Full Bangs

Another #OOTD post guys! These pictures were taken two years ago when I had my full bangs. I don’t know what gotten into me that time when I decided to have a full bangs, but this was also the year that we went to Hong Kong so I said to myself that I needed to have a haircut (and bangs). You know having a full bangs was not bad at all if the cut was really nice, unfortunately mine wasn’t.

But I have to live with it and make it work.

I wore this outfit when we went to Onboard Game and Gastro Pub for Plinks despedida party.  We had so much fun that day, I wished I could share to you guys the pictures and all today but I have look for it first. So yeah, stick with my OOTD first.

I wore a see-through long blouse that should be a beach cover up but I turned it to a casual look :P. I also wore my super overused leggings and my overused red shoes that we bought for 150 php only. See! This could be a blog about “Under 500“, a segment on this blog where we could get a whole look for less than 500 but I couldn’t remember the prices of the sleeveless blouse and the leggings.

Should I post another Under 500 blog? What do you think? Comments are love 🙂


In this picture, I tried to be seductive but as you can see, I failed miserably. HAHAHA!


These are my peeps and will figuratively kill for them.

Till next time!



Blue and White Checkered

I miss posting my OOTDs online. When I started this blog, you could see me often with my OOTDs, but as life happens (lols. hahahaha!) I’m haven’t posted my OOTDs for a while now.

Since I’m being active again, let me share to you guys one of my OOTD last year.

Here, I am wearing a white top (an overused white tshirt), blue and white checkered jumper (given by my mama. Thanks Ma!!!) and a white shoes (I bought last last December, which is of course overused!)

Nowadays, I really love white t-shirt/blouse paired with square pants. Lakas makamatangkad. Hahaha! So yeah, I may post again an OOTD with white top. I’ll keep you updated guys! But first, please enjoy!


I really like this picture (above picture). Can I be a feminine wash model? Hahaha! If you are going to put a caption on this picture, what would it be? Comment your answers!

Till next time!



Halomango in Boracay

I haven’t been reviewing for a long time. I think my last review was April 2017. I’ve been blaming myself for not keeping my promise and for not updating this blog. I have been very busy since last year. The pregnancy, business, work and being a mother, who will find a time right?

So now that I have little free time, let me review Halomango in Boracay.

Service : ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (5 out of 10)
Food : ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆ (4 out of 10)

The store was overrated in my opinion. We thought that what we were having was good since the line was too long. Good thing (or not) that we have time to spare so we lined up just to have their famous mango holic.

The service was better than their food. The crews were nice. They were insisting that I should sit down as they provide a monoblock.

The place was a little bit small considering the customers lining up outside the store. I should suggest a bigger place or arrange the place to maximized the space.

I didn’t like the refreshments they are serving, I think there are better food out there. (waiting to be discovered! lols!) But honestly, I don’t think that the time we spent lining up was worth it. We ordered mango holic and mango shake. The mango is sour, plus the ice cream has an artificial mango flavor. The refreshments are nakakaumay to think that I like mangoes. Also, It is a little bit pricey for my liking.

Overall, Thank you for the experience but if you will ask me to dine here again, I would say, Thanks but no thanks.

Till next time!



Maternity Shots in Boracay

During my pregnancy days, I traveled a lot and walk a lot. I preferred walking than riding jeepneys and sidecars, I don’t know why but we all have weird hobbies when pregnant right?

Aside from the fact that we went to Cebu last December, we also went to Boracay last March! See how lakwatsera I am? I think I will forever regret not having a hashtag #lakwatserangbuntis when I was pregnant! HAHAHA!

Up to date, it was my 3rd time visiting Boracay Island, my first time was way back 2003 when I was in elementary. My second time, I was already blogging so you could read our adventures in Summer in January.

Even though I already visited Boracay, it was different this time because first, It was my first time flying without my mama! Would you believe that ma? I survived! yey! hahaha! Second, I went with Kenneth’s family. Lastly, it was different because I was pregnant.

Who would pass the opportunity to have a maternity shots in Boracay? Definitely not me! I have two maternity pictorial locations and that’s more than enough for me. One was taken when we were in Cebu. Check my Maternity shots in Cebu.

I think my introduction is a little bit longer than I intended to be so without further ado. My maternity shots in Boracay everyone!  (Why so formal? hahaha!)

maternityshot4 maternityshot2maternityshot1maternityshot8maternityshot9-e1536549830126.jpgmaternityshot7maternityshot5

till next time



The Squadro in Baler 2017

I forgot that I need to post 200 blogs this year. So forgive me that I will give you my last year’s escapades but in my defense I haven’t shared it with you yet so am I forgiven?

The original title of this blog is Baler 2017 but I realized I won’t be telling what happened to the trip yet so I ended up changing it to The Squadro in Baler 2017.

What is squadro? Actually, Squadro is composed of four pretty girls (Ekang, Lynsey, Jas and I) who love to travel together. If ever I posted #escalonagetaway online, expect that there’s also the squadro on the loose.

I love naming things. Putting hashtags on every trip we had because it is easier to track it online if you want to reminisce or something. So I was the one who named our group. Because again, I love naming things and second, they are too lazy to think of something so I took the responsibility. Hahaha!

The name was inspired by #thetrio of Lauren Uy, Kryz Uy and Camille Co but of course we can’t use that because obviously we are composed of four. I don’t like quadruple or quadruplets. So how I ended up using #thesquadro?

At first, we used the #thesquadgoals because who doesn’t, right? But I realized we are a squad and we are a group of quatro (in Portuguese) or four girls so I ended up using #thesquadro.

I know. It’s so lame. hahaha!

