#HalerBaler Day 1

February last year, we celebrate mama’s birthday in Baler. It was our first time in Baler so I’m really excited that time. Though I haven’t planned our itinerary because I thought we were going to surf and that’s it. Hahaha!

So yeah, we arrived at the Balete Tree around 10 am or so. My kuya didn’t understand why this tree was a tourist spot. I don’t understand it either but you see, we considered a place a heritage site when it reaches a specific age but we never considered a tree to be something when in fact we should right?

So yeah, we went to Balete to take a picture and all, I think this tree is 300 years old (or so)

After less than hour from the Balete tree we reached our destination; Costa Pacifica. It was nice actually. They have big swimming pool and a small swimming pool for kids. And a few feets away from the shore.


We waited for a bit since we were not allowed to check in yet since it was too early, we relaxed beside the swimming pool because lounges inside the lobby are all occupied. I can’t find the picture of their lobby but it was really nice.

When we were allowed to check in, we had to walk a little bit far (I think) because we rented two rooms in Casita de Bahia. It was nice and secluded but 250 meters away from the shore so if we want to go to the beach, we have to walk for like 5-10 minutes.



We had 2 bungalow type rooms with two beds. The only thing that is bothersome with the room was mosquitoes but other than that, it was nice.


We had to wait for my Tita to arrived before we enjoyed Baler, we ate lunch somewhere I forgot and ate dinner somewhere I forgot too. Hahaha!

We really like to dine here in Baler Surfer Grill, unfortunately, it was closed that time.


After dinner, we settled outside our room to relaxed and drink. Unfortunately, we couldn’t talk and laugh loud because it was an open area and there are guests in the other rooms but we enjoyed nevertheless.


I’m really sorry that I haven’t really tell what happened that time since it happened a year ago but, our first day in Baler wasn’t eventful at all. Wait for our Day 2 in Baler. Day 2 was when I learned how to surf so yeah, stay updated!

Til next time!



The Squadro in Baler 2017

I forgot that I need to post 200 blogs this year. So forgive me that I will give you my last year’s escapades but in my defense I haven’t shared it with you yet so am I forgiven?

The original title of this blog is Baler 2017 but I realized I won’t be telling what happened to the trip yet so I ended up changing it to The Squadro in Baler 2017.

What is squadro? Actually, Squadro is composed of four pretty girls (Ekang, Lynsey, Jas and I) who love to travel together. If ever I posted #escalonagetaway online, expect that there’s also the squadro on the loose.

I love naming things. Putting hashtags on every trip we had because it is easier to track it online if you want to reminisce or something. So I was the one who named our group. Because again, I love naming things and second, they are too lazy to think of something so I took the responsibility. Hahaha!

The name was inspired by #thetrio of Lauren Uy, Kryz Uy and Camille Co but of course we can’t use that because obviously we are composed of four. I don’t like quadruple or quadruplets. So how I ended up using #thesquadro?

At first, we used the #thesquadgoals because who doesn’t, right? But I realized we are a squad and we are a group of quatro (in Portuguese) or four girls so I ended up using #thesquadro.

I know. It’s so lame. hahaha!

We have mandatory travel shots together, try to search #thesquadro on instagram 🙂

At first, there are no mandatory shots but of course when you realized that you took pictures on every trip or getaway you made, you ended up realizing that you can’t miss a trip without a picture, hence, our so-called mandatory shots.

Wait until you see our Puerto trips. We have a lot of candid shots or should I say I have a lot of candid shots, really candid that I just want to buried it. Joke! Will post those soon!

But first, Let me share to you guys one of our side trips in Baler and couple of shots of the guys behind the camera. I do apologized for forgetting the name of the location.




Thank you for these guys! Before we had our #bloggerjowa, we have our #thesquadroboys who took endless pictures, with pamatay location.

Until next time!

P.S. Five down, One hundred and and ninety five to go 🙂