A Night with Abe and Friends

Hi bibis! Again, I would like to apologized for being MIA. My laptop is broken and under repair as of the moment so I haven’t blogged for a while. It is good to be back and promise I will try to post as many and as often as possible.

Last February I spent my dinner with my friends. For those who read my blog since the very beginning, will know who are these friends since they’re with me when I started this blog.

I am a girl! (Yes for those of you who are wondering, I am 101% girl. hahaha) but since I love them so much, I have to travel from Makati to BGC just to see them. You see, in my opinion, it is easy to travel from BGC to Makati than Makati to BGC since the traffic in EDSA is never ending but since I love and miss them, initiated that I will be the one to go to BGC. The hell with the traffic right?!. Mind you it was rush hour so this was really stressing for me. I had to travel in habalhabal (a public motorcycle transportation) to ensure that I won’t be late.

I leave the office at 5:30 pm and arrived in Abe at passed 7PM (I think.) Even though I arrived late than the meeting time. They made me wait! See! they made me wait!!! hahaha. I really think that I am the most understanding friend ever! Because I had to ride a motorcycle. I had to endure walking from Jupiter St. Makati to Ayala MRT station so I have to meet them and they are late! Great right?!

I thought, before arriving in BGC and while walking in Makati Ave that it was me who’s going to be late but unfortunately, I was the one who asked for the waiter for our table and wait but all the stress and sweat that night are worth it!!

Abe restaurant is located in Serendra, BGC Taguig. At first I was hesitant to eat here since it looks expensive. But the food in the restaurant are really affordable.

Service : ★★★★★★★★★☆ (9 out of 10)
Food : ★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8 out of 10)

We ordered Sinigang sa Ube their signature dish I think. Gising gising and lechon kawali. I really like their dishes and also, if you add 10 pesos or 15 pesos you can upgrade your rice into an unlimited rice. Awesome right?! since I am with 3 boys, it is really great that they have unlimited rice. I am a rice person and I can eat up to 5 cups of rice depending on the situation. (But that was before, I think. I am into diet right now. Wherein I eat everything I want but in lesser portion. hahahaha! like for example. I eat 1.5 rice every meal, now I only eat .75. hahahhaha! My boyfriend told me that my diet is insane since he thinks that it is nonsense. He will say. “yen, hindi dapat ganyan ang pagdiet” and I answered. “Pede kaya to!” I will post another blog on this one since the comment in open close parenthesis is a paragraph na!)

Let’s get back to rice! yes. Rice. The most demonic and angelic food ever invented. (yes aside from pizza and ice cream!) You see, rice have carbs and sugar in one! but I can’t live without it! so the hell with carbs and sugar, I rice you!!! lol. I AM HOPELESS! I need personal help.

Sorry for the commercial of my rants about how I  am so in love with rice and all. The gising gising is spicy and delicious. Although, I love my mother’s gising gising than this because she used sigarilyas as one of the ingredients, in Abe they use kangkong. You can taste the coconut milk and the spiciness of the chili pepper. It has a nice kick.

Next is Lechon kawali (Crispy pork belly). I have a lot of respect for those who cooked lechon kawali because believe me, They are not easy to cook. My father’s the one who do the cooking when lechon kawali is concern since he is not afraid of the oil. I love their lechon kawali. Because it is crispy and delicious, plus the sauce! The soy sauce and vinegar combined with onion. My gash. Heaven!!!!

Lastly, their signature dish. The sinigang sa ube. This was the dish that I was hesitant to order because I am not fond of ube. I don’t like halayang ube guys. Another fact about me. But goodness, the sinigang sa ube is to die for. It is delicious, although the soup is a little bit thicker or denser than the other sinigang, but it was the reason why their sinigang is delicious and one of a kind.

The food that we order are good for 5 or six person I think since we have leftovers.











I really had a great time with these guys! Actually we don’t have dull moments ever. We don’t use phones when we are together, we just have us and our talks and our laughs. We’re missing one person here. Hopefully next time, we will be complete.

But nonetheless, I am happy. Traveling from Makati to BGC in rush hour was nothing compared to the happiness I felt when I have moments with these guys.

You may ask, why am I the only girl here? Yes bibis, I am their princess, the only girl in the group but if you will made me choose if the girls in my office or these boys, I will choose them no matter what.

I miss chararat incorporated. Hope for another time with you guys!!!!

It is a lengthy post guys, but I hope you enjoyed it. My next post will be short. Promise!

Thanks loves!

Sidneyenyen x


Don’t try to ride in uberpool or any other car pool if you want to rest immediately and sleep. I made a mistake guys. I won’t do it again. HAHAHA!


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