Blogging and Vlogging

I started blogging way back 2013, because of this I overcome my depression. I love how I share my thoughts, my reviews and my point of view in life. But it saddens me to see that my favorite bloggers are not active on blogging anymore. I know, I am inconsistently updating my blog before but I’m trying to change it by writing one blog per day.

I haven’t checked my favorite bloggers for a while now but back then, when I checked their websites, I am glad that they are new updates. But, when I checked their websites now, there are not that active anymore.

I don’t mind that they are turning into vlogging because you see, it became a thing. Technology is always changing and I think it is time for youtube to be one of the top social networking platform if not the top but I think to abandon something you love first hand was a little bit disappointing.

I am not judging those bloggers who prioritized vlogging. I just want to share my sentiments about this. Seeing them active on youtube but not as active on their websites. I mean, some people still reads you know. They still prefer to read rather than watching.

I do vlog. I have videos on my youtube chanel but I don’t abandon the thing that helped me survived my darker days.

But I do understand them, editing videos is taking a lot of time than writing a blog. I thought that vlogging is much easier because you just have to be yourself and talk. But well, there’s this editing part which made my head ache all the time. I can write 2-3 blogs a day but I can’t edit 2-3 vlogs in one day.

Checking how your videos should turn out over and over again. Once you render your video, you will still watch it for the nth time just to be sure that your vlog was flawless. You have to download lots of  musics with no copyright because youtube might take your videos down. You have to find a good special effects for your vlog to be unique or to stand out from the rest.

You know, I understand them. But still, I wished that they won’t abandon their first love.

As for me, writing is my comfort zone so I won’t abandon it. You see, I write for myself, my readers (if there’s any) are just a bonus. The main reason why I made a blog is for me to cope up with my depression and insecurities.

I will continue writing as long as I’m enjoying it and as long as there’s someone who reads it (even if that someone is me 🙂 )


Here’s me when we were in Quezon which I will be posting here soon!

till next time

All the love,