I want Fabulous

I’m a fan of High School Musical series and Ashley Tisdale is my forever fashion inspiration. Others were crushing Troy. Likes Gabriella and Troy’s love story. I, on the other hand were crushing Sharpay Evans or Ashley Tisdale in real life.

I watched Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure for hundred times already and I didn’t get bored or anything.

And Fabulous is one of my favorite song 🙂 That explain the title of my blog today 🙂

I found this dress in 168. It’s a love at first sight kind of thing. I didn’t know that time if it will work but the thing about being in love with something (or someone) is you have to work it out even if it will not fit. (Lols! Hugot!)

I hope you fell in love with the dress too 🙂







Ashley Tisdale dress 350 Divisoria | shoes 150 Divisoria

I forgot about the brand of the bag I’m using here. I’ll update soon.

What do you think? Comments are love.

Sidneyenyen x


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