My second blog entry is about my keyn!!!!!

For those of you who doesn’t know, my keyn will be 5 next month. Time flies really fast right? The thing about having a child is you’ll never know what will happen. I get annoyed with him, like a hundred times a week, but when he caress me and make me kilig, it just vanished! Sometimes I wish I can freeze him just like what they did to Captain America so that he won’t get hurt and he won’t witness how cruel this world is but of course I won’t do that, because he won’t witness how wonderful life is. Yes, it can be hateful sometimes but if you ask me, my life is wonderful despite of its challenges and bad memories.

I just want him to live his life to the fullest! Just please God, don’t let him grow sooooo fast! I really want to see how he pass every exams, play with his friends and do what he loves to do.

He likes goofing around and make people happy. He is easy and fun to be with. He likes to play! We taught him how to have fun without cellphone and other technologies, we’re also teaching him how to be attentive and how to treasure every moment.

Also, we’re teaching him how to pose! lols. I think my son will love to dress up when he gets older 🙂





And Yes! My son’s wearing a skeleton costume. Actually, this outfit is for Christmas, but I think my son’s have a weird taste for Christmas outfit 🙂

What do you think? Comments are love

sidneyeneyen x

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