#HalerBaler Day 1

February last year, we celebrate mama’s birthday in Baler. It was our first time in Baler so I’m really excited that time. Though I haven’t planned our itinerary because I thought we were going to surf and that’s it. Hahaha!

So yeah, we arrived at the Balete Tree around 10 am or so. My kuya didn’t understand why this tree was a tourist spot. I don’t understand it either but you see, we considered a place a heritage site when it reaches a specific age but we never considered a tree to be something when in fact we should right?

So yeah, we went to Balete to take a picture and all, I think this tree is 300 years old (or so)

After less than hour from the Balete tree we reached our destination; Costa Pacifica. It was nice actually. They have big swimming pool and a small swimming pool for kids. And a few feets away from the shore.


We waited for a bit since we were not allowed to check in yet since it was too early, we relaxed beside the swimming pool because lounges inside the lobby are all occupied. I can’t find the picture of their lobby but it was really nice.

When we were allowed to check in, we had to walk a little bit far (I think) because we rented two rooms in Casita de Bahia. It was nice and secluded but 250 meters away from the shore so if we want to go to the beach, we have to walk for like 5-10 minutes.



We had 2 bungalow type rooms with two beds. The only thing that is bothersome with the room was mosquitoes but other than that, it was nice.


We had to wait for my Tita to arrived before we enjoyed Baler, we ate lunch somewhere I forgot and ate dinner somewhere I forgot too. Hahaha!

We really like to dine here in Baler Surfer Grill, unfortunately, it was closed that time.


After dinner, we settled outside our room to relaxed and drink. Unfortunately, we couldn’t talk and laugh loud because it was an open area and there are guests in the other rooms but we enjoyed nevertheless.


I’m really sorry that I haven’t really tell what happened that time since it happened a year ago but, our first day in Baler wasn’t eventful at all. Wait for our Day 2 in Baler. Day 2 was when I learned how to surf so yeah, stay updated!

Til next time!



Maternity Shots in Boracay

During my pregnancy days, I traveled a lot and walk a lot. I preferred walking than riding jeepneys and sidecars, I don’t know why but we all have weird hobbies when pregnant right?

Aside from the fact that we went to Cebu last December, we also went to Boracay last March! See how lakwatsera I am? I think I will forever regret not having a hashtag #lakwatserangbuntis when I was pregnant! HAHAHA!

Up to date, it was my 3rd time visiting Boracay Island, my first time was way back 2003 when I was in elementary. My second time, I was already blogging so you could read our adventures in Summer in January.

Even though I already visited Boracay, it was different this time because first, It was my first time flying without my mama! Would you believe that ma? I survived! yey! hahaha! Second, I went with Kenneth’s family. Lastly, it was different because I was pregnant.

Who would pass the opportunity to have a maternity shots in Boracay? Definitely not me! I have two maternity pictorial locations and that’s more than enough for me. One was taken when we were in Cebu. Check my Maternity shots in Cebu.

I think my introduction is a little bit longer than I intended to be so without further ado. My maternity shots in Boracay everyone!  (Why so formal? hahaha!)

maternityshot4 maternityshot2maternityshot1maternityshot8maternityshot9-e1536549830126.jpgmaternityshot7maternityshot5

till next time



Sidneyenyen @ 3!!

Hi guys! Thank you for 3 years and I hope that you will support me up to 1oo years! Thank you for reading my nonsense posts and I hope you learned from these.

Before, I really have no self-confidence, but now thanks to this! I can post myself with my swimsuit online!!! Though I have friends who read my entries, I would like to lessen their burden. lols! I won’t be posting my superbod and my swimsuit yet. Will post soon but not today! Ayokong maumay kayo! hahahhaha!

But of course I would like to share to you guys my favorite picture so far! Please be noted that this is not filtered! Gawd! I love mother nature.


Again, thank you for reading my entries bibis! From the bottom of my heart thank you oh so much.

Sidneyenyen x

From South to North of Ilocos: Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

This is my third post to the last! yey! I can smell the success of completing my blogposts about our Ilocos trip. #clapclap 😛

We arrived in Pagudpud at 8 pm, May 1, 2015. It was a long drive considering that we leave the Sand dunes in Paoay at 4 or 5 PM. I didn’t know how we got in Pagudpod because the 4×4 and the sandboarding experience got me and I’m so exhausted that I started to doze off already after settling on the van. When I woke up, We could see the windmills. then I slept again, and when I woke up, we’re in Pagudpud already.

