Mother of Two

Being a mother of two is  a little bit harder than I thought. Okay, it is not a little bit harder, it is harder than I thought.

You see, when I gave birth to Keyn, all the attentions were in him. Even to my parents’, and Kenneth’s parents’ but since Selene existence into this world, I don’t think this is easy to me nor to Keyn.

At first, it was hard for me, sleepless nights and tiresome days. But I realized it was harder for Keyn because there are times that it was sleepless nights for him too because he, sometimes wakes up because of Selene’s cry. When selene was about a two months old or so, Keyn slept a little bit late because we couldn’t make Selene to stop crying and he couldn’t sleep because it was too loud.

Being a mother of two is difficult but having a sibling is also difficult. I don’t remember much on my childhood days but when I became an ate I am just two or three years old, so I don’t really know what its like when my sibs are crying or not. But given the gap I would say that it is much easier to adapt since I am young.

It is different for Keyn, their age gap is 6 years so there are some events that Keyn may remember until he’s old. There are times that when I look into my son’s eyes, they are longing for attention.

As much as I wanted to give all my attention to Keyn, it is difficult since I am a mother of two and I need to give my other attention to Selene since she can’t talk yet and that really breaks my heart.

Now, that Selene is 4 months old, I think Keyn adapted well on being a brother. He really loves Selene. He even cries when Selene got her newborn screening test because he knows that it was hurtful for his baby sister. He almost cry when he found out that Selene got her vaccine. You see, we turned the almost jealousy feeling Keyn feels for her sister to a brotherly love. How? By informing him that Selene is just a baby and can’t really express what she wanted to tell because she can’t speak yet so she needs a lot of attention.

We forgot that our babies are intelligent and can handle the information we want them to know or learn. Keyn and I have lots of heart-to-heart talks and I made him understand what’s happening in our lives.

I, often asked him if  we could buy Selene’s things. We let him understand that it was his decision if we could give Selene something and we always included him in decision making.

Also, we don’t forget about his special events. Like his 7th Birthday, PTA meetings, Card distribution and so on. When he talks, he have all (or some) of my attentions. I laugh at his jokes. I made him understand that even though we have a baby, he is still my little Keyn.

And I think he gets it.

I shared to you some of their pictures together. Today, Keyn loves to play with Selene and if he heard Selene crying, he will leave everything (even his precious tablet) and will go to Selene to make her stop from crying.

Till next time!



P.S. I planned this post as an informative blog. About how I handle being a mother of two. How I do things now that I have two kids. I never plan this to be this emotional but tadah! I don’t know what happened but it happened. I hope you like this.

P.P.S. should I changed the title? HAHAHA!

Keyn’s Graduation

Almost six years ago, I gave birth to my son Keyn (ki-yan). Although, the pregnancy was not a beautiful journey, it was worth it.

I gave birth to him when I was 20 years old. Thank God I graduated and he was a healthy bouncing baby boy because I will curse all my frenemy (lols!) for giving me a lot of stress during my pregnancy. I was still studying when I learned that I am pregnant. I am happy and sad at the same time because I know I will disappoint my parents. Especially my mother, (sorry mama! sorry for all the burden I caused you!) but I am still thankful that God gave Keyn to me, it might too early, yes it was early but still I am grateful and thankful.

Last March, Keyn finished his kindergarten and soon he will be in grade 1. Wow! just wow! It’s like the best moment of my life so far! seeing my son going on the stage and receiving his diploma. It seems like yesterday when I blogged about his first day in preschool, and today, I am going to blogged about his graduation in Kindergarten. Then, in Elementary, then he will be having girlfriends, then graduating in HS and college. The next thing I know, he will get married! Oh I am not ready for that. Good thing! He’s only 6 years old and another 30 years before he will get married! lols!

Everything about what happened last March made me cry. When he got his diploma, when they sing a song and when he handover the diploma to me. I am so grateful and thankful that he is my son.

He got an award! Yes! Proud mama here! He got the awesome artist award. Yey!

The recognition came 5 days after the graduation and he got 5 additional awards. Again, I am so proud of him.




Soon, he will read about my blog and he will be embarrassed or get mad but hopefully he will be grateful that his mom announced to the world how proud she is to him.


If you’re reading this, please understand that I love you and I love you and I love you! I don’t mean to embarrass you, I promise I won’t blogged your nude pictures and your unending videos (Yes, he likes to take videos of himself, talking and laughing, goofing around and making jokes.) Promise I will keep it safe and private.

