Last September, our dearest translator celebrated her birthday and because of that, she started a contest where in we– her coworkers — should post a pic on our timeline and caption it with what makes us happy. And there will be two lucky winners and the prize was a free lunch 🙂

And let me show you what I posted.


You see, we may all have gadgets, (and gizmos a plenty I’ve got whozits and whatzits galore!!! kidding aside) we have money, we have a job and we’re not poor but what is our happiness? What makes you happy?

They say that Filipinos are among the happiest people in the world and I agree. Why? because we found happiness in small things. be it a friend who stumbled, a gift, a corny joke and so on. We can easily find something funny or happy in little stuffs. And that’s what I really like. We’re not shallow that we found happiness in material things. Yes we love iphones, androids, tablets and laptops. Shopping made me forget my gloomy day. These made our life easy and not boring. But there are more to life than these things. And that’s what I’m proud of being a Filipino because we’re not shallow enough to love these things. We treasure the moments rather than anything else.

So you see, my happiness is my pride and joy; my son.  🙂

Before I do something like crying and posting something that my son will be ashamed of me in the future, let me share to you where my dearest Ms. Maria treated us lunch.

We ate in RYU near our working place in Makati

Service : ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6 out of 10)
Food : ★★★★★★★☆☆☆ (7 out of 10)

The food were delicious, I like their gyoza that I wished I ordered for myself. I ordered a curry though I forgot what kind of curry and I wished I had something else. Don’t get me wrong, I love curry but since I figured out I like my mother’s curry than I ordered from most of the restaurants I figured I don’t like authentic curry because. Just because. Lols! I don’t like the taste of it plus the after taste, ahahahha! I’m so maarte! lols.

I wished I tried their ramen just like my dates ordered but that time, I really don’t like ramen or any other Japanese food, unless it’s tempura but since I have friends who are more than crazy to let me try different cuisines, I can finally say that I can eat ramen. 😉








Thanks Ms. Maria for this wonderful lunch. I really had fun and thanks for let us meet your friend.

Aside from my family, my happiness is FREE FOOD 🙂

sidneyenyen x

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