Review: Club Balai Isabel

My mother and her co-workers held their annual summer outing last May in Club Balai Isabel. Here are my thoughts about the place.

My mom reserved a one bedroom villa for us all. You may think that we can’t fit here right? But we can if we wanted to. But my mom insisted that we used (my cousins and I) the suite in the hotel because she also got one reserved.

The one bedroom villa is for 4 pax only and they allow additional 3 but having a mother like mine, she makes impossible, possible. My mom’s charm works every time. the villa is for 7 persons but you may all know by now because of my previous post that we’re more than a dozen so we’ve reached the limit but the hotel staffs let us do whatever we want but with limitations! Hahahaha.

The place was really cool! They have I think three swimming pools. Two facing the Taal volcano and the other one’s near the basketball court. They also cater team buildings and large company outings. My brother saw his colleagues from accenture I think.

The thing I love about this is they also have a secret garden though it is not really a secret. Get the idea? It is far from the crowded place like pools and the reception so you can chill and relax for a little bit.

We didn’t taste the food they offer for the reason that my mom brought our (almost) kitchen. Who would dare order other food when you can taste your mother and father’s cooking?

The villa we occupied is great I think. The things I don’t like about staying in Club Balai Isabel is the fact that they are using generators to keep the electricity. We experienced numerous brownouts, the longest duration I think was 3 hours.

I also want to add that I like to swim, a lot but I really am so picky in terms of the water in the pool (yeah like I’m so maarte! Lols) Anyways. I don’t know about you all but I like swimming in cold water. Not as cold as ice but a 6 to 7 coldness out of 10. We only tried the largest pool so I don’t know about the others but the water there is warm. I can’t swim properly because in my opinion, you can feel the weight of the water if its warmer. I don’t know! Please don’t judge my explanation since obviously I’m not good at this. And I’m not good in science! Lols.

Lastly, you need to reserved the court a head. I mean really a head of time. We waited for more than 4 hours to get the resort’s ball (since we didn’t bring one) we follow up for more than five times, they said that the staff who get the ball is on his way now. They also said that they will deliver it on the villa. But still, we waited for more than 4 hours.

But none the less it was great! I had a great time! It was nice to unwind and relaxed. Will be back for sure!

















What do you think?

Till next time

Sidneyenyen x

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