Hi Guys! I am back once again. Sorry again for being MIA. Sana lang talaga magtuloy tuloy na to. Lols!

My last blog post was me being pregnant and today, I’m happy to show you guys my baby!

Meet Selene, my little princess, the goddess of moon (Chos! haha XD) I gave birth to her last April 12, 2018 at 9:35 AM. Enjoy!




Will tell you guys what happened to Selene’s first photoshoot soon!

Till next time!



We’re Pregnant!

Hi loves! This post was scheduled last week but because of a hectic gig that I will soon share to you, this post was postponed until today. Now, I will share to you guys my pregnancy shoot in Cebu.

Last December 2017, my officemates and I went to Cebu just to have fun and escape the toxic life of metro manila. Our first plan was go to Coron, unfortunately we can’t afford the airfare that time so we decided to change our plans and find a bit cheaper price. So Cebu here we come!

I actually don’t have any pregnancy shoots when we booked our flight because first of all, I didn’t know that yes! I am pregnant that time and second, what is the reason right?

So when I actually knew that I was pregnant, the first thing that came to my mind that I will have a pregnancy shoot because I don’t want it to go to waste the opportunity. I didn’t have any picture perfect when I was pregnant with Keyn so… This will be my first.

I asked my friend to create dresses/gown for me. (You can check his social media account, I will share it down below.) I have pegs so he copied it and alter some and viola! Dresses! I asked him to create one gown and two skirts because I can’t afford having a whole 3 outfits. But because of his generosity. He created two gowns and a skirt.

I had to climb a mountain, conquer rivers and mini falls, and walk for this but it is all worth it. I just wished I could dress in Kawasan falls, but it was our first on our itinerary  so I don’t want my gowns to go to waste if they will not dry on time. Because of that I decided to wait.

So without further ado. Presenting (lols!) my pregnancy shoots care of my ever supporting officemates and my #bloggerjowa.










So… What do you think guys? Will post about my experiences on doing this and my Cebu adventure next time!

See you soon!


I was the first pregnant woman who held her pregnancy shoots in Osmeña Peak! Yey! another one for me! Thanks ate guide for helping and guiding me. I will be back with my little one for sure!



Dresses/Skirt : ChanB House of Enchantress | Hairstyle : Yours Truly | Places : Kawasan Falls, Osmeña Peak, Sirao Garden, Temple of Leah

2018 Dreams, Goals and Hopes

Hi guys! Sorry for being MIA for more than 6 months. I don’t know how to explain this but with works, family and studies; I don’t know how to insert blogging into my life. I am really sorry for that loves.

But the waiting is over. This 2018, I am back into blogging and into your life once again. I do hope you will let me enter your life with open arms.

I am back! Haha! After how many months of taking a break. I can finally say that I am back! And I know that I am almost 2 months late but better late than never.

I welcome 2018 with open arms with big dreams, goals and hopes. I want to make a difference since my 2017 is not really OK. Although I am so thankful for some happening last year but yes for almost 4 months last year, I am in the dark. So to close the door for the bad luck last year, here are my dreams, goals and hopes this 2018.

I am hoping…

  • for a better 2018 for my son Keyn because last year, he got bullied by his classmates and friends
  • for a better me. I want to be wise.
  • to learn to say NO. I am a YES person since I received lots of rejections since elementary days, I don’t want others to feel the same way.

I am dreaming…

  • for a happy and successful 2018.
  • to travel at least 5 times this year. 2 outside the country and 3 here in the Philippines. I know, this may not happen but no one stops me from dreaming right?
  • to win a lottery prize. Haha! Dreams right? keep on dreaming!

I am aiming…

  • for a successful business this 2018 since we are starting one.
  • for a successful normal delivery (yes I am pregnant!)
  • to become successful this 2018. I am tired of dreaming that my year will be different. Now, I am doing my best to make this year a big one.
  • to become a better mother. I realized that I neglected Keyn for sometime now. I am not focused on his schools and it made me realized that I am not a hands on ma’am. This year, I promised to myself to become a better mother.
  • to be organized. Every year, I want to be organized. But as always, I am a failure on this matter. Therefore, since I am aiming to be successful this year, being organized should be a must.
  • to have a thesis title proposal approved. I am on my masters degree now, and this semester, we are proposing a thesis title. Any ideas?

So what are your dreams, goals and hope this 2018? I will keep you on track on my list so that you will all know if I failed or if I am not!

I have so many plans this 2018. And another goal this year? is to have at least 200 blog posts! yes! So now, let’s start the countdown.

