#HalerBaler Day 1

February last year, we celebrate mama’s birthday in Baler. It was our first time in Baler so I’m really excited that time. Though I haven’t planned our itinerary because I thought we were going to surf and that’s it. Hahaha!

So yeah, we arrived at the Balete Tree around 10 am or so. My kuya didn’t understand why this tree was a tourist spot. I don’t understand it either but you see, we considered a place a heritage site when it reaches a specific age but we never considered a tree to be something when in fact we should right?

So yeah, we went to Balete to take a picture and all, I think this tree is 300 years old (or so)

After less than hour from the Balete tree we reached our destination; Costa Pacifica. It was nice actually. They have big swimming pool and a small swimming pool for kids. And a few feets away from the shore.


We waited for a bit since we were not allowed to check in yet since it was too early, we relaxed beside the swimming pool because lounges inside the lobby are all occupied. I can’t find the picture of their lobby but it was really nice.

When we were allowed to check in, we had to walk a little bit far (I think) because we rented two rooms in Casita de Bahia. It was nice and secluded but 250 meters away from the shore so if we want to go to the beach, we have to walk for like 5-10 minutes.



We had 2 bungalow type rooms with two beds. The only thing that is bothersome with the room was mosquitoes but other than that, it was nice.


We had to wait for my Tita to arrived before we enjoyed Baler, we ate lunch somewhere I forgot and ate dinner somewhere I forgot too. Hahaha!

We really like to dine here in Baler Surfer Grill, unfortunately, it was closed that time.


After dinner, we settled outside our room to relaxed and drink. Unfortunately, we couldn’t talk and laugh loud because it was an open area and there are guests in the other rooms but we enjoyed nevertheless.


I’m really sorry that I haven’t really tell what happened that time since it happened a year ago but, our first day in Baler wasn’t eventful at all. Wait for our Day 2 in Baler. Day 2 was when I learned how to surf so yeah, stay updated!

Til next time!



Maternity Shots in Boracay

During my pregnancy days, I traveled a lot and walk a lot. I preferred walking than riding jeepneys and sidecars, I don’t know why but we all have weird hobbies when pregnant right?

Aside from the fact that we went to Cebu last December, we also went to Boracay last March! See how lakwatsera I am? I think I will forever regret not having a hashtag #lakwatserangbuntis when I was pregnant! HAHAHA!

Up to date, it was my 3rd time visiting Boracay Island, my first time was way back 2003 when I was in elementary. My second time, I was already blogging so you could read our adventures in Summer in January.

Even though I already visited Boracay, it was different this time because first, It was my first time flying without my mama! Would you believe that ma? I survived! yey! hahaha! Second, I went with Kenneth’s family. Lastly, it was different because I was pregnant.

Who would pass the opportunity to have a maternity shots in Boracay? Definitely not me! I have two maternity pictorial locations and that’s more than enough for me. One was taken when we were in Cebu. Check my Maternity shots in Cebu.

I think my introduction is a little bit longer than I intended to be so without further ado. My maternity shots in Boracay everyone!  (Why so formal? hahaha!)

maternityshot4 maternityshot2maternityshot1maternityshot8maternityshot9-e1536549830126.jpgmaternityshot7maternityshot5

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The Squadro in Baler 2017

I forgot that I need to post 200 blogs this year. So forgive me that I will give you my last year’s escapades but in my defense I haven’t shared it with you yet so am I forgiven?

The original title of this blog is Baler 2017 but I realized I won’t be telling what happened to the trip yet so I ended up changing it to The Squadro in Baler 2017.

What is squadro? Actually, Squadro is composed of four pretty girls (Ekang, Lynsey, Jas and I) who love to travel together. If ever I posted #escalonagetaway online, expect that there’s also the squadro on the loose.

I love naming things. Putting hashtags on every trip we had because it is easier to track it online if you want to reminisce or something. So I was the one who named our group. Because again, I love naming things and second, they are too lazy to think of something so I took the responsibility. Hahaha!

The name was inspired by #thetrio of Lauren Uy, Kryz Uy and Camille Co but of course we can’t use that because obviously we are composed of four. I don’t like quadruple or quadruplets. So how I ended up using #thesquadro?

At first, we used the #thesquadgoals because who doesn’t, right? But I realized we are a squad and we are a group of quatro (in Portuguese) or four girls so I ended up using #thesquadro.

I know. It’s so lame. hahaha!

We have mandatory travel shots together, try to search #thesquadro on instagram 🙂

At first, there are no mandatory shots but of course when you realized that you took pictures on every trip or getaway you made, you ended up realizing that you can’t miss a trip without a picture, hence, our so-called mandatory shots.

Wait until you see our Puerto trips. We have a lot of candid shots or should I say I have a lot of candid shots, really candid that I just want to buried it. Joke! Will post those soon!

