Keyn’s Fieldtrip

Last September my little macho had his first field trip. Being me, a stage mother, can’t passed the chance to be with him on this very special day! (lols!)

Our first stop is Luneta. I had fun actually I don’t know about the kiddos but I actually had fun. It is like lights and sounds in Intramuros Manila. Though I wished we visited here at night since I think it will be dramatic.


The next stop was in Bio Research in Paranaque. This was where my little bulilit really enjoyed. They have lots of animals and lots of things to do. They also discussed about the bees here. Such an informative discussion 😛 I like it here 🙂




Our next stop was on the amazing show. The building is the one that is haunted. Ever heard of what happened during the construction of this building? Yes! I’m talking about the Manila Film Center.

I liked their presentations. We just didn’t watch the show but we learned something about it too. about the mask changing, the shadow dancing etc. I just wished my Keyn watched it too since he slept all throughout.


Our last stop is in Glorietta. We watched the snow white and the seven dwarfs. This was we both enjoyed the most. You see I am a fan of Fairy tales and I don’t mind my son to be a fan too. hahahhaha! My son enjoyed the show. He kept singing the song which played on the play.


We enjoyed his day. We were both exhausted but having to see the smile on your son’s face will always ease every pain, every body ache, every exhaustion. I’m happy that I am with him, This is one of his many firsts and I will always with him no matter what.

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