We have mandatory travel shots together, try to search #thesquadro on instagram 🙂

At first, there are no mandatory shots but of course when you realized that you took pictures on every trip or getaway you made, you ended up realizing that you can’t miss a trip without a picture, hence, our so-called mandatory shots.

Wait until you see our Puerto trips. We have a lot of candid shots or should I say I have a lot of candid shots, really candid that I just want to buried it. Joke! Will post those soon!

But first, Let me share to you guys one of our side trips in Baler and couple of shots of the guys behind the camera. I do apologized for forgetting the name of the location.




Thank you for these guys! Before we had our #bloggerjowa, we have our #thesquadroboys who took endless pictures, with pamatay location.

Until next time!

P.S. Five down, One hundred and and ninety five to go 🙂

Mother of Two

Being a mother of two is  a little bit harder than I thought. Okay, it is not a little bit harder, it is harder than I thought.

You see, when I gave birth to Keyn, all the attentions were in him. Even to my parents’, and Kenneth’s parents’ but since Selene existence into this world, I don’t think this is easy to me nor to Keyn.

At first, it was hard for me, sleepless nights and tiresome days. But I realized it was harder for Keyn because there are times that it was sleepless nights for him too because he, sometimes wakes up because of Selene’s cry. When selene was about a two months old or so, Keyn slept a little bit late because we couldn’t make Selene to stop crying and he couldn’t sleep because it was too loud.

Being a mother of two is difficult but having a sibling is also difficult. I don’t remember much on my childhood days but when I became an ate I am just two or three years old, so I don’t really know what its like when my sibs are crying or not. But given the gap I would say that it is much easier to adapt since I am young.

It is different for Keyn, their age gap is 6 years so there are some events that Keyn may remember until he’s old. There are times that when I look into my son’s eyes, they are longing for attention.

As much as I wanted to give all my attention to Keyn, it is difficult since I am a mother of two and I need to give my other attention to Selene since she can’t talk yet and that really breaks my heart.

Now, that Selene is 4 months old, I think Keyn adapted well on being a brother. He really loves Selene. He even cries when Selene got her newborn screening test because he knows that it was hurtful for his baby sister. He almost cry when he found out that Selene got her vaccine. You see, we turned the almost jealousy feeling Keyn feels for her sister to a brotherly love. How? By informing him that Selene is just a baby and can’t really express what she wanted to tell because she can’t speak yet so she needs a lot of attention.

We forgot that our babies are intelligent and can handle the information we want them to know or learn. Keyn and I have lots of heart-to-heart talks and I made him understand what’s happening in our lives.

I, often asked him if  we could buy Selene’s things. We let him understand that it was his decision if we could give Selene something and we always included him in decision making.

Also, we don’t forget about his special events. Like his 7th Birthday, PTA meetings, Card distribution and so on. When he talks, he have all (or some) of my attentions. I laugh at his jokes. I made him understand that even though we have a baby, he is still my little Keyn.

And I think he gets it.

I shared to you some of their pictures together. Today, Keyn loves to play with Selene and if he heard Selene crying, he will leave everything (even his precious tablet) and will go to Selene to make her stop from crying.

Till next time!



P.S. I planned this post as an informative blog. About how I handle being a mother of two. How I do things now that I have two kids. I never plan this to be this emotional but tadah! I don’t know what happened but it happened. I hope you like this.

P.P.S. should I changed the title? HAHAHA!


Hi guys! Another blog post! Yey for me because finally I have my very own domain name!!!!!

After almost 5 years in blogging finally I now owned Sidneyenyen.com my very own domain. Who would have thought right? That I, who doesn’t read much in her childhood days but love to write random things ended up blogging online and having a domain. For those who are reading my blogs from the very start, thank you for staying until this moment. I know it’s not a lot but it’s enough for me to keep going– that I know someone is reading my blog. Thank you guys!

Every year, I write a blogpost about how I started this blog, (I think I skipped last year? I forgot. hahaha!) me having a slight depression and how this blog helped me coped up. Actually this blog is still helping me in many things. If this is a person, I will kiss him/her torridly. (Bwahahaha! sorry mama, if you are reading this! sorry na SPG!) Anyways, to be honest this was not my first blog. I have multiply. (kaway kaway sa mga 90’s kid diyan!) For those who don’t know the multiply, it was another social media platform, you can write a blog, upload pictures, create an event and so on.

I have this friend (hi lau!) who introduced me in multiply, actually she’s the one who introduced me into social media way way back. She created a friendster account (our FB before), twitter, multiply, yahoo messenger and many others for me. In short she introduced to me to the wonderful world of internet. She’s the one who helped me build my confidence, she said that it was okay if I’m not good in English, edi tagalog daw ilagay ko. She let me borrowed her books, and it was a start for me. I discovered that I love reading. At first, it was her book that I’m holding and the second thing I knew I was holding my own book. I started collecting them, and now, I can have my mini library.


Lau’s in the black circle. I was in the red circle. This picture was taken last 2003 or so when Boracay was pure and unpopular.

She’s one of the reasons why I am blogging, and I owe her that. Thank you Lau for introducing me into this world. Thank you for being my longest friend. I love you!


The above picture was taken in Yanagi Japanese Restaurant in Midas’ Hotel year 2012 or 2013. The picture below was taken around Makati year 2014 or so.


Found these pictures on my mother’s facebook account. Thanks mama!

So, obviously this post is an appreciation post. This is just the start of many appreciation posts on my blog. So please bear with me. I just want to thank everyone who made this journey memorable and possible. (Naks! lakas makaartista. hahaha)

Until next time!