Red and White

Hi guys! Long time no see?! I am MIA for almost a year now and I would like to apologized for not posting.

I would like to greet you all a belated Merry Christmas, belated Happy New Year and belated happy Chinese New Year!

Speaking of Chinese New Year, this is what I wore last year when I celebrated Chinese New Year last year. I wore red because I thought I’m not allowed to wear something other than this when visiting restaurants in Binondo during Chinese New Year. Sorry for stereotyping. This is me watching too much drama. Sorry XD.






My outfit and the background were match made in Binondo 😛


I almost cried tonight because I thought I deleted my 5000+ photos without making a back up copy but I just placed it in a different folder. Kill me now please! hahahaha



Sidneyenyen @ 3!!

Hi guys! Thank you for 3 years and I hope that you will support me up to 1oo years! Thank you for reading my nonsense posts and I hope you learned from these.

Before, I really have no self-confidence, but now thanks to this! I can post myself with my swimsuit online!!! Though I have friends who read my entries, I would like to lessen their burden. lols! I won’t be posting my superbod and my swimsuit yet. Will post soon but not today! Ayokong maumay kayo! hahahhaha!

But of course I would like to share to you guys my favorite picture so far! Please be noted that this is not filtered! Gawd! I love mother nature.


Again, thank you for reading my entries bibis! From the bottom of my heart thank you oh so much.

Sidneyenyen x

Different You

Hi guys! I just finished reading Me Before You, and I was like dude, is love isn’t enough? I will surely read lots of romance novels just to get it out of my mind. Seriously, I am devastated by the outcome. Yes, it may be different from others but why?????? Isn’t Lou enough? I can’t read After You, it will really break my heart. (Okay! I need to update this one since I typed this before I talked to my officemates. They told me that if Will didn’t commit suicide, the novel will just be the same old romance novel. Yes I got their point! But I still can’t believed it! I’m gonna email the author and tell her my sentiments!!!!!)

Enough of my rant and let’s proceed with my entry. It came to my attention that I only posted 4 entries so I really need to step up my game!

This entry should be posted almost 2 weeks ago (yeah! I added the word almost because if I didn’t add almost, this entry will look like it is looooooong over due but if you add almost, it is like more than a week but not more than 2 weeks! Got my point? Yeah I guess not. I really don’t get myself sometimes. so let’s back to reality) but I got busy so yeah, supposedly this is my 3rd-entry-for-this-week kind of post but it became my first-entry-for-this-week. Oh my gosh! I should step up my game!

Let me share to you our Year End party last December. See It’s long overdue but nevertheless here it is!

Last December we had our year end party. I forgot about the theme but as you can see, our costume is Philippine National Costume. I chose to be different this time. Dare to be different right? And guess what? I was nominated for the best dress. Lols! See, different is good.

We had fun of the music videos we made, our group didn’t win but  I am glad that our team bonded and that’s what really important right. Friendship over Prizes and awards but a few recognition won’t hurt right? lols!!!!

Since my officemates chose to be traditional that time and wore Filipiniana, I dared to be different, I chose the National Costume of Muslims. I hope I made them proud. Lols!!!! Actually it wasn’t my decision to wear this, it was my mother’s (Yeah, mom! mother knows best indeed) you see I’m not really rich and all so I asked my mom if she has costumes like Filipiniana because my mom aced all Christmas parties of their company! She should have her own costume rental! Fortunately she has because I don’t want to spent money for a one night event. (but it is really tempting! This is just a night event right, one night every year, you really want to be beautiful and all.) So I borrowed my mom’s costume. Viola! I even nominated as best dress! See you just really need to be different to stand out.

I mean, you are just you in what? In billions of people on earth and you chose to be someone you’re not. Try to be something different, try to be you. Don’t pretend and don’t try to to be someone. You are you, no one can change that.














After the event we spent the night in one of their rooms and I must say I wanna live there!!!!!

Share to me your thoughts! Comments are love 🙂

P.S. Sorry for the over use of exclamation point. 😛

Sidneyeneyen x


My second blog entry is about my keyn!!!!!

For those of you who doesn’t know, my keyn will be 5 next month. Time flies really fast right? The thing about having a child is you’ll never know what will happen. I get annoyed with him, like a hundred times a week, but when he caress me and make me kilig, it just vanished! Sometimes I wish I can freeze him just like what they did to Captain America so that he won’t get hurt and he won’t witness how cruel this world is but of course I won’t do that, because he won’t witness how wonderful life is. Yes, it can be hateful sometimes but if you ask me, my life is wonderful despite of its challenges and bad memories.

I just want him to live his life to the fullest! Just please God, don’t let him grow sooooo fast! I really want to see how he pass every exams, play with his friends and do what he loves to do.

He likes goofing around and make people happy. He is easy and fun to be with. He likes to play! We taught him how to have fun without cellphone and other technologies, we’re also teaching him how to be attentive and how to treasure every moment.

Also, we’re teaching him how to pose! lols. I think my son will love to dress up when he gets older 🙂





And Yes! My son’s wearing a skeleton costume. Actually, this outfit is for Christmas, but I think my son’s have a weird taste for Christmas outfit 🙂

What do you think? Comments are love

sidneyeneyen x

Nadai Fujisoda

Hi guys! I know, I know, I am MIA for 4 months or so. Sorry for that! Really sorry.  To make it up for you, I will post 2 blog entry for today! Yey! So here’s the first one.

