I thought I already posted this one, sorry for being late for more than 6 months.

Here’s what I wore last May when we stayed in Club Balai Isabel for my mother’s annual summer outing.

I made a little bit daring this time by flaunting my back and my side. Though I still don’t have the courage to wear two piece because. Just because! Lols. Though I can’t post a picture of my back. Baka maumay kayo!

Note: You’ll need a candy or something for the umay effect 😛





I asked my cousin to take a picture of me having the Taal volcano as  my background. It wasn’t an easy task because we’re in the big pool of Club Balai Isabel and we’re in 6 ft deep swimming pool. Could you imagine how my cousin took this? He’s not wearing Salbabida or anything. My other cousin tried to help. Oh boy, how it is hard to be cousin 😛

Swimsuit | rxsswimwear

See you soon!

Sidneyenyen x

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