Mother of Two

Being a mother of two is  a little bit harder than I thought. Okay, it is not a little bit harder, it is harder than I thought.

You see, when I gave birth to Keyn, all the attentions were in him. Even to my parents’, and Kenneth’s parents’ but since Selene existence into this world, I don’t think this is easy to me nor to Keyn.

At first, it was hard for me, sleepless nights and tiresome days. But I realized it was harder for Keyn because there are times that it was sleepless nights for him too because he, sometimes wakes up because of Selene’s cry. When selene was about a two months old or so, Keyn slept a little bit late because we couldn’t make Selene to stop crying and he couldn’t sleep because it was too loud.

Being a mother of two is difficult but having a sibling is also difficult. I don’t remember much on my childhood days but when I became an ate I am just two or three years old, so I don’t really know what its like when my sibs are crying or not. But given the gap I would say that it is much easier to adapt since I am young.

It is different for Keyn, their age gap is 6 years so there are some events that Keyn may remember until he’s old. There are times that when I look into my son’s eyes, they are longing for attention.

As much as I wanted to give all my attention to Keyn, it is difficult since I am a mother of two and I need to give my other attention to Selene since she can’t talk yet and that really breaks my heart.

Now, that Selene is 4 months old, I think Keyn adapted well on being a brother. He really loves Selene. He even cries when Selene got her newborn screening test because he knows that it was hurtful for his baby sister. He almost cry when he found out that Selene got her vaccine. You see, we turned the almost jealousy feeling Keyn feels for her sister to a brotherly love. How? By informing him that Selene is just a baby and can’t really express what she wanted to tell because she can’t speak yet so she needs a lot of attention.

We forgot that our babies are intelligent and can handle the information we want them to know or learn. Keyn and I have lots of heart-to-heart talks and I made him understand what’s happening in our lives.

I, often asked him if  we could buy Selene’s things. We let him understand that it was his decision if we could give Selene something and we always included him in decision making.

Also, we don’t forget about his special events. Like his 7th Birthday, PTA meetings, Card distribution and so on. When he talks, he have all (or some) of my attentions. I laugh at his jokes. I made him understand that even though we have a baby, he is still my little Keyn.

And I think he gets it.

I shared to you some of their pictures together. Today, Keyn loves to play with Selene and if he heard Selene crying, he will leave everything (even his precious tablet) and will go to Selene to make her stop from crying.

Till next time!



P.S. I planned this post as an informative blog. About how I handle being a mother of two. How I do things now that I have two kids. I never plan this to be this emotional but tadah! I don’t know what happened but it happened. I hope you like this.

P.P.S. should I changed the title? HAHAHA!

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