1 down. 199 post to go.

Until next time loves.



Prof. Sidneyenyen soon!

Happy labor’s day guys!

I am spending my long weekend by watching TV, reading books, playing mobile legends and updating my blog. It’s been a while guys! I miss you bibis!

Last year I was invited by my college professor to be a panelist in Thesis, when I read her invitation, I accepted it without hesitations. Why? Because it is payback time! lols.

When I was still in college and doing my thesis, I really like to be a panelist, it’s one of my dreams and I am thankful to my professor Chat Molina for giving me this opportunity. I became one of the panelist from thesis 1 up to thesis 2 and I am so grateful. This was such an honor to be part of this event. Although I don’t know about the students, if they are grateful or mad because I am their panel. But nonetheless, it became the highlight of my year.

This made me open my eyes and see the possibilities of being a professor. I would love to influence the youth today not just to be a good student and employee but to be a good person. I love to motivate the students to do what they love. Being not good in something doesn’t mean you are bad in everything. I don’t want students feel that way I felt before.

This was really good experience to me. I became fond of the students, some of them added me on Facebook and I accepted them. Some knew my number and still texted me even if we are done in their thesis defense. We still keep in touch.

And yeah, hopefully in 2018 I will be a professor and it will definitely rock my life!





To batch 2017. Congratulations and good luck on your career. We’ll keep in touch promise! and if ever you are reading this guys! Text me when you are in Makati. We’ll have lunch. hahaha!


sidneyenyen x

Keyn’s Graduation

Almost six years ago, I gave birth to my son Keyn (ki-yan). Although, the pregnancy was not a beautiful journey, it was worth it.

I gave birth to him when I was 20 years old. Thank God I graduated and he was a healthy bouncing baby boy because I will curse all my frenemy (lols!) for giving me a lot of stress during my pregnancy. I was still studying when I learned that I am pregnant. I am happy and sad at the same time because I know I will disappoint my parents. Especially my mother, (sorry mama! sorry for all the burden I caused you!) but I am still thankful that God gave Keyn to me, it might too early, yes it was early but still I am grateful and thankful.

Last March, Keyn finished his kindergarten and soon he will be in grade 1. Wow! just wow! It’s like the best moment of my life so far! seeing my son going on the stage and receiving his diploma. It seems like yesterday when I blogged about his first day in preschool, and today, I am going to blogged about his graduation in Kindergarten. Then, in Elementary, then he will be having girlfriends, then graduating in HS and college. The next thing I know, he will get married! Oh I am not ready for that. Good thing! He’s only 6 years old and another 30 years before he will get married! lols!

Everything about what happened last March made me cry. When he got his diploma, when they sing a song and when he handover the diploma to me. I am so grateful and thankful that he is my son.

He got an award! Yes! Proud mama here! He got the awesome artist award. Yey!

The recognition came 5 days after the graduation and he got 5 additional awards. Again, I am so proud of him.




Soon, he will read about my blog and he will be embarrassed or get mad but hopefully he will be grateful that his mom announced to the world how proud she is to him.


If you’re reading this, please understand that I love you and I love you and I love you! I don’t mean to embarrass you, I promise I won’t blogged your nude pictures and your unending videos (Yes, he likes to take videos of himself, talking and laughing, goofing around and making jokes.) Promise I will keep it safe and private.

Love, mama

I read a book entitled Don’t call me baby, it’s about two girlfriends with blogger mothers. Their mothers like to blogged about their life and their daughters. I read the book, I learned to know your limitations so Keyn, don’t worry. Your secrets are safe with me.

Till next time.

sidneyenyen x


I look chubby on the picture right? but believe me I am not!

A Night with Abe and Friends

Hi bibis! Again, I would like to apologized for being MIA. My laptop is broken and under repair as of the moment so I haven’t blogged for a while. It is good to be back and promise I will try to post as many and as often as possible.

Last February I spent my dinner with my friends. For those who read my blog since the very beginning, will know who are these friends since they’re with me when I started this blog.

I am a girl! (Yes for those of you who are wondering, I am 101% girl. hahaha) but since I love them so much, I have to travel from Makati to BGC just to see them. You see, in my opinion, it is easy to travel from BGC to Makati than Makati to BGC since the traffic in EDSA is never ending but since I love and miss them, initiated that I will be the one to go to BGC. The hell with the traffic right?!. Mind you it was rush hour so this was really stressing for me. I had to travel in habalhabal (a public motorcycle transportation) to ensure that I won’t be late.

