Review: Brow Lounge

This was my second time to visit the brow lounge. The first one was really quick, I tried their Underarm waxing and Eyebrow threading. Though I didn’t like the outcome, I didn’t complain. I just told myself that I won’t be back.

But desperate times call desperate measures right? My favorite waxing salon are fully booked and I really need to be hairless for the reason that I have an even (lols! lakas!) coming that time.

I told myself that, maybe the result will be different since this time I’m trying their underarm threading (and Eyebrow threading). At first it was okay. though after a few days. The hair grew back. That was fast right? The result was the same if I shaved my underarm 😦

Good thing I fixed it and it is now good as new. (lols! as if!)







How’s your experienced here?

Comments are love.

sidneyenyen x

Pampered Feet at Beauty and Butter Sm San Lazaro

Hi gals! Another backlog post for you guys.

Since January this year, my mother, sister and I started to pampered ourselves. Though I don’t know if it’s coincidence that we’re all stressed and we need to release it in order for us to move forward and not to burst out crying. It may be the bright side of being stressed. Stressed ka pero kasama mo sila at nakakapagbond kayo. hahahahha! we should always look into the bright side in order to move forward. Well, enough of my kachurvahan.

Last January, we pampered ourselves at Beauty and Butter at SM San Lazaro. we got their Footspa Mandarin with orly pedicure and their beauty and butter facial.

The services were nice except for the fact that the nail technician that assigned to me forgot to put a lotion for the final touch. I don’t know if it’s because she’s not focusing on her work since we’re laughing with them, but my mother and sister got their fair share 😦

and when we had our facial, after putting creams on our face, yung nagpefacial kay mama tumanggap ng customer for footspa then simultaneously, she’s doing my mom’s face and other’s foot though she used alcohol for sanitized her hands but. yeah talk about hygiene right?!

And Oh! they have hidden charges. like 100 pesos each for filling (footspa service)

And they’re suggesting that my mother should by their products for the dry skin 10 times!

other than that, it was a good service.

Should I recommend it? yes, if there’s nowhere else to go. but if you have another place in mind try it first.

Would I return? hmm. I think? but they should remove their hidden charges first.

Till next time guys!


Create moments under the sun with Dermplus Sunblock

Who doesn’t love a little fun in the sun? The beach can be a perfect way to spend the day andget some summer moments with your love ones. Summer means sun, shorts, sandals, bathing suits, and bronzed skin. But with beach hair and shorter hemlines comes the dangers that not only instigate the probability of skin cancer, but the aging process as well. Sun exposure is, essentially, subjecting yourself to sun damage – but in the same note, avoiding the outdoors altogether is both impractical and nearly impossible.
Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is the answer to your skin problems this summer. It is formulated with unbeatable UVA and UVB filters to protect your skin in the harsh ultraviolet radiation from the sun. Dermplus sunblock physically blocks and reflects light and it also helps heal skin damage caused by over-exposure to the sun.  Dermplus Sunblock is available in different SPF’s like SPF 24 that is recommended for morena skin and for indoor use, SPF 35 for fair skin and SPF 80 and 130 for extreme outdoor activities. Use Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock and worry no more about the harmful Ultra Violet A (UVA) and Ultra Violet B (UVB) rays. Whether you go will spend your summer in Boracay, Cebu, Palawan or in Bohol, never forget your number one sun defense partner.

Dermplus Moisturizing Sunblock is available in all leading drugstores, supermarket and department stores nationwide. For more information call 817 33 03 or like us on facebook. 

Love is in the Hair

Valentine’s Day is a colorful and exciting occasion on February. It is a day full of gift-giving and candlelight dinners. But it wouldn’t be as romantic as you have planned would be it when your hair starts to fall and bald patches become noticeable. So, don’t allow hair problems become the highlight on the month of hearts. Because when you lose hair, you lose the confidence needed on your most romantic day.

MINOXIDIL REGROE®, a safe and effective topical treatment to combat hair loss. Dr. Vinson B. Pineda, one of the Philippines’ top dermatologists, was among those who made extensive and critically acclaimed researches on the use of minoxidil against hair loss. Thus, Regroe – a breakthrough medicated haircare brand – came to be.

Minoxidil, a drug used initially to treat high blood pressure, was found to have side effects of treating alopecia or hair loss. It restores hair by increasing the size of blood vessels around the hair follicles. This process provides better oxygen and nutrition absorption. It then stimulates cells to divide and multiply to produce thicker and longer hair. Its last action is to suppress androgen – the main cause of baldness. For years, dermatologists have proven Regroe’s curative and therapeutic abilities. Regroe is also medically approved by the US and Philippines’ Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

To maintain a full head of hair, Regroe has three variants – ranging from 3 percent, 5 percent, and 6 percent – available to suit any condition of hair loss.

Flaunt your longer, thicker hair and make your Valentine’s date extra special.

Celebrate Whiter and Firmer Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It is a special occasion every couple is excited to celebrate. But to single ladies, V-day can be very tough. So they either sulk at home to celebrate singlehood, or pamper themselves with the right skincare products and eventually snag a date.

