Family Bond

Our family bonding happened last July 17, 2015. It was my Papa ul’s 9th day in heaven. You might think we’re crazy. Smiling and having a good time instead of mourning and crying because It was just his 9th day! But you see, my family’s not really that normal. Considering I am part of that clan. Who says were normal? I didn’t say that.

We should mourn and cry right? We should be sad. We were sad. We cried a lot but being alone and not being beside our family while experiencing this tragedy is not like us. We are family. This is how we cope up.

This should be our first family bonding after our Potipot getaway. We were so excited especially my papa ul. But we lost him. This is we cope up. This is how we mourn.

I remember that day, it is something we hope for if not because of what happened. That was how I imagined our reunion could be. My cousin’s family from Canada visited us here in the Philippines. I hoped Papa ul should see us being hospitable. Oh Papa ul. I miss you!

Oh well, I’m not writing this to make you all cry but to share to you that day. On our way to the venue in Laguna, we made a frank with my aunties and cousins, that we’re riding a bus instead of riding with my Papa. We hushed everytime we’re on the toll gate So they won’t hear us. Plus. My little brother pretended to be a barker. How’s that! They almost got franked but they saw us on one of the toll gates we passed. Epic fail right? hahahhaha!

Other than that, we just made the day like it was our last day. We got drunk. This maybe my record for drinking too much alcohol. But I’m not proud of it, since being older means being a KJ. I don’t drink much these days. I don’t know why. But I drink, occasionally or when I’m with my family.

My kuya Bong cooked with my mama and papa during the day, the others who didn’t have something to do (like me!) enjoyed! Lols!

Our stay for that day is until 5PM only, we (my cousins and my sibs together with the oldies) contributed additional money to extend our stay.

And Oh, We were visited by our very own Papa ul during our stay. We’re complete indeed.

And we girls, won because we’re the last team standing 🙂 Good job!!!












We may lost one of the pillar of this family but we became closer. We may be close before but we became closer because we get strength from each other.

sidneyenyen x

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