Different You

Hi guys! I just finished reading Me Before You, and I was like dude, is love isn’t enough? I will surely read lots of romance novels just to get it out of my mind. Seriously, I am devastated by the outcome. Yes, it may be different from others but why?????? Isn’t Lou enough? I can’t read After You, it will really break my heart. (Okay! I need to update this one since I typed this before I talked to my officemates. They told me that if Will didn’t commit suicide, the novel will just be the same old romance novel. Yes I got their point! But I still can’t believed it! I’m gonna email the author and tell her my sentiments!!!!!)

Enough of my rant and let’s proceed with my entry. It came to my attention that I only posted 4 entries so I really need to step up my game!

This entry should be posted almost 2 weeks ago (yeah! I added the word almost because if I didn’t add almost, this entry will look like it is looooooong over due but if you add almost, it is like more than a week but not more than 2 weeks! Got my point? Yeah I guess not. I really don’t get myself sometimes. so let’s back to reality) but I got busy so yeah, supposedly this is my 3rd-entry-for-this-week kind of post but it became my first-entry-for-this-week. Oh my gosh! I should step up my game!

Let me share to you our Year End party last December. See It’s long overdue but nevertheless here it is!

Last December we had our year end party. I forgot about the theme but as you can see, our costume is Philippine National Costume. I chose to be different this time. Dare to be different right? And guess what? I was nominated for the best dress. Lols! See, different is good.

We had fun of the music videos we made, our group didn’t win but  I am glad that our team bonded and that’s what really important right. Friendship over Prizes and awards but a few recognition won’t hurt right? lols!!!!

Since my officemates chose to be traditional that time and wore Filipiniana, I dared to be different, I chose the National Costume of Muslims. I hope I made them proud. Lols!!!! Actually it wasn’t my decision to wear this, it was my mother’s (Yeah, mom! mother knows best indeed) you see I’m not really rich and all so I asked my mom if she has costumes like Filipiniana because my mom aced all Christmas parties of their company! She should have her own costume rental! Fortunately she has because I don’t want to spent money for a one night event. (but it is really tempting! This is just a night event right, one night every year, you really want to be beautiful and all.) So I borrowed my mom’s costume. Viola! I even nominated as best dress! See you just really need to be different to stand out.

I mean, you are just you in what? In billions of people on earth and you chose to be someone you’re not. Try to be something different, try to be you. Don’t pretend and don’t try to to be someone. You are you, no one can change that.














After the event we spent the night in one of their rooms and I must say I wanna live there!!!!!

Share to me your thoughts! Comments are love 🙂

P.S. Sorry for the over use of exclamation point. 😛

Sidneyeneyen x

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