Giving Birth

When I started this blog, Keyn was 2 years old, therefore I wasn’t really posted anything about how I gave birth to him (in detail). So now that I have Selene, I could share it to you guys!

Nobody knew this before, but yeah, you can keep a secret right? HAHAHA!

I told them (friends and family) that I didn’t know that I was in labor before going to the hospital. But it was a white lie? I don’t know but I wasn’t very honest with it. I think I was in labor a day before (April 11, 2018). I don’t know but I have frequent contraction from noon until night. I observed myself of course. The contraction was gone around 10 P.M.

I wasn’t nervous at all actually. I was having contraction from 12 noon I think then it will be gone for 2 hours then back again. then after 10 P.M. It was gone completely (or so I thought)

I told to myself that I’m going to the hospital the next day for my weekly appointment (I was close to my due so my OB and I have weekly appointment. Plus I missed my appointment that week before) So I just have to wait, plus I would ask her if she help me to not be in labor for one more week because Kenneth’s arrival was next week.

So I told myself, relax and stay put. I told my baby to not be excited. We want to have his daddy when she’s born. But my baby’s a little bit excited.

Around 5 in the morning, I woke up because I needed to pee and of course I have contractions. I went back to sleep again because it was too early. Around 6 am, I woke up again to pee. Again, I went back to sleep. Around 6:30, I woke up again to pee. I know, I was in labor.

Since, I’m going to see my OB that time, I didn’t panic. I talked to Kenneth that I will wait for him (As if I could hold it myself right?) Around 7:30, I felt that it became intense. My lower abdomen hurt a lot and I knew, I am really in labor. I packed (because during my pregnancy I was too lazy to pack) my things, clothes, important documents and all. I texted my mother that I’m going to give birth. (“Ma, manganganak na ata ako” that was my exact text) I showered (Because I have lots of time! Chos!) I changed my son’s clothes because she’s going with us. And waited for my father.

Around 8:30 we’re ready and we’re going to the hospital. and I was intensely in labor (if there was such a word). I know that I might give birth inside the car but I told myself and my kid that “no! we needed to give birth in the hospital! Keyn told me that I should sleep to not feel the pain (How sweet right?!).

Around 9:00 we arrived in the hospital. My father went to the lobby and not in the emergency room so the guard gave me a wheelchair and pushed me (he was running, mind you!) to the emergency room.

My water broke when we arrived in the ER, but unfortunately we needed to be on the 3rd floor, where the OB complex was located. The nurses told me that I should stay put and to not push because it was not safe to give birth inside the elevator.

When we arrived at the OB complex. They help me removed my clothes and to change into a hospital gown. They brought me inside the delivery room. While in labor, they ask me to fill out the forms, good thing that I could write fast enough because I finished it in no time.

We waited for my OB to arrived and while waiting during contractions, a nurse or a doctor will insert his/her finger to prevent my baby to come out. I asked them frequently if I could have anesthesia, unfortunately it was too late for me to have one.

My OB arrived around 9:30 A.M. Good thing that she was in the parking lot of the hospital that day. I gave birth around 9:35 A.M. with a 2.35 kg baby girl.

I gave birth without an epidural anesthesia and it was hell. Good thing I could take it. (I had an epidural anesthesia when I gave birth to Keyn) I could feel the needle when they are seaming my wound. But of course I could only feel happiness because Selene’s healthy. 5 minutes of pain for a lifetime of happiness.

I slept when I saw my baby and woke up in the recovery room around 10:30 to 11 A.M.

Around 11:30 or so, they brought me inside our room. I asked my phone to mama so I could inform Kenneth’s family and others that I already gave birth. After a while, Selene was brought to our room.

I was high with happiness. Here are some of the pictures that day! Enjoy!


We stayed at the hospital for 3 days. My kuya keyn’s been a good kuya from day 1. It was hard being a mother of two but it’s all worth it.

Here’s Selene when she was a month old or so.

Giving birth is really hard but it was all worth it.

Till next time.

All the love,


Maternity Shots in Boracay

During my pregnancy days, I traveled a lot and walk a lot. I preferred walking than riding jeepneys and sidecars, I don’t know why but we all have weird hobbies when pregnant right?

Aside from the fact that we went to Cebu last December, we also went to Boracay last March! See how lakwatsera I am? I think I will forever regret not having a hashtag #lakwatserangbuntis when I was pregnant! HAHAHA!

Up to date, it was my 3rd time visiting Boracay Island, my first time was way back 2003 when I was in elementary. My second time, I was already blogging so you could read our adventures in Summer in January.

Even though I already visited Boracay, it was different this time because first, It was my first time flying without my mama! Would you believe that ma? I survived! yey! hahaha! Second, I went with Kenneth’s family. Lastly, it was different because I was pregnant.

Who would pass the opportunity to have a maternity shots in Boracay? Definitely not me! I have two maternity pictorial locations and that’s more than enough for me. One was taken when we were in Cebu. Check my Maternity shots in Cebu.

I think my introduction is a little bit longer than I intended to be so without further ado. My maternity shots in Boracay everyone!  (Why so formal? hahaha!)

maternityshot4 maternityshot2maternityshot1maternityshot8maternityshot9-e1536549830126.jpgmaternityshot7maternityshot5

till next time




Hi Guys! I am back once again. Sorry again for being MIA. Sana lang talaga magtuloy tuloy na to. Lols!

My last blog post was me being pregnant and today, I’m happy to show you guys my baby!

Meet Selene, my little princess, the goddess of moon (Chos! haha XD) I gave birth to her last April 12, 2018 at 9:35 AM. Enjoy!




Will tell you guys what happened to Selene’s first photoshoot soon!

Till next time!