Hinulugang Taktak

Hi gals! This is just a short post, sorry again for being MIA for the past weeks, This month ( and the following months hopefully NOT) is a busy season for us, and whenever I tried to write and update this blog. I dozed off before I could open up my laptop. hahahhaha! please bear with me.

Anyways, this photos were taken last May 2015 when my father asked us if we want to go to Antipolo to attend mass and we’ll tour after, being the most gala family of all time, we agreed immediately, how can you pass an opportunity to go to somewhere for the first time. I can’t pass that opportunity. They say that the opportunity only knocks once.

It’s good that we agreed because we went to Hinulugang taktak after the mass. though it really saddens my heart that Hinulugang taktak is not that clean anymore. The odor is not nice, the water is not clear and you can see bubbles forming into the bottom of the falls as if someone’s doing the laundry.

It really a good thing that the government tried to save it today. Although it may take for a while, at least we’re preserving it for the future generations.







How can you not save something so beautiful. I can’t help but to pose and it feels like I’m a goddess of my own paradise.

I’m sure the future Hinulugang taktak will be more beautiful than the current one. I just hope that the future generation will preserve its beauty. Enough with the malls and high end condos, I want to see trees than buildings.

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