Love Yourself and Be Proud

Yey! 2 posts in a row! I don’t know what got into me but I am glad I can post 2 blogpost in one day. Afterall 60 blogpost this year is not a joke right?

Since we’re hitting the beach (again!) in less than 2 weeks, let me share to you what I wore in the beach on our Ilocos trip last April 28 – May 2.

We all knew that I am a mother of one, because of that, I welcome the word insecurity in my system. I’m not proud of my body even before I gave birth but I may not be proud but I am not insecure, yeah you may say that what I’m saying or writing is contrary to what I explaining but believe me you may experience this. not proud but not insecure. I’m not proud of my body before because I have baby fats but then I got pregnant and gave birth, I became insecure with my body because I have stretch marks all over my belly. Imagine my reaction whenever I saw myself in the mirror for almost 2 years.

But as times goes by I learned to love and accept my flaws and imperfection. I still have stretch marks, I still have baby fats, but the hell with the world, I love myself and I will flaunt it. No one’s asking for anyone’s opinion right?! It’s a long process — loving yourself more — it is not an overnight process, it took me a while. Actually a bit while before I accepted myself. I experienced once that my self esteem goes from level 7 to flat line. I felt ugly and unglamorous every freakin’ time. But who else will help me but ME! I just woke up one day and fed up with my daily routine and want to change it. This may be funny but the first thing I did when I decided to love myself was to start a blog. yeah! blogging is my therapy. I love to write. Writing has this calming effect on me. When you write, you can be everyone you want and can have everything.

This may not be the new me. because honestly I didn’t changed. I just love myself even better.

20150502_091515 20150502_091533 20150502_075939 20150502_075945 20150502_075953Just a little thought before ending this post. I once post this on my instagram account.

Don’t be pretty for others, be pretty for yourself.

So how do I look? Comments are love!

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