Summer in January

I already had a draft post about our adventure in Boracay unfortunately, I forgot or didn’t save it. So yeah! Stupid right? Anyways, let’s forget about my stupidity and let me post this.

I maybe forgot what I wrote sentence by sentence but I cannot forget the message of my post. So here we go! Hope you like it.

If you read my previous post you will know that this is not my first time to go to Boracay though it is my first time with my boys. Even if we went to Boracay last January, my Keyn still remembers his stay there, like he always tell me that he wants to go back there because he wants to swim and play on the beach. and every time he sees and feel the sand he will always thought he’s in Boracay. That’s how the impact Boracay did to my son.

Way back 2003 when I first went to Boracay, I can still remember how we arrived at the airport, how we reach the shore when we arrived on the island. How I almost fell because way back then there’s no port that time. I still remember it as if it was happen yesterday.

My son and I both experienced what Boracay can offer. A wonderful and unforgettable experience. Boracay may be mainstream for others. Too crowded and too polluted. but I think it is not too late to save the island. It is just up to us how to save it and to preserved it.

Now, let me share to you some of the pictures we took in Boracay, also I included our itinerary below 🙂



















I wish I could share to you guys all of the pictures we took, unfortunately, this post may get too long for your convenience so I just settle for less after all, less is more right? (or not?! lols)

Since we arrived 2 hours late than expected because of the delayed flight due to silly excuses (LOL!!) we only eat dinner on our supposedly first day.

2nd day – Boracay Adventure 😛

9 am – 12 noon Banana boat, Helmet diving and Flying Fish. We got our package for php 1250 – 1400 each. We had an offer for 1200 each but we gave it up because the other offers that kids can ride the speed boat while we enjoy our rides unfortunately it didn’t happen. Nadala kami sa sales talk shit ni ate nevertheless we enjoyed it naman.

12 noon – 5 pm eat lunch and roam around. We searched for Jonah’s fruitshake snackbar since according to my sister’s research it’s a must try. though we got stuck there for 3 hours I think, because of the rain.

5-10pm eat dinner and buy pasalubong.

Supposedly we planned to party though we decided to sleep because of the early flight the next day. I love rain actually, but due to that incident I might say that I lost my 5% love? lols. hahahhaha

3rd day- Departure time 11:00 am

7:00 am Pack up.

and thanks to tigerair, being so consistent and all, our flight was delayed for 1-2 hours. How great is that right?

So there, what can you say? We may not explore the 50% of what Boracay could offer but hey it won’t be our last time. After 2-3 years I guess, we’ll be back and we’ll have the same experience over and over again but this time it will be better.

So? How’s our Boracay trip? Comments are love!

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