Oh! Travel Basic PH Review

I really want to write a review about my experiences on various online shops. I had been an online shopper for quite some time now and would like to help other online shoppers on shops that they should trust or not.

But since I can’t seem find time to gather all my previous transactions, I decided to just review one at a time.

So here’s the Oh! Travel Basic PH

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Last year, as I’m looking for Christmas gifts for #thesquadro, I came up with the idea of having a personalized passport holders since last 2016, I gave them overnight travel bags since we love to travel together, I think it was a good idea. After having thoughts and mind discussion (is there such a thing? hahaha!) I decided to give them personalized passport holder. After thorough inquiries to various online shops, I decided to buy at Oh! Travel Basic PH.

I know, I had faults here because I just placed my orders around December 19, 2018. But in my defense, according to their post, their cut off was every Tuesday and it will be shipped the next day. As I checked my calendar, yeah! I said, pasok! I paid before 10 pm as they instructed. I waited and waited. I followed up through out the week.

I figured after 3 days of following up that my package will not be delivered on time and we were leaving Manila around December 23, 2017. So I decided to buy another gifts for them. I gave them same travel pouches but in different colors.

I didn’t cancel the transaction, I didn’t ask for a refund, I just patiently waiting in the dark because they didn’t update me about my items.

I received a text from them last December 23, 2017 that the item was ready for pick up. Since I chose it to be picked up during the time of ordering since I think I could easily get it on time. But I was wrong. It was ready for pick up last December 23, 2017 but I was already in Pangasinan going to Baguio (where we celebrate our Christmas) So I told them I couldn’t.

They told me that their meet up schedule will resume on December 26, 2017. I told them to inform me what time on December 26. So the day came, I waited for their message. I asked them the time. They replied last December 30 if I could pick it up the same day, unfortunately, I read their text last December 31.

January 6, 2018 came, I told them I want them to shipped the item and made the deposit on January 18, 2018. I received the items last January 26, 2018.

You may think our transaction was completed. Nope! Because they misspelled my sister’s name on the passport holder. I checked my texts if I sent them correct names and I did. I told them that they misspelled it the day after I received the items. I got a text from them last February 1, 2018, asking me if when I could pick up the item.

To make it short, I haven’t got the item. I told them I would like it to be shipped and I will shipped the item I have. Unfortunately, it was the time they decided to go offline and we don’t know when are they going to be online again. They even disabled or uninstalled their viber account.

I don’t know why they couldn’t give it to me when in fact, they made a new one for my sister. I guess they couldn’t fixed their issues with other clients before going MIA.

So yeah, I haven’t heard from them ever since, and I still haven’t got my passport holder.

Lesson learned?

Even though they have nice reviews you’ll never know what will happen until it will happen to you.


Till next time!

All the love,