We stayed in Casa Victoria Beach Resorts and Restaurant in Brgy. Saud, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. This may not be the most luxurious or prettiest resort that we stayed but in terms of services and friendly staff, this is one of the best so far, they treated us like VIP even if we’re not. I didn’t know if it’s because of my mother’s power or because they are all friendly. My mom’s contact is Kim Santos who is so friendly, The aircondition on our room was broken that time. he gave the room free-of-charge! You see, how many resorts will give you that offer? We stayed in numerous hotel and resorts, some of the resorts have problems. We experienced broken aircons not once but four or five, I think, but didn’t get anything like 50% discount or something but with the Casa Victoria, they gladly gave them to us. They were even sorry because of the broken aircon. Food aren’t allowed inside the resorts but again they exempted us. All you need is a good communication and a mother like mine 😛

We found a party place on the shore at 10 pm. We stayed there for hours. We jammed, we danced, we talked and of course we laughed. Though 70 php per bottle of sanmig flavored beer, tanduay ice and redhorse is a little too pricey for my liking. it was like 100 % profit, but nevertheless we enjoyed the night.

We woke up at 7 am the next day. To have a longer time to swim. Before I’m not really fan of beaches. I don’t like sands sticking into my skin and I can’t open my eyes under the sea but that changed when we’re in Pagudpud. Why? because I can flaunt my swimwear! hahaha! but honestly speaking, taking pictures with swimsuit on the beach is better than taking it on the swimming pool. But of course it may depends on the scenery.

We decided to stay for another day unfortunately, there’s no vacant room in the resort so we decided to packed up. After all, our Ilocos trip isn’t done yet. We have Bangui Windmills waiting for us 🙂


20150502_09095520150502_090720  20150502_081113 20150502_090713 20150502_081429 20150502_090620



Family is my number one priority, no doubt about that, no questions ask. I’ll kill for my family! that’s for sure. This Ilocos trip was one of the best trips for me because this was the longest trip we had with the Escalona’s. You see they are not fan of long trips because of their (my aunties and uncles *ehem* *ehem*) age but since they can’t say NO, we pushed this trip and I’m so glad that we pushed it since it was a really really great time!

Do you have a family that’s same with mine? Did you tour in Ilocos? How was it? Comments are love!

Sidneyenyen x

PS. If you want to contact Casa Victoria Beach Resort and Restaurant here’s the contact details

Kim Santos (Marketing Head) | Email add: info@casavictoriaresortandresto.com | website: casavictoriaresortandresto.com | contact # 0917-505-1462 / 0908-869-6434

Love Yourself and Be Proud

Yey! 2 posts in a row! I don’t know what got into me but I am glad I can post 2 blogpost in one day. Afterall 60 blogpost this year is not a joke right?

Since we’re hitting the beach (again!) in less than 2 weeks, let me share to you what I wore in the beach on our Ilocos trip last April 28 – May 2.

We all knew that I am a mother of one, because of that, I welcome the word insecurity in my system. I’m not proud of my body even before I gave birth but I may not be proud but I am not insecure, yeah you may say that what I’m saying or writing is contrary to what I explaining but believe me you may experience this. not proud but not insecure. I’m not proud of my body before because I have baby fats but then I got pregnant and gave birth, I became insecure with my body because I have stretch marks all over my belly. Imagine my reaction whenever I saw myself in the mirror for almost 2 years.

But as times goes by I learned to love and accept my flaws and imperfection. I still have stretch marks, I still have baby fats, but the hell with the world, I love myself and I will flaunt it. No one’s asking for anyone’s opinion right?! It’s a long process — loving yourself more — it is not an overnight process, it took me a while. Actually a bit while before I accepted myself. I experienced once that my self esteem goes from level 7 to flat line. I felt ugly and unglamorous every freakin’ time. But who else will help me but ME! I just woke up one day and fed up with my daily routine and want to change it. This may be funny but the first thing I did when I decided to love myself was to start a blog. yeah! blogging is my therapy. I love to write. Writing has this calming effect on me. When you write, you can be everyone you want and can have everything.

This may not be the new me. because honestly I didn’t changed. I just love myself even better.

20150502_091515 20150502_091533 20150502_075939 20150502_075945 20150502_075953Just a little thought before ending this post. I once post this on my instagram account.