Gluta White and Firm is an advanced skin-whitening and skin-firming properties that will make every man swoon over your white and firm skin. One of Gluta White and Firm’s active ingredients is glutathione. It is called by doctors as the “mother of all antioxidants.” Glutathione works by protecting the cells from harmful toxins. Surprisingly, its side effect is to lighten the color of the skin. It acts together with Clair Blanche, a fusion of 7 active ingredients that prevents melanin formation. To further highlight its professional formulation, Gluta Advance is infused with vitamin C to prevent the formation of freckles and skin pigmentation. This revolutionary whitening and firming product is clinically tested and proven effective by dermatologists.

Because whitening can never be enough, Gluta Advance has L-carnitine and Lipofirm to achieve lasting firmness. Both properties are effectively blended by dermatologists to break down fatty tissues, to tone body contours, and to lift sagged portions of the skin. Gluta Advance’s complete skincare product range from: Facial Wash, Soap, Facial Cream and Lotion.

Now, you can get a whiter, firmer skin this Valentine’s – even the man of your dreams. 🙂

Hayan Vital Cleansing Cream Review

Hi gals! Another review post 🙂

Last Sunday (September 1, 2013) we went to SM San Lazaro to unwind, as we’re strolling, we went to the Hayan Stall (located at upper ground floor near National Book Store) They’re having a 40 – 70% off on all products. HAH! lucky right?! You all know that I’m a sucker of discounts and promos. hahahaha! Anyways we got this Hayan vital cleansing cream for only 170+ (original price : 200+) and facial mask for only 15 PHP (original price 60 php) see how the big difference?

It got my attention for two reasons; first the sales lady told me to try it. and second it is a facial cleansing that doesn’t need rinsing. You may say that it’s a cream so why need to rinse! right? well, you’re right. but the thing is in some other cream. you need to wash your face first with soap or facial foam/wash but in vital cleansing cream you don’t need to do that. That’s the reason why I am happy I bought this one. because when I am tired I rather sleep than to wash my face. See I am lazy.

This is what it looks like. It is not as dense as other cream. To be honest it is almost as dense as water. So be careful when you pour it on your hand. A little squeeze is enough 🙂

So I made a little experiment for you gals to know how effective it is.

I applied ESKINOL facial cleanser on the left side of my face WITHOUT HAYAN Vital Cleansing Cream and on the other half I applied Vital Cleansing cream before the facial cleanser.

Without Hayan Vital Cleansing Cream
With Hayan Vital Cleansing Cream
Can you see the difference? too much dirt on the cotton without Hayan Vital Cleansing Cream right?
Other things that I like about this product is after using it my face became softer likewise with my little sister (she using it also) because of that, she’s applying the cream after applying the ESKINOL so that the soft and smooth effect of the cream will surely last.
The only problem on this product is that it doesn’t have a smaller version to carry for a trip or to place it on your make up kit.
and by the way.
HAYAN korea SM San Lazaro branch is still having a sale until Sept 14. I don’t know if its nationwide though.
I hope you find this review helpful and if you tried it please let me know the result. 🙂
Thank you!

Hayan BB cream and silky face powder Review


I’m addicted on sales (who doesn’t right?) so I always browsing on Ensogo, Cashcashpinoy and Metrodeal for their latest discounts and promos. As I browsed the website of Ensogo, I saw the promo/discount for Hayan BB cream for only 229 (original price 390)  and silky face powder for 179 (original price 290) I got really big savings right? plus the ensogo main office is just a walking distance at my office so hassle free. it is like shopping with DISCOUNT. So as I saw these promos, I am not hesitant to buy. why? because of these reasons:

  • my sister says that the products are good. (Actually we had a little discussion about Korean products wherein we compare the etude house and hayan. She told me that etude house products are really good but too pricey for us. then Hayan, same made in Korea but affordable. She says that we should try it because of the good feedback)
  • affordable (if the promo is not available, I can still continue using the product because it is affordable)

But let me tell you something, I am not really into cosmetics kasi ligo-bilis-alis na ang peg ko kapag umaalis ako. but now? not anymore (i think) because I have reputation to uphold (chos! hahahahaha) anyways back to the product review.


BB CREAM, to be honest this is my first time to use BB cream so I cannot compare the result of this product to other products. The product is really good, it does blends on your skin when applying so you don’t have to worry about uneven skin tone when using this. good for oil control and it can be use as makeup base or with foundation. in addition, this BB cream is waterproof and healthy because of  whitening function and anti-wrinkles which keeps the skin smooth and beautiful 🙂

Though, It doesn’t cover the pimples or eye dark circle so if you want to have an outcome that covers pimples use it with foundation (I think? I am not an expert on make up. sorry) also, if your face is peeling, don’t use it or it will clog on your skin. (yeah base on experience since, my nose is peeling so I have to apply moisturizer after I applied the BB cream to removed the cream that clogged on my nose.) but other than that this product is superb 🙂


Hayan Face Silky Powder. after applying the BB cream, I applied face silky powder to lessen the shininess of my face due to the BB cream. I should say it’s okay actually it is more than okay. BB cream and this face silky powder really compliments each other. Also, I used this powder even without the BB cream and the result is better than using any other powder.


Here’s my face after I applied the BB cream and the silky face powder. with blush-on, eyeliner and eye shadow.

Will surely purchase this product even without discounts or promo 🙂 It is worth the money.

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