This is Me

Ever since I decided to have a blog, I gain my self-esteem, I still have doubts about myself but I now believe in myself more than ever. I realized that no one will believe in you at first so why abandon you when you need yourself the most? So why live in a corner when you can go live in the center of your own universe? Life is too short to be afraid of doing things. Life is too short to doubt yourself.

So since then, I realized my worth, I begin to believed in myself, I started to do, wear, drink, eat somethings that I never imagine I’m capable off. Before, I am not sure of my body. I have doubts. I don’t like what I see when I look in the mirror. I don’t know why but I may not be shy to some of my friends. I may be arrogant to some. I may be tough but when I am alone inside my room, doubts fill my whole entire being. But look at me now, I can flaunt my body though I know my limit.

I learned things in my 24 years of existence. Some won’t love you the way you wanted to, some will hate you even though you’re not doing anything. Most of the time, you annoy people without realizing it. Some will provoke you, some will bash you and friends will back stabbed you but don’t forget that true friends will bash you about things they don’t like (in your face) but still they will love you. You may be annoying but you have best friends that will have your back no matter what. And you may pretend to others but your family will love  you no matter who you are.

The number who hates you or the number who loves you aren’t important. As long as there’s someone who loves you and you think that you made your life worth it. I think your life is not wasted. You are not Jose Rizal or Andres Bonifacio, you are you. Believed in yourself and you can be a hero of your own universe.








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