Full Bangs

Another #OOTD post guys! These pictures were taken two years ago when I had my full bangs. I don’t know what gotten into me that time when I decided to have a full bangs, but this was also the year that we went to Hong Kong so I said to myself that I needed to have a haircut (and bangs). You know having a full bangs was not bad at all if the cut was really nice, unfortunately mine wasn’t.

But I have to live with it and make it work.

I wore this outfit when we went to Onboard Game and Gastro Pub for Plinks despedida party.  We had so much fun that day, I wished I could share to you guys the pictures and all today but I have look for it first. So yeah, stick with my OOTD first.

I wore a see-through long blouse that should be a beach cover up but I turned it to a casual look :P. I also wore my super overused leggings and my overused red shoes that we bought for 150 php only. See! This could be a blog about “Under 500“, a segment on this blog where we could get a whole look for less than 500 but I couldn’t remember the prices of the sleeveless blouse and the leggings.

Should I post another Under 500 blog? What do you think? Comments are love 🙂


In this picture, I tried to be seductive but as you can see, I failed miserably. HAHAHA!


These are my peeps and will figuratively kill for them.

Till next time!



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