Last January, we ate at Nadai Fujisoda in MOA. This is going to be a short review since you know me, I can’t remember the taste of the food especially when it is 6 months or so ago. I may not describe the taste of the food in details but I’ll try to make this review a worth reading.

Last January, I am not the person who I am today! (lols! I’m getting old!) I’m not talking about maturity here, ladies and gents. I’m talking about how I am with food!!!! lols.

Before, I am really choosy when it comes with food.  I’m not really into Chinese or Japanese food. I don’t like Chinese food other than siopao, siomai, mami or any kind of noodles  🙂 I also don’t like Japanese food other than tempura. Who wouldn’t like tempura right? So yeah! I am not that person who’s really choosy about food. I changed! yey!

Thanks to my officemates who loves eating Ramen and those kind of stuffs because of them, I am reborn! lols!

Service : ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7 out of 10)
Food : ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6 out of 10)

The staffs are really nice here and very accommodating. Though, I would like to add that some were not really as experienced as most of them but hey, I think it is because they just opened way back in January so they may more experienced today than before.

The food was okay. Not really great but okay. Since, I didn’t like other Japanese food before so I just ordered tempura and my mom ordered a Ramen. Also, because my brother is a sucker of all tempura, we ordered just for him! It turned out that my tempura was better than what he ordered. lols! I didn’t know why mine taste better than him but I think, it is because of the sauce. My tempura came with a rice so I think it is because they drizzle mine with the sauce while if you ordered 3 pieces of tempura, it is just plain.

I didn’t taste any food other than my what I ordered since as I said a few times already in this entry, I’m not really into a Japanese food before. My mom said that the Ramen was good (and so was the price. She ordered a Teishoku set)

20160110_170953 - Copy

20160110_173035 20160110_173044



20160110_162253 - Copy


20160110_171107 - Copy

20160110_171115 - Copy

20160110_171121 - Copy





I apologized on how the pictures are. I forgot to rotate it before uploading it on wordpress. I forgot how are my steps before uploading it on wordpress. Blame this on not blogging for 3 months!!!!!

So what do you think?

Comments are love.

P.S. I just love how my eyes popped here!

sidneyenyen x

My Impossible Dream

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I blogged. So let me share to you my experience last month. Even though it has been a month ago, the memory is still vivid.

Some of us has a list of our fears and impossible dreams-be it on your mind or on your paper- I have one. I listed some on papers and some are still on my mind. One of my impossible dream is hosting an event.

You see, I may be an outgoing kind of person, an easy to talk with kind of pal and a happy-go lucky kind of woman (woooosh! Did I write woman?) But deep down I have a stage fright. My college friends can agree with me. They saw me being nervous in front of a crowd (be it small or big), stuttered, and most of the time cried.

How petty right? How can I, a talkative peppy damsel can have a stage fright? But for me it was not petty at all.

Now, you can picture out what my reaction when they asked me to host our townhall meeting with more than 100 participants. I can’t even host an event/meeting with 10 participants, how can I host an event with 100?

After few minutes of discussion I found myself agreeing. How did I agree? I didn’t know what happen. The next question I asked is how will I do it?

They told me to “BE YOURSELF”.

Easier said than done.

I’m freaking out few days before the event. There’s no program and I don’t even know what should I do. I didn’t know I will say this but thanks to the overload projects I am distracted.

On the day of the event. I AM STILL FREAKING OUT! Who wouldn’t right? It is on! I mean i’m not dreaming anymore. I can’t back out because who will take my spot? NO ONE! So I gathered all my strength and my power (chos!) I thought to myself “I knew all this people. I talked to them, I laugh with them and my friends knew I can do it. Why should I doubt myself?”








So yeah. I gathered the remaining confidence I have in my body and started to do what I do best, I started to talk! I was nervous at first who wouldn’t right? But I did it! I was nervous, I stuttered a lot but I did enjoyed it. I am happy I conquered my fear. I made my impossible dream possible.

White Jogger Pants

Kung hei fat choi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while so here’s a little treat for you! Hahahha!

Being a working mother is like having a two full time job without any day off. The other job is paying you with money. The other job is paying you the most precious payment you’ve received in your whole career.

I’m not saying it’s all sunshine and rainbows, all I’m saying is, all the pain, the hardwork and the sleepless nights will all be worth it!

So let me give you the little treat I’m talking about. I haven’t posted Keyn’s #ootd for a while now so here we go!

Here’s what he wore last January when we met with his ninangs (godmothers) in LCM (Lucky Chinatown Mall).

The only new here is the white pants, the top and the shoes are all hand-me-downs. You see, I won’t mind Keyn wearing something old or something hand-me-down. Why? As long as he can still wear it with class and it is cute on him, why should I be bothered?







I will always take advantage of the time that you wanted to kiss me in public because we’ll never know what will happen when you grow up.


So here’s the first OOTD of my Keyn this 2016. What do you think?

Comments are love.

Jogger pants tough kids | shoes and top hand-me-down