Batch 2015

Yes and no. Yes I graduated and obtain a bachelor’s degree but no, I’m not the one who graduated this year. My brother, his girlfriend and my boyfriend, yeah! triple celebration (plus they attended the same school!) graduated this year!!!! triple YEAH!

So being a stage girlfriend and stage (sometimes) sister, decided to take a vacation leave and attended the ceremony. I wouldn’t miss it for the world. The ceremony was held last April 14, 2015 at PICC Philippines. Since I’m not the main attraction, I became their photographer, though I sometimes took a break and took a picture with the graduates.

11257667_10206881564656685_1470240615_n  IMG_2493


IMG_2557my mother together with Kenneth’s (boyps) mother


IMG_2543IMG_2659  IMG_2658


Would you believe that my dress is worth 350 php? yes! thanks to 168 mall in Divisoria, I can be the living proof that being classy doesn’t mean spending more

By the way, I did my own makeup. And I didn’t use hair iron or any other equipment to curl my hair. I just watched No-heat curl tutorial on youtube then viola! my hair is safe and sound (don’t know if I can use this idiom to my hair! lols) So how do I look? comments are love!

P.S. Congrats to 2015 graduates!

Dress 168 | Bag Kimbel | Shoes Chelsea

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