Family Bond

Our family bonding happened last July 17, 2015. It was my Papa ul’s 9th day in heaven. You might think we’re crazy. Smiling and having a good time instead of mourning and crying because It was just his 9th day! But you see, my family’s not really that normal. Considering I am part of that clan. Who says were normal? I didn’t say that.

We should mourn and cry right? We should be sad. We were sad. We cried a lot but being alone and not being beside our family while experiencing this tragedy is not like us. We are family. This is how we cope up.

This should be our first family bonding after our Potipot getaway. We were so excited especially my papa ul. But we lost him. This is we cope up. This is how we mourn.

I remember that day, it is something we hope for if not because of what happened. That was how I imagined our reunion could be. My cousin’s family from Canada visited us here in the Philippines. I hoped Papa ul should see us being hospitable. Oh Papa ul. I miss you!

Oh well, I’m not writing this to make you all cry but to share to you that day. On our way to the venue in Laguna, we made a frank with my aunties and cousins, that we’re riding a bus instead of riding with my Papa. We hushed everytime we’re on the toll gate So they won’t hear us. Plus. My little brother pretended to be a barker. How’s that! They almost got franked but they saw us on one of the toll gates we passed. Epic fail right? hahahhaha!

Other than that, we just made the day like it was our last day. We got drunk. This maybe my record for drinking too much alcohol. But I’m not proud of it, since being older means being a KJ. I don’t drink much these days. I don’t know why. But I drink, occasionally or when I’m with my family.

My kuya Bong cooked with my mama and papa during the day, the others who didn’t have something to do (like me!) enjoyed! Lols!

Our stay for that day is until 5PM only, we (my cousins and my sibs together with the oldies) contributed additional money to extend our stay.

And Oh, We were visited by our very own Papa ul during our stay. We’re complete indeed.

And we girls, won because we’re the last team standing 🙂 Good job!!!












We may lost one of the pillar of this family but we became closer. We may be close before but we became closer because we get strength from each other.

sidneyenyen x

Family is Everything

This was my birthday celebration last year in Resorts World. This is why I love celebrating with family. Family will accept you for who you are. They won’t judge you for what you did. I am so blessed to have a family like them.

You won’t have to pretend that you’re okay because family knows if you are sad, happy or angry. I wish I could spend more time with them because 24 hours is not enough for us. I wish I could spend one year with them without hangups, problems and the like. Just stories to tell, sisig to eat and alcohol to drink.

I won’t tell you where we ate, what are the taste of the food because honestly I can’t remember. Even if I had pictures I can’t tell you the details, but I can tell you what’s the reason why we laughed or the pranks we did.

You see, when having your family with you. You won’t focus on the food you eat or drinks you drink, you’ll be focused on what you all did, the reason why you all laughed and the reason of your smiles.

I remember that my cousin Renzo blushed so hard because he’s so shy to speak in english. My niece and nephew can understand tagalog, but being an Escalona and having fun is a necessity. We encourage him to talked to them in english, we laughed our hearts out after that.

Here are the pics of that day. Also I included an #ootd, top and pants are from divisoria. bag came from my mama.














The Trio in Ilocos

This is my last post of our Ilocos Trip. I just want to share to you guys how we (lynsey, jas and I) are too much of camwhores 😛

From North expressway to Ilocos Sur to Ilocos Norte let me show you how we rock our Ilocos trip with these  pictures. How childish we are and how fabulous we are!

Before it’s just me and Lynsey but as of now, we have Jasmine as an addition. It really feels good that I can be an ate to someone special (my brother’s someone special :P) before, I can say that I am really spoiled, I can’t contain my temper and I really am a bitch! yeah, sorry for the word. but as we grew older, as we realized that it is not good to be bad at your own stories. I realized that I should change. I may not say that I am a saint nowadays. Of course I am not. I curse, I say bad remarks, I am still a bitch, but a well educated bitch I guess. I can also say that when growing up, we siblings are close, but not as close as we are today. I don’t know how but I think it is because we’re matured to handle things on our own way.

Today, I gain another sister. I gain another travel buddy and I gain another friend. How cool is that right?

Warning: lengthy post ahead (because of the pictures!)





















Do you have someone who worth being with you when you travel? Comments are love!



From South to North of Ilocos: Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte

This is my third post to the last! yey! I can smell the success of completing my blogposts about our Ilocos trip. #clapclap 😛

We arrived in Pagudpud at 8 pm, May 1, 2015. It was a long drive considering that we leave the Sand dunes in Paoay at 4 or 5 PM. I didn’t know how we got in Pagudpod because the 4×4 and the sandboarding experience got me and I’m so exhausted that I started to doze off already after settling on the van. When I woke up, We could see the windmills. then I slept again, and when I woke up, we’re in Pagudpud already.