I leave the office at 5:30 pm and arrived in Abe at passed 7PM (I think.) Even though I arrived late than the meeting time. They made me wait! See! they made me wait!!! hahaha. I really think that I am the most understanding friend ever! Because I had to ride a motorcycle. I had to endure walking from Jupiter St. Makati to Ayala MRT station so I have to meet them and they are late! Great right?!

I thought, before arriving in BGC and while walking in Makati Ave that it was me who’s going to be late but unfortunately, I was the one who asked for the waiter for our table and wait but all the stress and sweat that night are worth it!!

Abe restaurant is located in Serendra, BGC Taguig. At first I was hesitant to eat here since it looks expensive. But the food in the restaurant are really affordable.

Service : ★★★★★★★★★☆ (9 out of 10)
Food : ★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8 out of 10)

We ordered Sinigang sa Ube their signature dish I think. Gising gising and lechon kawali. I really like their dishes and also, if you add 10 pesos or 15 pesos you can upgrade your rice into an unlimited rice. Awesome right?! since I am with 3 boys, it is really great that they have unlimited rice. I am a rice person and I can eat up to 5 cups of rice depending on the situation. (But that was before, I think. I am into diet right now. Wherein I eat everything I want but in lesser portion. hahahaha! like for example. I eat 1.5 rice every meal, now I only eat .75. hahahhaha! My boyfriend told me that my diet is insane since he thinks that it is nonsense. He will say. “yen, hindi dapat ganyan ang pagdiet” and I answered. “Pede kaya to!” I will post another blog on this one since the comment in open close parenthesis is a paragraph na!)

Let’s get back to rice! yes. Rice. The most demonic and angelic food ever invented. (yes aside from pizza and ice cream!) You see, rice have carbs and sugar in one! but I can’t live without it! so the hell with carbs and sugar, I rice you!!! lol. I AM HOPELESS! I need personal help.

Sorry for the commercial of my rants about how I  am so in love with rice and all. The gising gising is spicy and delicious. Although, I love my mother’s gising gising than this because she used sigarilyas as one of the ingredients, in Abe they use kangkong. You can taste the coconut milk and the spiciness of the chili pepper. It has a nice kick.

Next is Lechon kawali (Crispy pork belly). I have a lot of respect for those who cooked lechon kawali because believe me, They are not easy to cook. My father’s the one who do the cooking when lechon kawali is concern since he is not afraid of the oil. I love their lechon kawali. Because it is crispy and delicious, plus the sauce! The soy sauce and vinegar combined with onion. My gash. Heaven!!!!

Lastly, their signature dish. The sinigang sa ube. This was the dish that I was hesitant to order because I am not fond of ube. I don’t like halayang ube guys. Another fact about me. But goodness, the sinigang sa ube is to die for. It is delicious, although the soup is a little bit thicker or denser than the other sinigang, but it was the reason why their sinigang is delicious and one of a kind.

The food that we order are good for 5 or six person I think since we have leftovers.











I really had a great time with these guys! Actually we don’t have dull moments ever. We don’t use phones when we are together, we just have us and our talks and our laughs. We’re missing one person here. Hopefully next time, we will be complete.

But nonetheless, I am happy. Traveling from Makati to BGC in rush hour was nothing compared to the happiness I felt when I have moments with these guys.

You may ask, why am I the only girl here? Yes bibis, I am their princess, the only girl in the group but if you will made me choose if the girls in my office or these boys, I will choose them no matter what.

I miss chararat incorporated. Hope for another time with you guys!!!!

It is a lengthy post guys, but I hope you enjoyed it. My next post will be short. Promise!

Thanks loves!

Sidneyenyen x


Don’t try to ride in uberpool or any other car pool if you want to rest immediately and sleep. I made a mistake guys. I won’t do it again. HAHAHA!


Red and White

Hi guys! Long time no see?! I am MIA for almost a year now and I would like to apologized for not posting.

I would like to greet you all a belated Merry Christmas, belated Happy New Year and belated happy Chinese New Year!

Speaking of Chinese New Year, this is what I wore last year when I celebrated Chinese New Year last year. I wore red because I thought I’m not allowed to wear something other than this when visiting restaurants in Binondo during Chinese New Year. Sorry for stereotyping. This is me watching too much drama. Sorry XD.






My outfit and the background were match made in Binondo 😛


I almost cried tonight because I thought I deleted my 5000+ photos without making a back up copy but I just placed it in a different folder. Kill me now please! hahahaha