My Impossible Dream

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I blogged. So let me share to you my experience last month. Even though it has been a month ago, the memory is still vivid.

Some of us has a list of our fears and impossible dreams-be it on your mind or on your paper- I have one. I listed some on papers and some are still on my mind. One of my impossible dream is hosting an event.

You see, I may be an outgoing kind of person, an easy to talk with kind of pal and a happy-go lucky kind of woman (woooosh! Did I write woman?) But deep down I have a stage fright. My college friends can agree with me. They saw me being nervous in front of a crowd (be it small or big), stuttered, and most of the time cried.

How petty right? How can I, a talkative peppy damsel can have a stage fright? But for me it was not petty at all.

Now, you can picture out what my reaction when they asked me to host our townhall meeting with more than 100 participants. I can’t even host an event/meeting with 10 participants, how can I host an event with 100?

After few minutes of discussion I found myself agreeing. How did I agree? I didn’t know what happen. The next question I asked is how will I do it?

They told me to “BE YOURSELF”.

Easier said than done.

I’m freaking out few days before the event. There’s no program and I don’t even know what should I do. I didn’t know I will say this but thanks to the overload projects I am distracted.

On the day of the event. I AM STILL FREAKING OUT! Who wouldn’t right? It is on! I mean i’m not dreaming anymore. I can’t back out because who will take my spot? NO ONE! So I gathered all my strength and my power (chos!) I thought to myself “I knew all this people. I talked to them, I laugh with them and my friends knew I can do it. Why should I doubt myself?”








So yeah. I gathered the remaining confidence I have in my body and started to do what I do best, I started to talk! I was nervous at first who wouldn’t right? But I did it! I was nervous, I stuttered a lot but I did enjoyed it. I am happy I conquered my fear. I made my impossible dream possible.

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