Keynovela: First Day of School

I’m just taking a break for blogging about our Ilocos Trip. If you are my follower on Instagram and Twitter, you may know that my son is now a nursery student. This may not be his first time to go to school because last year we tried to enroll him in a day care center in our Barangay unfortunately someone bullied him and he didn’t want to go to school after that.

I think my mistake last year was that I didn’t prepare him in going to school. You may think that kids don’t need preparing but believe me they do! So learning from my mistake last year, I did prepare him this time.

How? Here are the tips.

Talked to him, asked him if he wants to go to school. A month before his first day, we talked to him, because being in a middle class family, plus an employee whose living a life paycheck to paycheck, a 4,500+ is not a small amount of money. I don’t want to waste that money just because he realized that he doesn’t want to go to school after sometime. So before we enrolled him. We (Kenneth and I) talked Keyn. We told him that he’s going to school this June and we’re going to leave him and will fetch him after. At first he doesn’t want to. but eventually after talking to him, he approved.

Go with him when enrolling him. If you enrolled him with him around, he can see his new school, he will know the place and he will get excited. Also, he will know that it’s a real deal and there’s no turning back. I still remember how excited Keyn when we enrolled him in his new school, we decided that let him go along with us for him to be familiarized with the teachers and facilities. He was so excited that time that he can’t stop talking about it with his lolo and lolas.

Continue the talking. When we talked with him when convincing/asking him to go to school, it wasn’t the last time. We continue the talking. Sabi ko Be, papasok ka na ah. tapos iiwan ka dun. Susunduin na lang kita. Huwag kang iiyak ah. I told him that over and over again. I think it helped conditioning him that he will be alone and mama’s not going with him. And he always answered me with “okay mama”.

And the most awaited event of the year for him had come! Last June 15 was his first day in school, I took a vacation leave at work so that I can deliver him safe and sound and fetch him after. It’s so funny because, he took little step at a time when entering the school alone because parents aren’t allowed to go inside the premises. He looked so unsure of what’s doing, he even stopped in the middle just to look for me but didn’t cry. I waved him goodbye and eventually his teacher hold him and directed him to go to his room.

After less than 3 hours, we fetch him, he told us what he did in school and how his classmates cry. He was so proud that he didn’t cry, of course I am too. the first star on his hand is an icing on a cake 🙂
11791867_10207509747960875_2007138065_n 11798121_10207509747840872_1731177718_n


But of course, Kids are different from one another. I don’t know if I’m a good mother or my son’s a good son because he can easily to talk with everything. How’s your son/daughter/niece/nephew’s first day? comments are love!

till next time 🙂

sidneyenyen x

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