Love, mama

I read a book entitled Don’t call me baby, it’s about two girlfriends with blogger mothers. Their mothers like to blogged about their life and their daughters. I read the book, I learned to know your limitations so Keyn, don’t worry. Your secrets are safe with me.

Till next time.

sidneyenyen x


I look chubby on the picture right? but believe me I am not!


My second blog entry is about my keyn!!!!!

For those of you who doesn’t know, my keyn will be 5 next month. Time flies really fast right? The thing about having a child is you’ll never know what will happen. I get annoyed with him, like a hundred times a week, but when he caress me and make me kilig, it just vanished! Sometimes I wish I can freeze him just like what they did to Captain America so that he won’t get hurt and he won’t witness how cruel this world is but of course I won’t do that, because he won’t witness how wonderful life is. Yes, it can be hateful sometimes but if you ask me, my life is wonderful despite of its challenges and bad memories.

I just want him to live his life to the fullest! Just please God, don’t let him grow sooooo fast! I really want to see how he pass every exams, play with his friends and do what he loves to do.

He likes goofing around and make people happy. He is easy and fun to be with. He likes to play! We taught him how to have fun without cellphone and other technologies, we’re also teaching him how to be attentive and how to treasure every moment.

Also, we’re teaching him how to pose! lols. I think my son will love to dress up when he gets older 🙂





And Yes! My son’s wearing a skeleton costume. Actually, this outfit is for Christmas, but I think my son’s have a weird taste for Christmas outfit 🙂

What do you think? Comments are love

sidneyeneyen x

White Jogger Pants

Kung hei fat choi everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while so here’s a little treat for you! Hahahha!

Being a working mother is like having a two full time job without any day off. The other job is paying you with money. The other job is paying you the most precious payment you’ve received in your whole career.

I’m not saying it’s all sunshine and rainbows, all I’m saying is, all the pain, the hardwork and the sleepless nights will all be worth it!

So let me give you the little treat I’m talking about. I haven’t posted Keyn’s #ootd for a while now so here we go!

Here’s what he wore last January when we met with his ninangs (godmothers) in LCM (Lucky Chinatown Mall).

The only new here is the white pants, the top and the shoes are all hand-me-downs. You see, I won’t mind Keyn wearing something old or something hand-me-down. Why? As long as he can still wear it with class and it is cute on him, why should I be bothered?







I will always take advantage of the time that you wanted to kiss me in public because we’ll never know what will happen when you grow up.


So here’s the first OOTD of my Keyn this 2016. What do you think?

Comments are love.

Jogger pants tough kids | shoes and top hand-me-down

Keyn’s Fieldtrip

Last September my little macho had his first field trip. Being me, a stage mother, can’t passed the chance to be with him on this very special day! (lols!)

Our first stop is Luneta. I had fun actually I don’t know about the kiddos but I actually had fun. It is like lights and sounds in Intramuros Manila. Though I wished we visited here at night since I think it will be dramatic.


The next stop was in Bio Research in Paranaque. This was where my little bulilit really enjoyed. They have lots of animals and lots of things to do. They also discussed about the bees here. Such an informative discussion 😛 I like it here 🙂




Our next stop was on the amazing show. The building is the one that is haunted. Ever heard of what happened during the construction of this building? Yes! I’m talking about the Manila Film Center.

I liked their presentations. We just didn’t watch the show but we learned something about it too. about the mask changing, the shadow dancing etc. I just wished my Keyn watched it too since he slept all throughout.


Our last stop is in Glorietta. We watched the snow white and the seven dwarfs. This was we both enjoyed the most. You see I am a fan of Fairy tales and I don’t mind my son to be a fan too. hahahhaha! My son enjoyed the show. He kept singing the song which played on the play.


We enjoyed his day. We were both exhausted but having to see the smile on your son’s face will always ease every pain, every body ache, every exhaustion. I’m happy that I am with him, This is one of his many firsts and I will always with him no matter what.

Keynovela: First Day of School

I’m just taking a break for blogging about our Ilocos Trip. If you are my follower on Instagram and Twitter, you may know that my son is now a nursery student. This may not be his first time to go to school because last year we tried to enroll him in a day care center in our Barangay unfortunately someone bullied him and he didn’t want to go to school after that.

