Review: Dencia’s

Our last stop before going back to Manila is Dencia’s located in General Luna, Davao City. Their specialty is Lugaw together with many other dishes.

Service : ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6 out of 10)
Food : ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆ (6 out of 10)


When we usually eat together in a restaurant and the table is too small to accommodate us all, this is how we separate with the oldies. (Joke lang mommy Linda! I love you!) Let’s face the fact that sometimes even if you are too close with your aunties and uncles there will always be a time that you (youngters) want to be separate from them. Don’t ask me why, because I know for a fact that you know the answer 😛



The place is clean and I thought for a sec that it is a high class restaurant but since my mother read a review before visiting here, I knew for a fact that the place is good for those who are in budget. So I give it a plus point.

We, the youngsters, considered the fact that our flight was at 6-7 PM and for sure we won’t be eating anything for dinner so we decided to have a heavy merienda since it’s was just 2 or 3 in the afternoon.

We ordered wanton mami, fried chicken, shanghai, chop suey (or not) and omelet for mika and of course rice.

The food were tasty, though I can’t find something new about it. I’m living in Tondo since birth and I can find restaurants (cheap ones) that can serve food that are far more delicious than this one.

The food came late actually, we waited for 30 minutes for the food to be served. We continuously following up our food since some of us were hungry. It came to the point that we were scared in asking them about our food since  they might do something in our food so we shut our mouth and wait for another 5 or 10 minutes. (I might be stereotyping all the restaurants but I just want to be cautious.)



As I said before, the food were tasty and so is the dessert. My brother ordered it and look his pictures below. If you rate the food base on my brother’s pictures, how many stars will you give?


Why did I give 6 stars on services, where in fact they should just be given a 4 or 5 out of 10 starts? The staffs are not sociable, and unapproachable if you ask me, but why did I give 6 points? It is because of a one staff who found our money.

Yes! I thought I lost the contributed money but thank goodness for the person (who we forgot to ask his name) who gave back the money. Thank you!

Good thing the staffs are not all masungit. 😛

We’ll update soon!

sidneyenyen x

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