Review: Brow Lounge

This was my second time to visit the brow lounge. The first one was really quick, I tried their Underarm waxing and Eyebrow threading. Though I didn’t like the outcome, I didn’t complain. I just told myself that I won’t be back.

But desperate times call desperate measures right? My favorite waxing salon are fully booked and I really need to be hairless for the reason that I have an even (lols! lakas!) coming that time.

I told myself that, maybe the result will be different since this time I’m trying their underarm threading (and Eyebrow threading). At first it was okay. though after a few days. The hair grew back. That was fast right? The result was the same if I shaved my underarm 😦

Good thing I fixed it and it is now good as new. (lols! as if!)







How’s your experienced here?

Comments are love.

sidneyenyen x

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