Davao Day 3 Part 1

Since our day 3 in Davao’s a little bit long so I decided to divided it into 2 post.

So here we go! Lols ๐Ÿ™‚

Our day 3 in Davao was the longest day of my life so far. Have you ever experience something like this? Like you’ve been doing a lot for just one day that you think you’ve been working for a week or a month already? I’d experience this before and yes I’m experiencing this up to this day. This is just the same as our day 3 in Davao though different feelings. The latter part, it was tiring of course but I’m happy. On the first part, it was tiring and I’m not happy! Lols ( you may now have a clue on what am I feeling about my work! Shhhhh guys! Some of my colleagues are reading this ๐Ÿ˜› hi Jo!)

As I was saying, our day 3 in Davao’s a little bit exhausting than the first two. We left the hotel after we ate our lunch. We rented a jeepney because crocodile park is far from the city. It took us more than an hour I think.

The first thing we did is purchased entrance tickets. Here’s a tip guys. If you want to visit the butterfly farm just like what we did. I think you should ask your driver (if the vehicle’s rented) to wait for you since the butterfly farm from the crocodile farm is a little bit far. But if you want to walk it is just fine. If you forgot to tell the driver. There are tricycles waiting for you just outside the crocodile farm.

The butterfly farm is just an ordinary farm. The butterfly farm in Bohol is larger than this one. Snce there’s no tour guide here or personnel that will teach you about the butterfly life cycle or such, you will be on your own.

Since my son’s a little bit pabibo like me, he became our tour guide. He explained to us the life cycle of a butterfly. Cool right?

We left after a few minutes.




The next thing we did was to go back to the crocodile park since it was the main reason why we went there.

The first tip that I will give to you all is to bring a lot of energy. As in a lot. you’ll know why ๐Ÿ™‚

We waited for one to two hours for the show to start so we just roamed around. They have lots of animals, they have deer, snake turtle, tiger, birds and so on. My Keyn enjoyed the tour. And of course lots of photo op for me ๐Ÿ™‚

Why did I told you to bring a lot of energy? You will need it as the show started. At first they asked you to take a seat.They will showcase the animals talent. Monkeys that can do different tricks, birds that can shoot balls. It was okay at first. Who will complain if all you need to do is to sit and watch unfortunately we were asked to follow the emcee for the next show.

At first, I really wanted to watch the show. Who wouldn’t right? But after a couple of location transfer, we (my cousins and siblings) decided to get ahead of the game! (lols we were like playing amazing race here. literally). Some of us were responsible with the kids. Since they can’t watch the show alone, they need someone to look over them. The others (including me) go with the next destination to save spot for the kids.

It really helped us. Splitting up. since the kids had the better view of what’s happening. It’s a little bit tiring for us but it was worth it.

Bellow are some of the pictures from our little adventure.















The crocodile park experience was a little bit tiring, it drained our energy. But it was really great!

How our tiring third day in Davao ended? Read my next post. ๐Ÿ™‚

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