We’re Pregnant!

Hi loves! This post was scheduled last week but because of a hectic gig that I will soon share to you, this post was postponed until today. Now, I will share to you guys my pregnancy shoot in Cebu.

Last December 2017, my officemates and I went to Cebu just to have fun and escape the toxic life of metro manila. Our first plan was go to Coron, unfortunately we can’t afford the airfare that time so we decided to change our plans and find a bit cheaper price. So Cebu here we come!

I actually don’t have any pregnancy shoots when we booked our flight because first of all, I didn’t know that yes! I am pregnant that time and second, what is the reason right?

So when I actually knew that I was pregnant, the first thing that came to my mind that I will have a pregnancy shoot because I don’t want it to go to waste the opportunity. I didn’t have any picture perfect when I was pregnant with Keyn so… This will be my first.

I asked my friend to create dresses/gown for me. (You can check his social media account, I will share it down below.) I have pegs so he copied it and alter some and viola! Dresses! I asked him to create one gown and two skirts because I can’t afford having a whole 3 outfits. But because of his generosity. He created two gowns and a skirt.

I had to climb a mountain, conquer rivers and mini falls, and walk for this but it is all worth it. I just wished I could dress in Kawasan falls, but it was our first on our itinerary  so I don’t want my gowns to go to waste if they will not dry on time. Because of that I decided to wait.

So without further ado. Presenting (lols!) my pregnancy shoots care of my ever supporting officemates and my #bloggerjowa.










So… What do you think guys? Will post about my experiences on doing this and my Cebu adventure next time!

See you soon!


I was the first pregnant woman who held her pregnancy shoots in Osmeña Peak! Yey! another one for me! Thanks ate guide for helping and guiding me. I will be back with my little one for sure!



Dresses/Skirt : ChanB House of Enchantress | Hairstyle : Yours Truly | Places : Kawasan Falls, Osmeña Peak, Sirao Garden, Temple of Leah

Keynovela: First Day of School

I’m just taking a break for blogging about our Ilocos Trip. If you are my follower on Instagram and Twitter, you may know that my son is now a nursery student. This may not be his first time to go to school because last year we tried to enroll him in a day care center in our Barangay unfortunately someone bullied him and he didn’t want to go to school after that.

I think my mistake last year was that I didn’t prepare him in going to school. You may think that kids don’t need preparing but believe me they do! So learning from my mistake last year, I did prepare him this time.

How? Here are the tips.

Talked to him, asked him if he wants to go to school. A month before his first day, we talked to him, because being in a middle class family, plus an employee whose living a life paycheck to paycheck, a 4,500+ is not a small amount of money. I don’t want to waste that money just because he realized that he doesn’t want to go to school after sometime. So before we enrolled him. We (Kenneth and I) talked Keyn. We told him that he’s going to school this June and we’re going to leave him and will fetch him after. At first he doesn’t want to. but eventually after talking to him, he approved.

Go with him when enrolling him. If you enrolled him with him around, he can see his new school, he will know the place and he will get excited. Also, he will know that it’s a real deal and there’s no turning back. I still remember how excited Keyn when we enrolled him in his new school, we decided that let him go along with us for him to be familiarized with the teachers and facilities. He was so excited that time that he can’t stop talking about it with his lolo and lolas.

Continue the talking. When we talked with him when convincing/asking him to go to school, it wasn’t the last time. We continue the talking. Sabi ko Be, papasok ka na ah. tapos iiwan ka dun. Susunduin na lang kita. Huwag kang iiyak ah. I told him that over and over again. I think it helped conditioning him that he will be alone and mama’s not going with him. And he always answered me with “okay mama”.

And the most awaited event of the year for him had come! Last June 15 was his first day in school, I took a vacation leave at work so that I can deliver him safe and sound and fetch him after. It’s so funny because, he took little step at a time when entering the school alone because parents aren’t allowed to go inside the premises. He looked so unsure of what’s doing, he even stopped in the middle just to look for me but didn’t cry. I waved him goodbye and eventually his teacher hold him and directed him to go to his room.

After less than 3 hours, we fetch him, he told us what he did in school and how his classmates cry. He was so proud that he didn’t cry, of course I am too. the first star on his hand is an icing on a cake 🙂
11791867_10207509747960875_2007138065_n 11798121_10207509747840872_1731177718_n


But of course, Kids are different from one another. I don’t know if I’m a good mother or my son’s a good son because he can easily to talk with everything. How’s your son/daughter/niece/nephew’s first day? comments are love!

till next time 🙂

sidneyenyen x

Keynovela: Simple Toy, Simple Joy

We all knew that we’re not rich. It’s enough for us that we could eat three times a day and sometimes with merienda (snack), we live paycheck to paycheck. A super typical employee life.

I’m teaching my son that we can’t buy everything, so whenever we’re in the mall, the limit of toys that we could afford is only ONE. (unless we tell him that it’s okay to buy more than one.) He’s okay with it. actually whenever he picks up a toy and we (parents) found another one that’s cute and we asked him if he likes it. He answered us “Diba isa lang? (I can pick only one right?) and we’ll tell him that it’s okay to buy it if he wants.

My son’s happiness is simple. He could laugh and smile on just one piece of a candy. Like me, he can laugh at everything under the sun. How I love my little kid.

Being in the modern world where technology is at its brightest. It is normal that children knew how to use smartphones. Yes, my son plays a lot of apps but we do limit his time on the smartphones for the simple reason that we teach him that his life doesn’t revolved in technologies and smartphones and apps. We like him to experience what we (parents) experienced as kids. We let him to play, we let him to run, we let him fall, we let him do whatever he wants. we let him explore his world!

