Nadai Fujisoda

Hi guys! I know, I know, I am MIA for 4 months or so. Sorry for that! Really sorry.  To make it up for you, I will post 2 blog entry for today! Yey! So here’s the first one.

Last January, we ate at Nadai Fujisoda in MOA. This is going to be a short review since you know me, I can’t remember the taste of the food especially when it is 6 months or so ago. I may not describe the taste of the food in details but I’ll try to make this review a worth reading.

Last January, I am not the person who I am today! (lols! I’m getting old!) I’m not talking about maturity here, ladies and gents. I’m talking about how I am with food!!!! lols.

Before, I am really choosy when it comes with food.  I’m not really into Chinese or Japanese food. I don’t like Chinese food other than siopao, siomai, mami or any kind of noodles  🙂 I also don’t like Japanese food other than tempura. Who wouldn’t like tempura right? So yeah! I am not that person who’s really choosy about food. I changed! yey!

Thanks to my officemates who loves eating Ramen and those kind of stuffs because of them, I am reborn! lols!

Service : ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7 out of 10)
Food : ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6 out of 10)

The staffs are really nice here and very accommodating. Though, I would like to add that some were not really as experienced as most of them but hey, I think it is because they just opened way back in January so they may more experienced today than before.

The food was okay. Not really great but okay. Since, I didn’t like other Japanese food before so I just ordered tempura and my mom ordered a Ramen. Also, because my brother is a sucker of all tempura, we ordered just for him! It turned out that my tempura was better than what he ordered. lols! I didn’t know why mine taste better than him but I think, it is because of the sauce. My tempura came with a rice so I think it is because they drizzle mine with the sauce while if you ordered 3 pieces of tempura, it is just plain.

I didn’t taste any food other than my what I ordered since as I said a few times already in this entry, I’m not really into a Japanese food before. My mom said that the Ramen was good (and so was the price. She ordered a Teishoku set)

20160110_170953 - Copy

20160110_173035 20160110_173044



20160110_162253 - Copy


20160110_171107 - Copy

20160110_171115 - Copy

20160110_171121 - Copy





I apologized on how the pictures are. I forgot to rotate it before uploading it on wordpress. I forgot how are my steps before uploading it on wordpress. Blame this on not blogging for 3 months!!!!!

So what do you think?

Comments are love.

P.S. I just love how my eyes popped here!

sidneyenyen x

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