Hi guys! Another blog post! Yey for me because finally I have my very own domain name!!!!!

After almost 5 years in blogging finally I now owned my very own domain. Who would have thought right? That I, who doesn’t read much in her childhood days but love to write random things ended up blogging online and having a domain. For those who are reading my blogs from the very start, thank you for staying until this moment. I know it’s not a lot but it’s enough for me to keep going– that I know someone is reading my blog. Thank you guys!

Every year, I write a blogpost about how I started this blog, (I think I skipped last year? I forgot. hahaha!) me having a slight depression and how this blog helped me coped up. Actually this blog is still helping me in many things. If this is a person, I will kiss him/her torridly. (Bwahahaha! sorry mama, if you are reading this! sorry na SPG!) Anyways, to be honest this was not my first blog. I have multiply. (kaway kaway sa mga 90’s kid diyan!) For those who don’t know the multiply, it was another social media platform, you can write a blog, upload pictures, create an event and so on.

I have this friend (hi lau!) who introduced me in multiply, actually she’s the one who introduced me into social media way way back. She created a friendster account (our FB before), twitter, multiply, yahoo messenger and many others for me. In short she introduced to me to the wonderful world of internet. She’s the one who helped me build my confidence, she said that it was okay if I’m not good in English, edi tagalog daw ilagay ko. She let me borrowed her books, and it was a start for me. I discovered that I love reading. At first, it was her book that I’m holding and the second thing I knew I was holding my own book. I started collecting them, and now, I can have my mini library.


Lau’s in the black circle. I was in the red circle. This picture was taken last 2003 or so when Boracay was pure and unpopular.

She’s one of the reasons why I am blogging, and I owe her that. Thank you Lau for introducing me into this world. Thank you for being my longest friend. I love you!


The above picture was taken in Yanagi Japanese Restaurant in Midas’ Hotel year 2012 or 2013. The picture below was taken around Makati year 2014 or so.


Found these pictures on my mother’s facebook account. Thanks mama!

So, obviously this post is an appreciation post. This is just the start of many appreciation posts on my blog. So please bear with me. I just want to thank everyone who made this journey memorable and possible. (Naks! lakas makaartista. hahaha)

Until next time!




2018 Dreams, Goals and Hopes

Hi guys! Sorry for being MIA for more than 6 months. I don’t know how to explain this but with works, family and studies; I don’t know how to insert blogging into my life. I am really sorry for that loves.

But the waiting is over. This 2018, I am back into blogging and into your life once again. I do hope you will let me enter your life with open arms.

I am back! Haha! After how many months of taking a break. I can finally say that I am back! And I know that I am almost 2 months late but better late than never.

I welcome 2018 with open arms with big dreams, goals and hopes. I want to make a difference since my 2017 is not really OK. Although I am so thankful for some happening last year but yes for almost 4 months last year, I am in the dark. So to close the door for the bad luck last year, here are my dreams, goals and hopes this 2018.

I am hoping…

  • for a better 2018 for my son Keyn because last year, he got bullied by his classmates and friends
  • for a better me. I want to be wise.
  • to learn to say NO. I am a YES person since I received lots of rejections since elementary days, I don’t want others to feel the same way.

I am dreaming…

  • for a happy and successful 2018.
  • to travel at least 5 times this year. 2 outside the country and 3 here in the Philippines. I know, this may not happen but no one stops me from dreaming right?
  • to win a lottery prize. Haha! Dreams right? keep on dreaming!

I am aiming…

  • for a successful business this 2018 since we are starting one.
  • for a successful normal delivery (yes I am pregnant!)
  • to become successful this 2018. I am tired of dreaming that my year will be different. Now, I am doing my best to make this year a big one.
  • to become a better mother. I realized that I neglected Keyn for sometime now. I am not focused on his schools and it made me realized that I am not a hands on ma’am. This year, I promised to myself to become a better mother.
  • to be organized. Every year, I want to be organized. But as always, I am a failure on this matter. Therefore, since I am aiming to be successful this year, being organized should be a must.
  • to have a thesis title proposal approved. I am on my masters degree now, and this semester, we are proposing a thesis title. Any ideas?

So what are your dreams, goals and hope this 2018? I will keep you on track on my list so that you will all know if I failed or if I am not!

I have so many plans this 2018. And another goal this year? is to have at least 200 blog posts! yes! So now, let’s start the countdown.

1 down. 199 post to go.

Until next time loves.



Prof. Sidneyenyen soon!

Happy labor’s day guys!

I am spending my long weekend by watching TV, reading books, playing mobile legends and updating my blog. It’s been a while guys! I miss you bibis!

Last year I was invited by my college professor to be a panelist in Thesis, when I read her invitation, I accepted it without hesitations. Why? Because it is payback time! lols.

When I was still in college and doing my thesis, I really like to be a panelist, it’s one of my dreams and I am thankful to my professor Chat Molina for giving me this opportunity. I became one of the panelist from thesis 1 up to thesis 2 and I am so grateful. This was such an honor to be part of this event. Although I don’t know about the students, if they are grateful or mad because I am their panel. But nonetheless, it became the highlight of my year.

This made me open my eyes and see the possibilities of being a professor. I would love to influence the youth today not just to be a good student and employee but to be a good person. I love to motivate the students to do what they love. Being not good in something doesn’t mean you are bad in everything. I don’t want students feel that way I felt before.

This was really good experience to me. I became fond of the students, some of them added me on Facebook and I accepted them. Some knew my number and still texted me even if we are done in their thesis defense. We still keep in touch.

And yeah, hopefully in 2018 I will be a professor and it will definitely rock my life!





To batch 2017. Congratulations and good luck on your career. We’ll keep in touch promise! and if ever you are reading this guys! Text me when you are in Makati. We’ll have lunch. hahaha!


sidneyenyen x