I want Fabulous

I’m a fan of High School Musical series and Ashley Tisdale is my forever fashion inspiration. Others were crushing Troy. Likes Gabriella and Troy’s love story. I, on the other hand were crushing Sharpay Evans or Ashley Tisdale in real life.

I watched Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure for hundred times already and I didn’t get bored or anything.

And Fabulous is one of my favorite song 🙂 That explain the title of my blog today 🙂

I found this dress in 168. It’s a love at first sight kind of thing. I didn’t know that time if it will work but the thing about being in love with something (or someone) is you have to work it out even if it will not fit. (Lols! Hugot!)

I hope you fell in love with the dress too 🙂







Ashley Tisdale dress 350 Divisoria | shoes 150 Divisoria

I forgot about the brand of the bag I’m using here. I’ll update soon.

What do you think? Comments are love.

Sidneyenyen x


Patterns and Design

Aside from the attractions and experiences, adventures and happenings, we shouldn’t forget about #OOTDs and stuffs! Afterall, what you’re wearing is part of who you are.

As soon as I put this outfit, I wanted to take it off since I forgot that it was scheduled for the tribe parade since it will fit perfectly ( because of the colors and patterns!) But of course, since I’m wearing it and we’re a little bit late for our itinerary for that day. I let it on. Good thing that I had a back up plan with me.

I really love this outfit because it’s really me! Loud and bold. Plus it is cheap than any other jumpshorts. The only problem of this jumpshort is the problem of peeing. It is really nice that I could reach the zipper at the back. Lols!



My little macho’s a little bit clingy, don’t you think?







Jumpshorts 200-300 Divisoria | shoes 150 Divisoria | shades 399-499 Sunnies

What do you think? Comments are love 🙂

Sidneyenyen x


I thought I already posted this one, sorry for being late for more than 6 months.

Here’s what I wore last May when we stayed in Club Balai Isabel for my mother’s annual summer outing.

I made a little bit daring this time by flaunting my back and my side. Though I still don’t have the courage to wear two piece because. Just because! Lols. Though I can’t post a picture of my back. Baka maumay kayo!

Note: You’ll need a candy or something for the umay effect 😛





I asked my cousin to take a picture of me having the Taal volcano as  my background. It wasn’t an easy task because we’re in the big pool of Club Balai Isabel and we’re in 6 ft deep swimming pool. Could you imagine how my cousin took this? He’s not wearing Salbabida or anything. My other cousin tried to help. Oh boy, how it is hard to be cousin 😛

Swimsuit | rxsswimwear

See you soon!

Sidneyenyen x

This is Me

Ever since I decided to have a blog, I gain my self-esteem, I still have doubts about myself but I now believe in myself more than ever. I realized that no one will believe in you at first so why abandon you when you need yourself the most? So why live in a corner when you can go live in the center of your own universe? Life is too short to be afraid of doing things. Life is too short to doubt yourself.

So since then, I realized my worth, I begin to believed in myself, I started to do, wear, drink, eat somethings that I never imagine I’m capable off. Before, I am not sure of my body. I have doubts. I don’t like what I see when I look in the mirror. I don’t know why but I may not be shy to some of my friends. I may be arrogant to some. I may be tough but when I am alone inside my room, doubts fill my whole entire being. But look at me now, I can flaunt my body though I know my limit.

I learned things in my 24 years of existence. Some won’t love you the way you wanted to, some will hate you even though you’re not doing anything. Most of the time, you annoy people without realizing it. Some will provoke you, some will bash you and friends will back stabbed you but don’t forget that true friends will bash you about things they don’t like (in your face) but still they will love you. You may be annoying but you have best friends that will have your back no matter what. And you may pretend to others but your family will love  you no matter who you are.

The number who hates you or the number who loves you aren’t important. As long as there’s someone who loves you and you think that you made your life worth it. I think your life is not wasted. You are not Jose Rizal or Andres Bonifacio, you are you. Believed in yourself and you can be a hero of your own universe.








Family is Everything

This was my birthday celebration last year in Resorts World. This is why I love celebrating with family. Family will accept you for who you are. They won’t judge you for what you did. I am so blessed to have a family like them.

You won’t have to pretend that you’re okay because family knows if you are sad, happy or angry. I wish I could spend more time with them because 24 hours is not enough for us. I wish I could spend one year with them without hangups, problems and the like. Just stories to tell, sisig to eat and alcohol to drink.

I won’t tell you where we ate, what are the taste of the food because honestly I can’t remember. Even if I had pictures I can’t tell you the details, but I can tell you what’s the reason why we laughed or the pranks we did.

You see, when having your family with you. You won’t focus on the food you eat or drinks you drink, you’ll be focused on what you all did, the reason why you all laughed and the reason of your smiles.

I remember that my cousin Renzo blushed so hard because he’s so shy to speak in english. My niece and nephew can understand tagalog, but being an Escalona and having fun is a necessity. We encourage him to talked to them in english, we laughed our hearts out after that.

Here are the pics of that day. Also I included an #ootd, top and pants are from divisoria. bag came from my mama.














Peachy White

Sorry for being MIA for the past month, I’m just really busy about work and life 😛 Being said that, I want to apologize to you by posting three blogpost in just one day! Yay! Am I forgiven? Pretty please?

This is my last post for today and will post another later this week. I wore this on our town hall meeting last 2 months ago? I forgot the date. hehe. They (the management) instructed us to wear accessories just to dazzle up our office attire. So this was what I wore, a gold necklace together with my tomato watch, white top, peach skinny pants and heels. To complete my look, I wear my everyday make up!






So how do I look? Comments are love 😛

Top, Pants and Necklace: Divisoria | Shoes: Chelsea | Watch: Tomato

2nd year!

Hi my loving readers! #feelingera! This should be my post last month because it’s August. Let’s just pretend that I post it last month. hahaha! Enjoy reading this! comments are love!

]This month is not just my son’s birthday month but this is also the anniversary of sidneyenyen.wordpress.com. Two years ago, this was my gift to myself. At first I don’t know how to handle this blog, I like to take selfie, that’s for sure. I also want to write, no doubt about that. But I ain’t pretty or a blogger material. But I got over that and look at me now. I may not blog frequently, but hey! I have 100 + blogpost. Who would have thought that right. So yeah! the hell with everybody I just want to write and share to you all my experiences in life.

Enough of this, let’s take a look my 2 years journey as a blogger.


It really is funny when you are trying to be a blogger but failed. I remember this day, this was the day I tried to pose and look at it. It’s awkward and yeah, this was my first outfit post.



It’s a bit awkward for me don’t you think? Haha.



I think I’m improved here. don’t you think?


and here too!


Little by little, I got over my insecurities and found myself in this pictures that who would have thought that I could pull this off? Sometimes, I even surprise that I could pose something like this or like that.




The picture above and the picture below are two of my favorite poses I’ve done in the two years journey of sidneyenyen.wordpress.com





For those 2 years, I got brazilian blowdry, cut my hair, dyed it, my fashion changed, I do apply makeup sometimes and I sometimes got conscious of how do I look in public.

Before I’m just a girl, a programmer and a mother who wants to do something out of extraordinary, today, I’m still the same but better 😉