2 Years and 9 months After

3 months to go and my little macho is turning 3 and I have these moments when you think that your little baby’s growing too fast and you can’t do about it. Yeah! this happens to me all the time! hehe. Me, having a full time work and can only play with him at weekends and super late nights when I came home and he’s still awake. I always remember the first time he smiles, so precious so priceless. One of the perks of being a mother is seeing and experiencing your little ones do little things that are so priceless that for you are always little big things!

Seeing him walking without any help! eating by himself, talking and saying I love you to us! are my precious memories of him. What a wonderful experience right? Being a mother give me a joy that being single never give. Yeah I have responsibilities now, a forever responsibilities but I won’t exchange the experience and happiness of being a mother for being single.

How I wish that my little macho will not grow and will always be my little one but I know that’s impossible. I just let him grow as a good person, God fearing and will always love us no matter what 🙂 and in my heart he will always be my little macho 🙂

The Magic Stays With You

Hi gals! Another #thowback post for you guys! Here’s a little something something on how we (Kenneth and I) celebrate our love month and anniversary together with my sister and my niece and of course my little macho.
First I want to share with you guys how to go in EK! this is not my first time at EK but this is my first time to commute. we take a cab from our house to JAC Liner Gil puyat going to Balibago (landmark :Waltermart Santa Rosa) cost : 65 php (more or less) the travel time is around 45 minutes to more than an hour depending on the traffic. when you arrived at Waltermart Santa Rosa you have to go to the back part of the mall where the Tricycle terminal is. cost around 10-15 pesos each. travel time 5-15 minutes! easy right no sweat!? though my original plan was riding a shuttle for a hassle free travel but we chose a much cheaper way. Which was a good decision by the way 🙂
So now! the magic begins! hihi. 
actually we only rode 4 rides because of the crowd. haba kasi ng pila and mayrong nagfieldtrip. kamusta naman diba? but nevertheless we enjoyed it. Kenneth won 2 major prizes. Keyn enjoyed the slides and other rides though we need to wait for a couple of minutes before he start to laugh. takot pa kasi sa una.
Sabi namin babalik kami. and I promised to myself that I will ride the space shuttle 🙂 #bucketlist
Until next time 🙂 comments are love 

Lakbayaw Festival 2014: pista ng Sto. Niño de Tondo

So here’s another backlog post last January 2014 ( I think we’re officially done posting throwback events last year so say hello to 2014 moments 🙂 ). If Cebu has Sinulog Festival, of course! we on the other hand “ang mga anak ng tondo” have lakbayaw festival 🙂

yung una mga sto niño ang pumaparada then, the most awaited part aside to the Sto Niño de tondo 🙂

Lakbayaw na!!!!!! Lakbayaw came from the words lakbay and sayaw wherein naglalakbay ka habang sumasayaw. Lakbayaw is a contest wherein different Barangays or Tribus compete to win.
Lakbayaw starts at 3 pm in the afternoon and ends at 9 pm or later. sometimes it ends at 12 midnight.

my macho’s enjoying his self 🙂

Here’s a bunch of guys and gals we met at the parade. hehehe. this little guy (below) sat down at one of our chairs to rest and viola! instant celeb. hehehe! we took selfies and groupies with their group. my macho (upper) looks tired right?

And This (below)! are Gods Gift. hahahahha! yung iba puro katawan lang but if you look really closely you can find a couples or more decent guys. waaah! look at their abs.

So until next lakbayaw festival 🙂

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Hi gals! this is not about an outfit post or travel and food post. it is just a random post that I wanted to share with you.

Recently I challenged myself to join at 100happydays.com that I learned from my sister. Why I join? it is just simple. I want to try and the mechanics are easy. plus nainggit ako sa kapatid ko. hahahaha!

Here’s the mechanics.
You have to post a picture showing why you are happy. via FB, instagram, twitter etc. for 100 days! you should post once per day and should not missed because once you missed even just a day you failed the challenged. Easy right? well we’ll see. Once your challenged is over you will receive a little book with a compilation of your 100 happy days.

