Sidneyenyen @ 3!!

Hi guys! Thank you for 3 years and I hope that you will support me up to 1oo years! Thank you for reading my nonsense posts and I hope you learned from these.

Before, I really have no self-confidence, but now thanks to this! I can post myself with my swimsuit online!!! Though I have friends who read my entries, I would like to lessen their burden. lols! I won’t be posting my superbod and my swimsuit yet. Will post soon but not today! Ayokong maumay kayo! hahahhaha!

But of course I would like to share to you guys my favorite picture so far! Please be noted that this is not filtered! Gawd! I love mother nature.


Again, thank you for reading my entries bibis! From the bottom of my heart thank you oh so much.

Sidneyenyen x

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