Review: Hotel Galleria Davao

And now, we reach to the last post of my Davao experience or not? lols! Here’s the review of where we stayed in Davao.

I, again, want to thank my mother for never ending love and support for us! You may think we are responsible for the hotel and other activities in Davao but actually, It’s my mother’s.  She’s the one who arranged everything. From the airport shuttle to hotel reservation. The only thing I did here is to wait for piso fare and booked us.  Thanks mama!

As I said before, she’s the one responsible for the hotel reservation because if it’s me, we should be in Marco Polo but I know it’s too expensive for us since we’re 17 people. Good thing my mom found this hotel.

I don’t know how my mom did it but she got the penthouse for  3500 php per night. The penthouse can only accommodate for 4 pax I think, but because my mother wave her magic wand. They let us stayed there without extra charged, they even lend us extra beds for free. My mommy Linda booked a different room because we, children (lols!) were too loud.

What can I say about Hotel Galleria aside from they are not really expensive? The staffs are really nice. They remember what you ordered. I ordered hot chocolate once and they remember it the next day. They are accommodating and hospitable.

The place is nice and clean. They have swimming pool! oh yes! hahaha! The only thing I wished they have is an elevator. But it was okay actually. It’s a good exercise. the only time you will wished they have it is when you are tired from whole day touring the city.

I liked their bathroom since it’s too spacious and it has bathtub in it. though I didn’t try to stay long. The penthouse’s too spacious and really nice. and oh! I like their stairway because it’s really dramatic.











This hotel may not have an elevator but that’s just an elevator. It may be old but our experience here was nevertheless great, I wouldn’t ask for other hotel and will definitely book again here for sure.

I rate this hotel…

★★★★★★★★☆☆ (8 out of 10)

sidneyenyen x

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