Prof. Sidneyenyen soon!

Happy labor’s day guys!

I am spending my long weekend by watching TV, reading books, playing mobile legends and updating my blog. It’s been a while guys! I miss you bibis!

Last year I was invited by my college professor to be a panelist in Thesis, when I read her invitation, I accepted it without hesitations. Why? Because it is payback time! lols.

When I was still in college and doing my thesis, I really like to be a panelist, it’s one of my dreams and I am thankful to my professor Chat Molina for giving me this opportunity. I became one of the panelist from thesis 1 up to thesis 2 and I am so grateful. This was such an honor to be part of this event. Although I don’t know about the students, if they are grateful or mad because I am their panel. But nonetheless, it became the highlight of my year.

This made me open my eyes and see the possibilities of being a professor. I would love to influence the youth today not just to be a good student and employee but to be a good person. I love to motivate the students to do what they love. Being not good in something doesn’t mean you are bad in everything. I don’t want students feel that way I felt before.

This was really good experience to me. I became fond of the students, some of them added me on Facebook and I accepted them. Some knew my number and still texted me even if we are done in their thesis defense. We still keep in touch.

And yeah, hopefully in 2018 I will be a professor and it will definitely rock my life!





To batch 2017. Congratulations and good luck on your career. We’ll keep in touch promise! and if ever you are reading this guys! Text me when you are in Makati. We’ll have lunch. hahaha!


sidneyenyen x

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