


Keynovela: Simple Toy, Simple Joy

We all knew that we’re not rich. It’s enough for us that we could eat three times a day and sometimes with merienda (snack), we live paycheck to paycheck. A super typical employee life.

I’m teaching my son that we can’t buy everything, so whenever we’re in the mall, the limit of toys that we could afford is only ONE. (unless we tell him that it’s okay to buy more than one.) He’s okay with it. actually whenever he picks up a toy and we (parents) found another one that’s cute and we asked him if he likes it. He answered us “Diba isa lang? (I can pick only one right?) and we’ll tell him that it’s okay to buy it if he wants.

My son’s happiness is simple. He could laugh and smile on just one piece of a candy. Like me, he can laugh at everything under the sun. How I love my little kid.

Being in the modern world where technology is at its brightest. It is normal that children knew how to use smartphones. Yes, my son plays a lot of apps but we do limit his time on the smartphones for the simple reason that we teach him that his life doesn’t revolved in technologies and smartphones and apps. We like him to experience what we (parents) experienced as kids. We let him to play, we let him to run, we let him fall, we let him do whatever he wants. we let him explore his world!

Being said that, let me share a moment when we made something awesome (from his point of view 🙂 ) a cardboard spaceship/airplane. Since we had an unused box, we decided to make something out of it. And with the help of the cutter and scatch tape plus the imagination of his father, in a matter of minutes the box became this! it gave us more than 3 hours of rest (because believe me, having a son like him is like you have 2 dozens of children in your house for a night and you gave them all a box of chocolate each. get the picture?)

Dec 23, 2014_3177717

Dec 23, 2014_3161710

Just a little tip guys. If you want a couple or an hour rest with your son or daughter let him do something. give him/her a pencil or a color. but of course just ready yourself to the capability of your son/daughter to do something out of a simple pencil or color. But please don’t scold him/her if s/he draws on the wall, just tell him/her that it’s not right and explain to him/her why. Then later on, compliment his/her drawing 🙂

That’s all for now 🙂 Hugs and kisses guys!