I think my mistake last year was that I didn’t prepare him in going to school. You may think that kids don’t need preparing but believe me they do! So learning from my mistake last year, I did prepare him this time.

How? Here are the tips.

Talked to him, asked him if he wants to go to school. A month before his first day, we talked to him, because being in a middle class family, plus an employee whose living a life paycheck to paycheck, a 4,500+ is not a small amount of money. I don’t want to waste that money just because he realized that he doesn’t want to go to school after sometime. So before we enrolled him. We (Kenneth and I) talked Keyn. We told him that he’s going to school this June and we’re going to leave him and will fetch him after. At first he doesn’t want to. but eventually after talking to him, he approved.

Go with him when enrolling him. If you enrolled him with him around, he can see his new school, he will know the place and he will get excited. Also, he will know that it’s a real deal and there’s no turning back. I still remember how excited Keyn when we enrolled him in his new school, we decided that let him go along with us for him to be familiarized with the teachers and facilities. He was so excited that time that he can’t stop talking about it with his lolo and lolas.

Continue the talking. When we talked with him when convincing/asking him to go to school, it wasn’t the last time. We continue the talking. Sabi ko Be, papasok ka na ah. tapos iiwan ka dun. Susunduin na lang kita. Huwag kang iiyak ah. I told him that over and over again. I think it helped conditioning him that he will be alone and mama’s not going with him. And he always answered me with “okay mama”.

And the most awaited event of the year for him had come! Last June 15 was his first day in school, I took a vacation leave at work so that I can deliver him safe and sound and fetch him after. It’s so funny because, he took little step at a time when entering the school alone because parents aren’t allowed to go inside the premises. He looked so unsure of what’s doing, he even stopped in the middle just to look for me but didn’t cry. I waved him goodbye and eventually his teacher hold him and directed him to go to his room.

After less than 3 hours, we fetch him, he told us what he did in school and how his classmates cry. He was so proud that he didn’t cry, of course I am too. the first star on his hand is an icing on a cake 🙂
11791867_10207509747960875_2007138065_n 11798121_10207509747840872_1731177718_n


But of course, Kids are different from one another. I don’t know if I’m a good mother or my son’s a good son because he can easily to talk with everything. How’s your son/daughter/niece/nephew’s first day? comments are love!

till next time 🙂

sidneyenyen x

Keynovela: Simple Toy, Simple Joy

We all knew that we’re not rich. It’s enough for us that we could eat three times a day and sometimes with merienda (snack), we live paycheck to paycheck. A super typical employee life.

I’m teaching my son that we can’t buy everything, so whenever we’re in the mall, the limit of toys that we could afford is only ONE. (unless we tell him that it’s okay to buy more than one.) He’s okay with it. actually whenever he picks up a toy and we (parents) found another one that’s cute and we asked him if he likes it. He answered us “Diba isa lang? (I can pick only one right?) and we’ll tell him that it’s okay to buy it if he wants.

My son’s happiness is simple. He could laugh and smile on just one piece of a candy. Like me, he can laugh at everything under the sun. How I love my little kid.

Being in the modern world where technology is at its brightest. It is normal that children knew how to use smartphones. Yes, my son plays a lot of apps but we do limit his time on the smartphones for the simple reason that we teach him that his life doesn’t revolved in technologies and smartphones and apps. We like him to experience what we (parents) experienced as kids. We let him to play, we let him to run, we let him fall, we let him do whatever he wants. we let him explore his world!

Being said that, let me share a moment when we made something awesome (from his point of view 🙂 ) a cardboard spaceship/airplane. Since we had an unused box, we decided to make something out of it. And with the help of the cutter and scatch tape plus the imagination of his father, in a matter of minutes the box became this! it gave us more than 3 hours of rest (because believe me, having a son like him is like you have 2 dozens of children in your house for a night and you gave them all a box of chocolate each. get the picture?)

Dec 23, 2014_3177717

Dec 23, 2014_3161710

Just a little tip guys. If you want a couple or an hour rest with your son or daughter let him do something. give him/her a pencil or a color. but of course just ready yourself to the capability of your son/daughter to do something out of a simple pencil or color. But please don’t scold him/her if s/he draws on the wall, just tell him/her that it’s not right and explain to him/her why. Then later on, compliment his/her drawing 🙂

That’s all for now 🙂 Hugs and kisses guys!