Blue and White Checkered

I miss posting my OOTDs online. When I started this blog, you could see me often with my OOTDs, but as life happens (lols. hahahaha!) I’m haven’t posted my OOTDs for a while now.

Since I’m being active again, let me share to you guys one of my OOTD last year.

Here, I am wearing a white top (an overused white tshirt), blue and white checkered jumper (given by my mama. Thanks Ma!!!) and a white shoes (I bought last last December, which is of course overused!)

Nowadays, I really love white t-shirt/blouse paired with square pants. Lakas makamatangkad. Hahaha! So yeah, I may post again an OOTD with white top. I’ll keep you updated guys! But first, please enjoy!


I really like this picture (above picture). Can I be a feminine wash model? Hahaha! If you are going to put a caption on this picture, what would it be? Comment your answers!

Till next time!



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