2nd year!

Hi my loving readers! #feelingera! This should be my post last month because it’s August. Let’s just pretend that I post it last month. hahaha! Enjoy reading this! comments are love!

]This month is not just my son’s birthday month but this is also the anniversary of sidneyenyen.wordpress.com. Two years ago, this was my gift to myself. At first I don’t know how to handle this blog, I like to take selfie, that’s for sure. I also want to write, no doubt about that. But I ain’t pretty or a blogger material. But I got over that and look at me now. I may not blog frequently, but hey! I have 100 + blogpost. Who would have thought that right. So yeah! the hell with everybody I just want to write and share to you all my experiences in life.

Enough of this, let’s take a look my 2 years journey as a blogger.


It really is funny when you are trying to be a blogger but failed. I remember this day, this was the day I tried to pose and look at it. It’s awkward and yeah, this was my first outfit post.



It’s a bit awkward for me don’t you think? Haha.



I think I’m improved here. don’t you think?


and here too!


Little by little, I got over my insecurities and found myself in this pictures that who would have thought that I could pull this off? Sometimes, I even surprise that I could pose something like this or like that.




The picture above and the picture below are two of my favorite poses I’ve done in the two years journey of sidneyenyen.wordpress.com





For those 2 years, I got brazilian blowdry, cut my hair, dyed it, my fashion changed, I do apply makeup sometimes and I sometimes got conscious of how do I look in public.

Before I’m just a girl, a programmer and a mother who wants to do something out of extraordinary, today, I’m still the same but better 😉

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