But first, Let me share to you guys one of our side trips in Baler and couple of shots of the guys behind the camera. I do apologized for forgetting the name of the location.




Thank you for these guys! Before we had our #bloggerjowa, we have our #thesquadroboys who took endless pictures, with pamatay location.

Until next time!

P.S. Five down, One hundred and and ninety five to go 🙂

Davao Day 2

Our day 2 of Davao adventure was quite different from the first day. Of course we visited tourist spots though we didn’t hire any van or didn’t go nature tripping. Our day 2 Davao experience is on the city itself.

We visited the Museo Dabawenyo first then the Bone Museum. We enjoyed our visits in Museo Dabawenyo because we learned something about Davao. It is also free for everyone which is I really adore, why? because it’s free. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that we can’t take pictures inside but I understand the reason of course.

On the entrance of the museum, you can feel the presence of Davao not just because you’re in Davao but because they’re playing a native sound that’s relaxing, my father and my cousins can’t help but to dance with the rhythm of the sound. People were looking at us but we didn’t mind at all.






Then after we went to the museum we visited the San Pedro Cathedral to thank God for all the blessings and make a wish since it was the first time we visited the place. After that we took a jeepney ride to go to bone museum. It was hard for us to find an empty jeep. It took us a while to arrived in the Bone Museum.

Keyn was sooo thrilled in the museum. The kids are the main reason why we wanted to go to the Bone Museum. Since we know that they will enjoy the experience.

And we’re right! The kids really enjoyed it and so were we! We learned a lot too. and we saw real life bones from different animals. My Keyn was so stoked about the bones of dolphins, whales, dogs and many more. I could saw the happiness and amazement in his eyes. He couldn’t stay quiet. He always says, “Mama look oh!” “Mama a bone!”. I’ll give everything just to see him that happy everyday 🙂



Below was one of my favorite pictures from our Davao experience, though I might add that I don’t like my nose here but the whole package gave me an impression that I was Maleficent!




We ate at Abreeza Mall right after, even though it was really far from where we were. I made it possible. Why? Because one of my favorite online stories in wattpad happened to have a scene there. *ehem* Elijah Montefalco *ehem* Klare Montefalco *ehem* I liked to go to CDO just to see the famous Xavier University but it was not possible that time. Will surely go there for sure!

What do you think? Comments are love!

sidneyenyen x

Davao Day 1

Last August, we went to Davao to see the Kadayawan festival. Last year, my sister went to Davao for the same reason though she’s with her friends. Since I’m so inggitera, I asked my mom if we could go to Davao, she said yes though we need to wait for seat sale. And yes we waited for piso fare that cebu pac offered.

There were two places that I wanted to go this year. The first one is Bacolod since I wanna see the Masskara festival. Though dates are fully booked so we settled to my second one; Davao! Don’t think that I just picked Davao because I had no choice. It’s such that, I really wanted to go to Bacolod since one of my friends (who’s from Bacolod) says pretty things about the place. So please don’t get any ideas eh?

Moving on. We arrived at Davao at 7 PM I think. We don’t have time to take pictures for the reason that it’s night already and we’re a little bit tired. We searched for night life, convenience store that night tho.

The next day came and since we have itinerary that day, we need to be on the road as early as possible since we will be going the Samal Island and Eden park.

My sister rented a van for the whole day for 3500 php. As we riding the van we’re too shocked that the speed limit in Davao is 30 kph. Seriously? You know I’m from Manila wherein the there’s no speed limit and the jeepney drivers drive as if there’s no tomorrow. I mean, of course there’s a speed limit but it is not strictly implemented. In Manila, riding on a jeepney is like riding on a roller coaster though NOT ALL the time! Some jeepney drivers still want their passenger to be safe. They follow the traffic rules and regulations. I think if the rules of Davao were implemented here in Manila ay hayahay ang buhay.

The ride were lasted for I-don’t-know-how-long since I was sleeping. My family and friends can testify that I’m a good sleeper because, I could sleep instantly regardless of the position or how long the drive is. I trained myself to sleep actually because when I was young, I’m the kind of kid who can easily puke. I hated the smell of air-condition, car freshener and zigzag roads. But I overcome it. Though I really sleep a lot during rides or at home 😛

We ride a ferryboat and the ride lasted for I think 30 minutes? I’m not sure but the ride was not more than an hour. As we arrived in Samal, Davao, our driver became excited and passed the 30 kph limit. lols! We arrived in Hagimit falls in no time.



I really am a nature lover. I also love adventure and travel. I love to swim. I learned to swim when I was 4 years old I think. My uncles and aunties on my mother side were really patient in teaching us all. My Papa ul taught us everything we needed to learn. Diving, freestyle, floating, backstroke, sisid. I miss him. I really do.