Let’s track our happiness. maybe after 100 days you’ll see what you are missing and what you have. it is a good way to appreciate big things or even little things that we have or experienced.

Do you want to join? Do you accept the challenge? Just register at 100happydays.com and tell me what’s your hashtag so I can see your post.

I am on Day 4 of my #100joyfuldays so I can show you my joyful days from day 1 – day 3

my day 1 🙂

Day 2 🙂

and day 3 🙂
what’s yours? Comments are love 🙂 until next time. 

He knows how to selfie

I am not the only one who’s so vain in front of the camera. hahahaha! see his #selfies? cuteness overload right?  
I can’t resist not to blog about it. hahahhaha! he is so adorable, he’s becoming handsome every single day, except of course when he have tantrums. hahahhaha!
My macho’s knows how to selfie na. I think he’s going to be vain like me and his father. sana sakin mo mamana ang kabilisang kumilos kapag magaayos ah! 😀
till next time, will keep you updated with my macho.! comments are ♥

My Little Macho

I want you all to meet my little macho.

Born on August 22, 2011 at Makati Med.
My first angel and gift from Above.
My happiness and my everything.

 He loves to eat
He wants to eat on his own already, though you will need to keep an eye on him because he intended to play on his food if his already full.
 he also loves to swim and taking a bath
he loves playing ball too. he already knows how to dribble, shot and catch. 
he loves sweets like candy and ice cream

he thinks that all his stuff toys are baby
wanna know why we called him macho? Can’t you see his big tummy? and his muscle?

he sleeps and sits like a boss (like his father 🙂 )
He turned two last august 22. and here’s a little message for my little macho 🙂

Dear my little macho,
Happy birthday! I already posted my message on facebook but this is different. hehehe. I am so proud of you baby! because you became sweet, caring, smart, clever and witty. I wouldn’t be complete without you. you are the other half of papa and mama. I hope that when you are able to read it you’ll be touched 🙂 You will always be my happiness and my little macho. You’re my greatest achievement in life. I love you!
Always and forever,
So this is my lovable, witty and sobrang kulit (na minsan sarap ng sapakin pero syempre joke lang!) na baby he’s name is KEYN B. DUMANTAY (KI-YAN)
this is the perks of becoming a mother 🙂 

Price of giving birth

I became pregnant at the age of 19 and gave birth to a bouncing baby boy at the age of 20. So for those who are pregnant at the very young age and don’t know how to manage. maybe I can help you on those stages.
Like most of you who are pregnant or became pregnant at the very young age, I was also afraid on telling my parents about my situation. Actually, it took me 6 months to let them know since they noticed my baby bump. Yeah! they noticed it not the other way around. I was toooooo afraid. And my fear of getting scolded block my instinct that I should tell my parents about it. And I badly need a mother that time.
Okay, I want to help you by giving a list of hospitals and their prices.
First Perpectual Succor Hospital. Located in España.
Check up : 200 pesos*
Admitting : 15,000 air-conditioned room  *

Second. St. Lukes Hospital. Quezon City
Check up: 200 pesos*
Admitting: 15,000 normal pesos non air-conditioned room *

Third. Metro Doctors Poly Clinic and Lying In, located in 251 LAKANDULA ST, BGY 34, ZONE 003 TONDO, MANILA
Check up : 150 pesos*
Admitting: 6000+ air-conditioned room*
lastly, Makati Medical Center
Green Card Application – 25 pesos*
Check up: Free
Admitting: Normal delivery package – minimum of 20,000 air-conditioned room *
CS delivery package – minimum of 35,000 air-conditioned room *
as long as you avail their Green Card, which is available for non-Makati residents, You can have a free check up and Normal and CS package, discount on Laboratory fees inside the hospital. Plus your newborn baby will have a free check up, vaccine (if available) and medicine. Though Green Card is subject for approval.
Now, you can worry no more on finding the best and cheapest way to give birth. Makati Medical Center is where I gave birth, and all I can say is that, they really have a good service.
*As of 2011. Prices can change without public notice.