Being said that, let me share a moment when we made something awesome (from his point of view 🙂 ) a cardboard spaceship/airplane. Since we had an unused box, we decided to make something out of it. And with the help of the cutter and scatch tape plus the imagination of his father, in a matter of minutes the box became this! it gave us more than 3 hours of rest (because believe me, having a son like him is like you have 2 dozens of children in your house for a night and you gave them all a box of chocolate each. get the picture?)

Dec 23, 2014_3177717

Dec 23, 2014_3161710

Just a little tip guys. If you want a couple or an hour rest with your son or daughter let him do something. give him/her a pencil or a color. but of course just ready yourself to the capability of your son/daughter to do something out of a simple pencil or color. But please don’t scold him/her if s/he draws on the wall, just tell him/her that it’s not right and explain to him/her why. Then later on, compliment his/her drawing 🙂

That’s all for now 🙂 Hugs and kisses guys!


Little Macho

Since my little macho turned 3 yesterday. I would like to post something for him today. Hope he likes it if ever he’ll read it someday and hopefully he won’t hate mama for doing this. hahaha!
Dear My Little Macho,
I hope you will not hate mama for this when you get old and taller and handsomer. I am the happiest person on earth when you came into my life. You were not plan I know, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t love you. You mean so much to me Keyn. I will do everything for you and for your happiness. Since the day you were born, I said to myself that this is not about me me anymore, no more selfish thoughts and decisions. It’s not about me, it is about you now on how you’ll grow, how you’ll learn. Are you going to be a rebel just like mom? or are you going to be a goody-good boy?
 I hope I can keep you in my pocket and never show the real world. the world that full of lies and greed. But I will also prevent you from the world full of love and happiness.
I’ll always be here for you my little macho. when you cry I will always here to hug you, when you have problems I’m always here to listen. I will comfort you when you are down. I will help you write love letters when you’re in love. I will support you on every decision you’ll make. I will let you experience what I’ve experienced and learned in life and will not limit you to explore the world. 
I’m happy to be your mama. I’m happy to be your first girlfriend, your first love, first kiss. your first in almost everything. I promise you my little macho that I will always be here for you. I love you to the moon and back. and Thank you for teaching me to love unconditionally. Thank you for being my stress-reliever and my companion. Thank you because I am not alone. Thank you Macho because being your mother is my greatest achievement.
I love you,

2 Years and 9 months After

3 months to go and my little macho is turning 3 and I have these moments when you think that your little baby’s growing too fast and you can’t do about it. Yeah! this happens to me all the time! hehe. Me, having a full time work and can only play with him at weekends and super late nights when I came home and he’s still awake. I always remember the first time he smiles, so precious so priceless. One of the perks of being a mother is seeing and experiencing your little ones do little things that are so priceless that for you are always little big things!

Seeing him walking without any help! eating by himself, talking and saying I love you to us! are my precious memories of him. What a wonderful experience right? Being a mother give me a joy that being single never give. Yeah I have responsibilities now, a forever responsibilities but I won’t exchange the experience and happiness of being a mother for being single.

How I wish that my little macho will not grow and will always be my little one but I know that’s impossible. I just let him grow as a good person, God fearing and will always love us no matter what 🙂 and in my heart he will always be my little macho 🙂

The Magic Stays With You

Hi gals! Another #thowback post for you guys! Here’s a little something something on how we (Kenneth and I) celebrate our love month and anniversary together with my sister and my niece and of course my little macho.
First I want to share with you guys how to go in EK! this is not my first time at EK but this is my first time to commute. we take a cab from our house to JAC Liner Gil puyat going to Balibago (landmark :Waltermart Santa Rosa) cost : 65 php (more or less) the travel time is around 45 minutes to more than an hour depending on the traffic. when you arrived at Waltermart Santa Rosa you have to go to the back part of the mall where the Tricycle terminal is. cost around 10-15 pesos each. travel time 5-15 minutes! easy right no sweat!? though my original plan was riding a shuttle for a hassle free travel but we chose a much cheaper way. Which was a good decision by the way 🙂
So now! the magic begins! hihi. 
actually we only rode 4 rides because of the crowd. haba kasi ng pila and mayrong nagfieldtrip. kamusta naman diba? but nevertheless we enjoyed it. Kenneth won 2 major prizes. Keyn enjoyed the slides and other rides though we need to wait for a couple of minutes before he start to laugh. takot pa kasi sa una.
Sabi namin babalik kami. and I promised to myself that I will ride the space shuttle 🙂 #bucketlist
Until next time 🙂 comments are love 

Lakbayaw Festival 2014: pista ng Sto. Niño de Tondo

So here’s another backlog post last January 2014 ( I think we’re officially done posting throwback events last year so say hello to 2014 moments 🙂 ). If Cebu has Sinulog Festival, of course! we on the other hand “ang mga anak ng tondo” have lakbayaw festival 🙂

yung una mga sto niño ang pumaparada then, the most awaited part aside to the Sto Niño de tondo 🙂

Lakbayaw na!!!!!! Lakbayaw came from the words lakbay and sayaw wherein naglalakbay ka habang sumasayaw. Lakbayaw is a contest wherein different Barangays or Tribus compete to win.
Lakbayaw starts at 3 pm in the afternoon and ends at 9 pm or later. sometimes it ends at 12 midnight.

my macho’s enjoying his self 🙂

Here’s a bunch of guys and gals we met at the parade. hehehe. this little guy (below) sat down at one of our chairs to rest and viola! instant celeb. hehehe! we took selfies and groupies with their group. my macho (upper) looks tired right?

And This (below)! are Gods Gift. hahahahha! yung iba puro katawan lang but if you look really closely you can find a couples or more decent guys. waaah! look at their abs.

So until next lakbayaw festival 🙂

Comments are loved! ♥