We stayed in Casa Victoria Beach Resorts and Restaurant in Brgy. Saud, Pagudpud, Ilocos Norte. This may not be the most luxurious or prettiest resort that we stayed but in terms of services and friendly staff, this is one of the best so far, they treated us like VIP even if we’re not. I didn’t know if it’s because of my mother’s power or because they are all friendly. My mom’s contact is Kim Santos who is so friendly, The aircondition on our room was broken that time. he gave the room free-of-charge! You see, how many resorts will give you that offer? We stayed in numerous hotel and resorts, some of the resorts have problems. We experienced broken aircons not once but four or five, I think, but didn’t get anything like 50% discount or something but with the Casa Victoria, they gladly gave them to us. They were even sorry because of the broken aircon. Food aren’t allowed inside the resorts but again they exempted us. All you need is a good communication and a mother like mine 😛

We found a party place on the shore at 10 pm. We stayed there for hours. We jammed, we danced, we talked and of course we laughed. Though 70 php per bottle of sanmig flavored beer, tanduay ice and redhorse is a little too pricey for my liking. it was like 100 % profit, but nevertheless we enjoyed the night.

We woke up at 7 am the next day. To have a longer time to swim. Before I’m not really fan of beaches. I don’t like sands sticking into my skin and I can’t open my eyes under the sea but that changed when we’re in Pagudpud. Why? because I can flaunt my swimwear! hahaha! but honestly speaking, taking pictures with swimsuit on the beach is better than taking it on the swimming pool. But of course it may depends on the scenery.

We decided to stay for another day unfortunately, there’s no vacant room in the resort so we decided to packed up. After all, our Ilocos trip isn’t done yet. We have Bangui Windmills waiting for us 🙂


20150502_09095520150502_090720  20150502_081113 20150502_090713 20150502_081429 20150502_090620



Family is my number one priority, no doubt about that, no questions ask. I’ll kill for my family! that’s for sure. This Ilocos trip was one of the best trips for me because this was the longest trip we had with the Escalona’s. You see they are not fan of long trips because of their (my aunties and uncles *ehem* *ehem*) age but since they can’t say NO, we pushed this trip and I’m so glad that we pushed it since it was a really really great time!

Do you have a family that’s same with mine? Did you tour in Ilocos? How was it? Comments are love!

Sidneyenyen x

PS. If you want to contact Casa Victoria Beach Resort and Restaurant here’s the contact details

Kim Santos (Marketing Head) | Email add: | website: | contact # 0917-505-1462 / 0908-869-6434

Oh So Fine

I like to wear comfy clothes whenever we have a long hour traveling. Who wants to experience being uncomfortable inside a car? Definitely not me! So here’s my simple casual travel attire. A simple blouse and a shorts to match.

This is what I wore last holy week for our Ilocos escapades. Good thing this is too comfortable for almost 10 hours of road trip.

Our first stop when we arrived at Ilocos is the Bantay Church Bell tower or Bantay Belfry. It is called Bantay Belfry because it is located in Bantay District , it was said to be the people’s watchover, part of the city’s defense.








Just a simple thought before I end this post. One of my favorite quotations when I am feeling down. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.”

Until next time!

Batch 2015

Yes and no. Yes I graduated and obtain a bachelor’s degree but no, I’m not the one who graduated this year. My brother, his girlfriend and my boyfriend, yeah! triple celebration (plus they attended the same school!) graduated this year!!!! triple YEAH!

So being a stage girlfriend and stage (sometimes) sister, decided to take a vacation leave and attended the ceremony. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. The ceremony was held last April 14, 2015 at PICC Philippines. Since I’m not the main attraction, I became their photographer, though I sometimes took a break and took a picture with the graduates.

11257667_10206881564656685_1470240615_n  IMG_2493


IMG_2557my mother together with Kenneth’s (boyps) mother


IMG_2543IMG_2659  IMG_2658


Would you believe that my dress is worth 350 php? yes! thanks to 168 mall in Divisoria, I can be the living proof that being classy doesn’t mean spending more

By the way, I did my own makeup. And I didn’t use hair iron or any other equipment to curl my hair. I just watched No-heat curl tutorial on youtube then viola! my hair is safe and sound (don’t know if I can use this idiom to my hair! lols) So how do I look? comments are love!

P.S. Congrats to 2015 graduates!

Dress 168 | Bag Kimbel | Shoes Chelsea

Mother’s Day

To all mommy and soon-to-be mommy out there, Happy mother’s day! 20150430_125808

And to my mama, happy mother’s day. I love you! You don’t know how thankful I am to have you as my mother. Because of you I gain a sister, a lover, a friend, an enemy, a teacher and a father. Thank you for not giving up. I love you to the moon and back.