Davao Day 1

Last August, we went to Davao to see the Kadayawan festival. Last year, my sister went to Davao for the same reason though she’s with her friends. Since I’m so inggitera, I asked my mom if we could go to Davao, she said yes though we need to wait for seat sale. And yes we waited for piso fare that cebu pac offered.

There were two places that I wanted to go this year. The first one is Bacolod since I wanna see the Masskara festival. Though dates are fully booked so we settled to my second one; Davao! Don’t think that I just picked Davao because I had no choice. It’s such that, I really wanted to go to Bacolod since one of my friends (who’s from Bacolod) says pretty things about the place. So please don’t get any ideas eh?

Moving on. We arrived at Davao at 7 PM I think. We don’t have time to take pictures for the reason that it’s night already and we’re a little bit tired. We searched for night life, convenience store that night tho.

The next day came and since we have itinerary that day, we need to be on the road as early as possible since we will be going the Samal Island and Eden park.

My sister rented a van for the whole day for 3500 php. As we riding the van we’re too shocked that the speed limit in Davao is 30 kph. Seriously? You know I’m from Manila wherein the there’s no speed limit and the jeepney drivers drive as if there’s no tomorrow. I mean, of course there’s a speed limit but it is not strictly implemented. In Manila, riding on a jeepney is like riding on a roller coaster though NOT ALL the time! Some jeepney drivers still want their passenger to be safe. They follow the traffic rules and regulations. I think if the rules of Davao were implemented here in Manila ay hayahay ang buhay.

The ride were lasted for I-don’t-know-how-long since I was sleeping. My family and friends can testify that I’m a good sleeper because, I could sleep instantly regardless of the position or how long the drive is. I trained myself to sleep actually because when I was young, I’m the kind of kid who can easily puke. I hated the smell of air-condition, car freshener and zigzag roads. But I overcome it. Though I really sleep a lot during rides or at home 😛

We ride a ferryboat and the ride lasted for I think 30 minutes? I’m not sure but the ride was not more than an hour. As we arrived in Samal, Davao, our driver became excited and passed the 30 kph limit. lols! We arrived in Hagimit falls in no time.



I really am a nature lover. I also love adventure and travel. I love to swim. I learned to swim when I was 4 years old I think. My uncles and aunties on my mother side were really patient in teaching us all. My Papa ul taught us everything we needed to learn. Diving, freestyle, floating, backstroke, sisid. I miss him. I really do.

Imagine my face when we arrived in Hagimit falls. It’s beautiful that I forgot to take pictures. they have lots of small falls. I fell in love instantly. The entrance fee cost 40 php for adults and 20 php for kids. 150 plus php for the tent or tables.

The water is cold and refreshing. We immediately swim after we settled. You can see below that it was difficult to step into the rocks because it was so slippery but thanks to my cousin and the staffs, it was not as hard as it should be.

My son’s a little bit afraid so my mom decided to let him swim near her instead. Soon after my son left, my aunties, nieces and cousins followed. We had a photo op!










The staffs allowed us to dive in the 13-14 ft deep water. And being me, I’m game! my twin cousins were the first one to dive. I’m the last one to dive. it was really something. I will do it again for sure 🙂






Before 12 noon. We decided to leave the place even if we didn’t want to. We needed to go to the beach so we could eat. Unfortunately, I didn’t swim there for the reason that it was high tide and the sun is too hot. Though I really wish I did.

We didn’t got to explore the Eden park for the reason that it was raining when we arrived there and the staffs told us that the activities were not allowed because of the weather. It was sad but I’m a little bit relieved. I just woke up that time and I am fully convinced that if they allowed us, I will be staying on the van to get some sleep. I don’t know but we’re really tired that day. We decided to return to the hotel to rest.



Traveling with family is an experience I would like to recommend. It’s something to treasure. Yes, it was great traveling with friends but family is really different.

What do you think? Comments are love!

sidneyenyen x


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