From South to North of Ilocos: Baluarte- Vigan City, Ilocos Sur to Paoay, Ilocos Norte

Our day 2 in Ilocos was really really tiring but we enjoyed every bit of it, we went to Baluarte, Batac, Loaog, Paoay and Pagudpod.

We leave Vigan Heritage at 9 am, then went to market to buy turones and longganisa, then to Baluarte. I went to numerous zoo when I was a kid so this was not new to me but for my macho, this was his first, I saw how he adore the dinosaur even if it’s not real. How he pointed out the animals. It was a mother-moment for me.

The thing I like about the Baluarte is that you can see up close the animals, you can touch them given that they don’t bite you or kick you because I saw one being kicked by the mother horse because a lady wanted to take a picture with the donkey unfortunately it was too much for the liking of the mother so yeah she’d been kicked, good thing that my macho’s not hurt because he too was close to them. Another thing was, the ostrich bit my uncle, though we didn’t figure why, it may be a little bit painful for him but we found it funny. hehe.

. So if ever you want to touch them just be careful because they aren’t totally harmless.











After in Baluarte, we went to Marcos Museum in Batac. This wasn’t our (my family) first time but since we have company, we decided to tour them, it wasn’t everyday that they can see the late Ferdinand Marcos’ body, was it? We enjoyed the most of the tour in Marcos Museum, we were like kids being left alone in a playroom. We played, we took pictures and we laughed. Even if it’s not our first time, it feels like it because the first time we went in Marcos Museum was ages ago.

We learned a lot too. At first it was just to educate my son and my nieces but as time goes by, as pictures passed, it was not just for the benefits of them, it was the benefit for us (adult) too. We were like “Naging ganto pala si Marcos“, “nagtop nga pala siya sa bar” and so on. Though I may not experienced him, governing the Philippines, he was one of my inspiration in leading, I like how he did things except of course on the marshal law part.

I figured out after college that in elementary we learned that Marcos was a bad president. He tortured and killed lots of civilian, that’s it. When in High School, they taught us what Marcos did in his time and the state of the country that time but still he was a bad president. in college, we learned that he was not really a bad president at all. And after that we will figure out that he did some amazing things. some were not good for us, but for him it was the right thing to do. Of course he liked too much power, he’s too greedy and that was his mistake. But, I’m convinced that he wasn’t a bad president, he had bad surroundings. It wasn’t his fault entirely but also the people around him, but of course it’s just my opinion.

Before we go to somewhere else, let’s go back to our trip. We waited for Marcos’ Mausoleum to open at 11:00 am ( I think) for us to see the body of the late president. the waiting time to the mausoleum to be open was longer than to see the late president. We just walked around the are of the coffin. I don’t have pictures because it’s prohibited.










We went to Paoay Church after going to Marcos Museum, I like to take pictures the way I saw it in the Suddenly It’s Magic Movie unfortunately it was a little bit too crowded. Here, we prayed and we stay to eat our lunch.






Since it was hot that day, we didn’t took many pictures since we’re not ready to be toasted, but I got a quick picture worthy for a #relationshipgoals hashtag 😛

So here’s the end of my post but please keep posted since I’m not yet done in sharing our trip.

Sidney x


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