From South to North of Ilocos: Paoay Sand Dunes 4×4 ft. Sandboarding

Our day 2 in Ilocos was jumpacked with road trips and activities. After Paoay Church, we went to Paoay Sand Dunes for the reason that we’re going to try the 4×4 and sandboarding. We arrived at 3 pm I think. If you ask me what’s the best time you should go there, I would say 3 pm or so because tourists will come at 4 or 5 pm. We were like 20th on line or so but having a mother like my mom, we were next in line after she talked to someone in charge.

I wasn’t a fan of extreme activities until I became teen for the reason that I can easily be dizzy and eventually I puke so it’s a relieved when I started to overcome such weakness.

Since we were too many (a total of 9 including my niece, Mika) we were divided into two vehicles. I asked the man in charge if we can leave at the same time he said okay but unfortunately I don’t know what happened, it didn’t happen. So the 4×4 vehicle 1 consists of Me, Kenneth, Daboy, Jas and Mika, and the other one consists of Kuya Bing, Ekang, Renzo and Lynsey.

This was the most extreme activities I experienced so far. The screams and the laughs! never mind the body aches and the blazing heat. It was one hell of an experience for us. You can feel that the mobile was flying and you can feel your spirit and your heart leaving your own body. The experience were like happy that it can throw our body without our consent. Parang tinatapon yung katawan namin kung saan saan, good thing there are foams in the mobile because if not, I have bruises all over my body.

We asked to step out of the vehicles for picture taking, it was a relief that our driver knows how to use touch screen phones because the pictures weren’t blurred. Plus he knows what his doing, he instructed us to pose here and pose there. He even asked us for jumpshots! how cool was that. We thanked him after plus gave him tip.

After manong driver gave us a one hell of an experience, he delivered us safely to where the sandboarding is. My sister tried once or twice due to the reason that my brother became sick after the 4×4. He felt dizzy, maybe because of the heat. They leave as the next mobile came to fetch tourists. Good thing, the Filipino tourists were so kind to let them leave first (it’s a fall in line basis if you want to leave the sandboarding place)

For us, who were left behind, we tried the steep area, it was super duper okay. I didn’t try to stand up of course because I’m still afraid, My brother (before he became sick) and my boyfriend tried it though. After the third try, we decided to fall in line and leave the place.

We travel via 4×4 mobile again, and it was one hell of an experience again! If given a chance that we will go to Ilocos again, I will try it AGAIN! and AGAIN and AGAIN!

20150501_153744  20150501_153730









Hope you enjoy reading this! Till next time 🙂 How was our experience? Comments are love!

Sidneyenyen x

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