Bold and Pink

You may now realized why I don’t have pictures on my Davao day 4. I want my solo shots to be included in my davao OOTD post since I don’t have any blogger pose with this outfit.

Looking back, I really don’t like to wear any pink, my defense mechanism was “I’m a girl, why should I wear pink? It will be redundant” But as we grow old, our taste will change. Before I really love to eat chocolate but nowadays, I just love the idea of eating it. Yes, I eat some but not a lot like before. It goes with my fashion sense, before I don’t like pink, today, let’s just say, it is tolerable to wear especially when it is in neon pink.

Why would stick with a baby pink when you want to make a statement?

The neon pink shorts I’m wearing here is complimented my top since the prints have pink on it.

I completed my look with a blue shoes.

Top 350 Divisoria | Shorts 150 Divisoria | Shoes 150 Divisoria

How do I look? Comments are love 🙂

sidneyenyen x



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