Davao Day 3 Part 2

The crocodile farm show ended at 5 pm, I think. After that, we went to see the Tribu K’ Mindanawan, it is inside the Crocodile farm compound. A 1-2 minute walk from the crocodile farm.

We waited for less than an hour before the show started. We weren’t bored though for the reason that they had icebreaker, it was really funny that my cousin, kuya Bong, won their game. Their prize was a free ticket in Eden park for 2 or more guests I think. Yey! Though we can’t use it because we don’t have enough time, we need to go back to Manila the next day.

The show started when it was dark, for obvious reason. I’m excited with this one because I love fire dancing.

They exceeded my expectations! It was really entertaining and amazing! You should watch it. The show lasted for more or less an hour.

They had mistakes-the fire dancers- but it were bearable. Nevertheless, the show’s really entertaining. We left with a smile on our face.

You don’t need to pay anything because it’s included on the ticket you paid on the Crocodile park. But a box was placed in the middle for you guys to put your donations because let’s face it. The tickets were not enough for them.

They let us take pictures with them after the show.

We ended our day with a good food and a good place. We went to Jack’s Ridge for our dinner and dude, let me tell you it’s not easy. Traveling from crocodile farm to Jack’s Ridge was really something. Since we were so engrossed with the show in Crocodile farm, we didn’t get any food! the last time I have eaten was during lunch and doing a lot like; running, taking pictures, exploring is really exhausting.

When we arrived in Jack’s Ridge, we waited for almost 30 minutes for the table to be ready. Thank goodness that I have a mother like mama, you see, we should waited for more than an hour if she didn’t do her thing.

The wait were worth it actually! The food were great and the scenery, goodness! I died! lols.

I would like to thank jonaxx (my favorite writer from wattpad) if it wasn’t because of you, I wouldn’t visit this place. And let me tell you this! I missed 6 months of my life! lols. Thank you for doing the Until Trilogy!!!!!

Now you actually witness me being a fantard! I googled the meaning of fantard just to be sure and dude! it was harsh. hahahha! I agree on one thing, I’m an obsessive fan. I don’t believe in this statement though. I know I have talents. I’m just obsess!

they have no talent, or lives of their own

Note: Tribu K’ Mindanawan show was only during Fridays so keep it in mind if you are planning to go.

Keep posted for our last day in Davao.

See you!

sidneyenyen x

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