Davao Day 2

Our day 2 of Davao adventure was quite different from the first day. Of course we visited tourist spots though we didn’t hire any van or didn’t go nature tripping. Our day 2 Davao experience is on the city itself.

We visited the Museo Dabawenyo first then the Bone Museum. We enjoyed our visits in Museo Dabawenyo because we learned something about Davao. It is also free for everyone which is I really adore, why? because it’s free. The only thing I don’t like about it is the fact that we can’t take pictures inside but I understand the reason of course.

On the entrance of the museum, you can feel the presence of Davao not just because you’re in Davao but because they’re playing a native sound that’s relaxing, my father and my cousins can’t help but to dance with the rhythm of the sound. People were looking at us but we didn’t mind at all.






Then after we went to the museum we visited the San Pedro Cathedral to thank God for all the blessings and make a wish since it was the first time we visited the place. After that we took a jeepney ride to go to bone museum. It was hard for us to find an empty jeep. It took us a while to arrived in the Bone Museum.

Keyn was sooo thrilled in the museum. The kids are the main reason why we wanted to go to the Bone Museum. Since we know that they will enjoy the experience.

And we’re right! The kids really enjoyed it and so were we! We learned a lot too. and we saw real life bones from different animals. My Keyn was so stoked about the bones of dolphins, whales, dogs and many more. I could saw the happiness and amazement in his eyes. He couldn’t stay quiet. He always says, “Mama look oh!” “Mama a bone!”. I’ll give everything just to see him that happy everyday 🙂



Below was one of my favorite pictures from our Davao experience, though I might add that I don’t like my nose here but the whole package gave me an impression that I was Maleficent!




We ate at Abreeza Mall right after, even though it was really far from where we were. I made it possible. Why? Because one of my favorite online stories in wattpad happened to have a scene there. *ehem* Elijah Montefalco *ehem* Klare Montefalco *ehem* I liked to go to CDO just to see the famous Xavier University but it was not possible that time. Will surely go there for sure!

What do you think? Comments are love!

sidneyenyen x

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