Don’t be pretty for others, be pretty for yourself.

So how do I look? Comments are love!

Summer in January

I already had a draft post about our adventure in Boracay unfortunately, I forgot or didn’t save it. So yeah! Stupid right? Anyways, let’s forget about my stupidity and let me post this.

I maybe forgot what I wrote sentence by sentence but I cannot forget the message of my post. So here we go! Hope you like it.

If you read my previous post you will know that this is not my first time to go to Boracay though it is my first time with my boys. Even if we went to Boracay last January, my Keyn still remembers his stay there, like he always tell me that he wants to go back there because he wants to swim and play on the beach. and every time he sees and feel the sand he will always thought he’s in Boracay. That’s how the impact Boracay did to my son.

Way back 2003 when I first went to Boracay, I can still remember how we arrived at the airport, how we reach the shore when we arrived on the island. How I almost fell because way back then there’s no port that time. I still remember it as if it was happen yesterday.

My son and I both experienced what Boracay can offer. A wonderful and unforgettable experience. Boracay may be mainstream for others. Too crowded and too polluted. but I think it is not too late to save the island. It is just up to us how to save it and to preserved it.

Now, let me share to you some of the pictures we took in Boracay, also I included our itinerary below 🙂



















I wish I could share to you guys all of the pictures we took, unfortunately, this post may get too long for your convenience so I just settle for less after all, less is more right? (or not?! lols)

Since we arrived 2 hours late than expected because of the delayed flight due to silly excuses (LOL!!) we only eat dinner on our supposedly first day.

2nd day – Boracay Adventure 😛

9 am – 12 noon Banana boat, Helmet diving and Flying Fish. We got our package for php 1250 – 1400 each. We had an offer for 1200 each but we gave it up because the other offers that kids can ride the speed boat while we enjoy our rides unfortunately it didn’t happen. Nadala kami sa sales talk shit ni ate nevertheless we enjoyed it naman.

12 noon – 5 pm eat lunch and roam around. We searched for Jonah’s fruitshake snackbar since according to my sister’s research it’s a must try. though we got stuck there for 3 hours I think, because of the rain.

5-10pm eat dinner and buy pasalubong.

Supposedly we planned to party though we decided to sleep because of the early flight the next day. I love rain actually, but due to that incident I might say that I lost my 5% love? lols. hahahhaha

3rd day- Departure time 11:00 am

7:00 am Pack up.

and thanks to tigerair, being so consistent and all, our flight was delayed for 1-2 hours. How great is that right?

So there, what can you say? We may not explore the 50% of what Boracay could offer but hey it won’t be our last time. After 2-3 years I guess, we’ll be back and we’ll have the same experience over and over again but this time it will be better.

So? How’s our Boracay trip? Comments are love!

Helmet Diving in Bora

Before anything else I want to apologized for not updating this blog as frequent as I promised because I was busy recovering my pictures on my phone. I accidentally deleted the 2000 + pictures and the only backup I have is the Boracay escapades last January. So forgive me please (pretty please! :P)

This might not my first time to visit the Island of Boracay but this was my first time to try the activities. During my first visit, Helmet diving, Banana boat and the like were not yet discovered (or hindi uso). I enjoyed it back then, it was more peaceful and not crowded. But despite the downside of Boracay nowadays I enjoyed it more this time because I have my growing family with me.

We got a package worth 1200 php for Banana Boat, Helmet Diving and Fly fish. I enjoyed all those activities but I enjoyed Fly fish the most because I like extreme activities! (if you can call that extreme! hahaha!) I am surprised that I am in love with extremity because when I was a kid I easily got dizzy and scared! But I overcome those in each passing year! and here I am enjoying my life to the fullest!

So, Back to the Helmet diving experience. I warning you that you will get a really extreme earache! Extreme!!!! right? hahaha! I almost back out in the middle of the activity because of my ear. But I am happy that I didn’t because the experience was wonderful!

Sooner or later you will not remember how your ears hurt but you will surely remember the feelings and the experience you experienced when you go under the sea! (I almost sing the song Under the sea of Little Mermaid!!!) So I encourage you to try Helmet diving! and Banana boat! and Fly fish. We’ll try ATV and parasailing next time 🙂

Here’s some of the pictures of our adventure. Enough with the exclamation point! (I said enough sidney!)

What do you think? Comments are love!

Till next time! Tata!