Imagine my face when we arrived in Hagimit falls. It’s beautiful that I forgot to take pictures. they have lots of small falls. I fell in love instantly. The entrance fee cost 40 php for adults and 20 php for kids. 150 plus php for the tent or tables.

The water is cold and refreshing. We immediately swim after we settled. You can see below that it was difficult to step into the rocks because it was so slippery but thanks to my cousin and the staffs, it was not as hard as it should be.

My son’s a little bit afraid so my mom decided to let him swim near her instead. Soon after my son left, my aunties, nieces and cousins followed. We had a photo op!










The staffs allowed us to dive in the 13-14 ft deep water. And being me, I’m game! my twin cousins were the first one to dive. I’m the last one to dive. it was really something. I will do it again for sure 🙂






Before 12 noon. We decided to leave the place even if we didn’t want to. We needed to go to the beach so we could eat. Unfortunately, I didn’t swim there for the reason that it was high tide and the sun is too hot. Though I really wish I did.

We didn’t got to explore the Eden park for the reason that it was raining when we arrived there and the staffs told us that the activities were not allowed because of the weather. It was sad but I’m a little bit relieved. I just woke up that time and I am fully convinced that if they allowed us, I will be staying on the van to get some sleep. I don’t know but we’re really tired that day. We decided to return to the hotel to rest.



Traveling with family is an experience I would like to recommend. It’s something to treasure. Yes, it was great traveling with friends but family is really different.

What do you think? Comments are love!

sidneyenyen x


Review: Club Balai Isabel

My mother and her co-workers held their annual summer outing last May in Club Balai Isabel. Here are my thoughts about the place.

My mom reserved a one bedroom villa for us all. You may think that we can’t fit here right? But we can if we wanted to. But my mom insisted that we used (my cousins and I) the suite in the hotel because she also got one reserved.

The one bedroom villa is for 4 pax only and they allow additional 3 but having a mother like mine, she makes impossible, possible. My mom’s charm works every time. the villa is for 7 persons but you may all know by now because of my previous post that we’re more than a dozen so we’ve reached the limit but the hotel staffs let us do whatever we want but with limitations! Hahahaha.

The place was really cool! They have I think three swimming pools. Two facing the Taal volcano and the other one’s near the basketball court. They also cater team buildings and large company outings. My brother saw his colleagues from accenture I think.

The thing I love about this is they also have a secret garden though it is not really a secret. Get the idea? It is far from the crowded place like pools and the reception so you can chill and relax for a little bit.

We didn’t taste the food they offer for the reason that my mom brought our (almost) kitchen. Who would dare order other food when you can taste your mother and father’s cooking?

The villa we occupied is great I think. The things I don’t like about staying in Club Balai Isabel is the fact that they are using generators to keep the electricity. We experienced numerous brownouts, the longest duration I think was 3 hours.

I also want to add that I like to swim, a lot but I really am so picky in terms of the water in the pool (yeah like I’m so maarte! Lols) Anyways. I don’t know about you all but I like swimming in cold water. Not as cold as ice but a 6 to 7 coldness out of 10. We only tried the largest pool so I don’t know about the others but the water there is warm. I can’t swim properly because in my opinion, you can feel the weight of the water if its warmer. I don’t know! Please don’t judge my explanation since obviously I’m not good at this. And I’m not good in science! Lols.

Lastly, you need to reserved the court a head. I mean really a head of time. We waited for more than 4 hours to get the resort’s ball (since we didn’t bring one) we follow up for more than five times, they said that the staff who get the ball is on his way now. They also said that they will deliver it on the villa. But still, we waited for more than 4 hours.

But none the less it was great! I had a great time! It was nice to unwind and relaxed. Will be back for sure!

















What do you think?

Till next time

Sidneyenyen x

Hinulugang Taktak

Hi gals! This is just a short post, sorry again for being MIA for the past weeks, This month ( and the following months hopefully NOT) is a busy season for us, and whenever I tried to write and update this blog. I dozed off before I could open up my laptop. hahahhaha! please bear with me.

Anyways, this photos were taken last May 2015 when my father asked us if we want to go to Antipolo to attend mass and we’ll tour after, being the most gala family of all time, we agreed immediately, how can you pass an opportunity to go to somewhere for the first time. I can’t pass that opportunity. They say that the opportunity only knocks once.

It’s good that we agreed because we went to Hinulugang taktak after the mass. though it really saddens my heart that Hinulugang taktak is not that clean anymore. The odor is not nice, the water is not clear and you can see bubbles forming into the bottom of the falls as if someone’s doing the laundry.

It really a good thing that the government tried to save it today. Although it may take for a while, at least we’re preserving it for the future generations.







How can you not save something so beautiful. I can’t help but to pose and it feels like I’m a goddess of my own paradise.

I’m sure the future Hinulugang taktak will be more beautiful than the current one. I just hope that the future generation will preserve its beauty. Enough with the malls and high end condos, I want to see trees than buildings.